Walking to my first class, english, was uneventful, excluding the gawking students staring at me with their mouths open, some even drooling. Excuse me, but ew! It was disgusting that even the english teacher stared at me with lust fulled eyes.

While being bored to death with this stupid teachers monotone voice ranting on about Shakepeare's plays for an hour was not exactly what I'd call fun. When at last the the bell rang, I was surrounded by students, mostly lustful males, the envious females standing at the back of the room, glaring.

After refusing several dates, trying to avoid pompous boys, I walked to my next class, though a little crowd of my admirers followed. Alice and Elle ahd the same classes, wheras I had no classes with them whatsoever. Walking in to history, I was hit by a scent I hadn't smelt in 17 long painful years.

I didn't turn to look at him, but I could feel Edward Cullens' eyes boring into my back as I stepped towards the teacher, "Good morning, sir. My name is Bella Swan, I'm new here."

"Oh, hello!" He gave a flirtacious laugh. I could hear a growl coming from behind me, but I still did not turn.

I stood there, tapping my foot, while he gawked at my chest, he growling like a wild animal, "Can I sit now?" I snapped, glaring a the stipid male.

"Fine." Good Lord! He didn't even apologise! "Go sit over there, beside," his eyes drifted to a certain table at the back, I cringed, "Cullen." He pointed to the only desk with the spare seat, Just my luck! I slowly made my way to him, the man who broke my heart and shatted it to a million pieces, to the man I was in love with, but wasn't anymore.

"Bella!" He said joyfully. "What happened?" I turned to glare menacingly at him, causing him to shrink back in fear. I was angry, very angry.

I put I hand up, waiting for the stupid teacher to see me, "Sir, may I go to the nurse, I don't feel well." Obviously, I just wanted to get out of that class. It was enough being in a class with Edward Cullen, sitting with him too?

"Certainly, just let me get someone to go with you." Oh, great. I wasn't actually going to the nurse, how could I. And explain how I have no pulse and a temperature that means I should be dead? No thank you.

"I don't-"

"Ah, Edward, why don't you go with Miss Swan?" What did I do to make the world hate me?

Edward stood, and followed me out into the corridor, me trying to keep as much distance between us as possible in the narror corridor. "Bella-"

"What?" I snapped, glaring at his beautiful face.

"Please Bella, please listen to me!" He begged.

"NO! I refuse to listen to you! What could you possibly want?" I yelled at him, turning and walking fast when something grabbed me from behind, restraining me from moving.

"Don't touch me." I hissed.

"Please? Talk to me?"

"Do you not know what the word means?" I spat. "I'm sorry if no one's ever said no to you before, but I am! Look it up to the dictionary, Cullen!" I said, turning and running at vampire speed away from him. There was no one around anyway, and the classroom doors were all closed. Edward ran after me, but I was faster. I went into the girls toilets.

When I was sure he walked away, I broke down sobbing. Why did he always have this effect on me? After so many years, he still did! He was Edward Cullen, the charmer, the guy who left me, the guy who said he loved me but had been lying. Why did the guy even want to talk to me? The pain that had came over was replaced by anger - who was he to comne back in my life, trying to talk to me as if nothing had happened? I was not going to be the weak human he played wround with. Oh no, I was the strong vampire Bella who was not going to be played with and then thrown away.

When I was finally ready to go back out, it was lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria, where the twins were waving from a table. I was glad I blocked their mind before we came here, or they'd find out who they were. Quickly I fulled a tray with food, my prop, before walking to there table. I could see all the Cullens staring at me in shock.

I turned on my ipod and started to listen to it. The twins understood the look I gave them - I wanted to think. Unfortunately the song that came on only reminded me more of him.

I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better
And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
A family in crisis that only grows older

And it was true. Throughout my human days, and even my vampire ones I had waited, I had day dreamed of what it would be like to recieve a letter, a phone call or a visit from Edward but it had never happened.

Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go

And why did he have to go? I already knew that answer - after all, he'd told me himself. I don't how I never realised that he didn't love me. I mean how on earth would he have loved me, the clumsy human who all too eager to love him. He'd fed me lies.

