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Cavanaugh's Apartment

"Damn it! What the fuck?!" Ryan Cavanaugh paced restlessly back and forth. "Can't you do any fucking thing right, Eddie? I ask you to do one simply thing. One, goddamn simple thing and you fuck it straight to hell..."

"I'm sorry boss," Eddie Howard winced in pain as he shifted from one foot to the other. His arm was killing him. "I almost had her but..."

"But?" Cavanaugh's fists clenched in irritation. "But what, Eddie? What sort of lame ass excuse do you have for me this time?"

"There was a man!"

"And?" Ryan was unimpressed. "You should have beat his fucking ass into the ground and brought me what I paid you for, you worthless piece of shit."

"You didn't see the guy!" Eddie's voice took on a defensive tone. "He broke my fucking arm!"

"This is bullshit." Ryan shook his head and spun to face the other man. "Who was he?"

"I don't know." Eddie shrugged his shoulders and instantly regretted it as a stab of pain shot down his arm. "I've never seen him before. All I know is he was as strong as a goddamn ox. Big guy. Picked me up and slung me into a parked car like I wasn't nothing."

Ryan resumed his pacing. "Are you sure him and the bitch were together? Maybe he was just some wannabe good samaritan..."

"They knew each other." Eddie nodded to himself. "He called her by name. They left together in his truck before the police showed up."

Ryan stopped moving. "Did you get the plates?"

Eddie tensed. "No..."

"Damn it, Eddie!" Ryan advanced on the other man with fists poised to strike.

"Wait..wait!" Eddie held up his good arm to defend himself. "The truck, it was one of those big, heavy duty jobs, a Topkick. There can't be too many of them monsters around here. I'll find the guy! I'll find him!"

Ryan felt like he had be punched in the gut. His face blanched and his arm dropped instantly back down to his side. "Did you say a Topkick?"

"Y-yeah," Eddie hesitantly lowered the arm that he was protecting himself with. He eyed his boss. "A-are you alright, Mr. Cavanaugh?"

"Was it black?" Ryan looked at the man through blood-shot eyes.

"What?" Eddie looked back, confused.

"The truck," Ryan ground the words out between clenched teeth. "Was it black?"

Eddie took a couple steps backward. "Yes..."

"Wierd picture stamped into the tailgate?"

"Well, I didn't really look at it that close because the guy was busy beating the shit outta me, but yeah, there might have been something on the tailgate." Eddie frowned. He wasn't sure what was going on exactly but the look on Cavanaugh's face told him something was definitely wrong.

"No fucking way..." Ryan sank down onto his leather sofa. A shudder wracked his body as visions of an enormous, metal monster filled his mind. There was fear there, yes, but there was also anger. It was Revecca and that, that fucking thing that had been his downfall and he'd be damned if he let that bitch get one over on him again. A sadistic grin pulled at his lips. "Fucking perfect."

"What?" Eddie took a tentative step forward. "You know this guy?"

"No." Ryan shook his head. "Screw the guy. I know the truck." He looked up at the man before him with a strange glint in his eyes. "Eddie, my friend, we've had a slight change of plans."

End of Chapter 9

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