Daughter to father, daughter to father
I am broken but I am hoping
Daughter to father, daughter to father
I am crying, a part of me is dying and
These are, these are
The confessions of a broken heart
A part of me had died the day he left me, my heart. I was broken, and then with the twins? Raising them all on my own? Having to cope with being a vampire, being a nomad, my own father not wanting me and just after my heart had ripped out of my chest and stomped on. It had been unbearable, many nights had been spent dry sobbing.

I wear all your old clothes your polo sweater
Confession Of A Broken Heart lyrics on
I dream of another you the one who would never (never)
Leave me alone to pick up the pieces
A daddy to hold me, that's what I needed
And I'd worn all of his old clothes he'd left at my house. In fact, they were still in a box under my bed. And I had needed Charlie, to help me, but that's not what I got. He disowned me, so did Renee. No one helped me, not a friend, not family. Jake wouldn't even talk to me after I became a 'bloodsucker'. So I was alone to pick up the pieces of my heart.

(So) why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to go

And he left me. All alone. To raise our daughters.

Daughter to father, daughter to father
I don't know you, but I still want to
Daughter to father, daughter to father
Tell me the truth, did u ever love me
Cause these are, these are
The confessions of a broken heart

Did he ever love me? Did he ever care about me? Did he even like me? Or was I just nothing to him, didn't have the smallest place in his heart? He saved my life so many times but was that just because he didn't want some guilt on his conscience. Probably. I really was nothing to him. And I still wasn't.

I love you, I loved you

I love you, I loved you

I refused to admit it to myself. I did not love Edward Cullen!

Elle's POV

As I looked at my mother, I knew something was wrong. The look she gave us clearly said not to disturb her, that she needed to think. And I could only think of one reason she would do that. I glanced around the cafeteria, my eyes landing on the Cullens. I had never seen of a picture of them, but it was pretty obvious. The unusual bronze hair that exactly matched my sister's - Alice Swan - told me that they really were back. My mother's worst fear had come true.

Both me and my sister exchanged looks of shock, pain, concern and anger. Both of us were on the same train of thought. How could he have done that to our mother? Bella was the greatest, most self-sacrificing person I had ever met. But he had crushed her. Come to think of it, the whole family had. Esme was like her second mother, Carlisle was like second father. Emmet was like she brother she never had, always joking. Even Rosalie she had missed. She had thought Jasper was great too - always able to calm her down. And Alice, her best friend, even she had left her, never even sending a letter or an email, even a phonecall. But it was Edward who had caused her most pain. After all, he was the one who crushed her.

I noticed them lifting up there trays and walking towards us! How dare they! They were not coming over here! My mother noticed too, taking off her ear phones let out a soft yet menacing growl. They did not seem disturbed by this, nor did they give any signs that they heard but continued to walk over, as if they were old buddies and they hadn't left my mother without any goodbye, except one from Edward in which he stomped on her heart.

"Hey Bella!" The pixie one, who I assumed was Alice gave Bella a hug which my mom did not return.

"Please get off me." She said politely, yet I could hear anger bubbling beneath it.

"But we haven't seen you in years!" Aluice squealed.

"And yet I seem to recall that it was your family who left me." Ignoring the pained looks on their faces, she continued, "And I really would appreciate it if your family would go away from mine. See, I've got a new one. I don't need you anymore." They still looked shocked and a bit pained but didn't back away.

"Bella, are you . . . with someone?" Edward asked.

"Yes, this is my lesbian partner." Bella said, pointing at me. I restrained myself from laughing, as did my sister and Bella, keeping completely serious faces on. They laughed but stopped when they saw our serious faces. Obviously we weren't actually, but it would be quite funny...

"Your joking, right?" Bella and I looked offended.

"How dare you! Insult my wife! I have never been so offended in my life!" She hissed then turned away from them, folding her arms. The three of us were trying to restrain our laughter.

"I ... um," Edward looked awkward.

"Your..." Alice seemed incapable of saying anything else.

"This ..." Jasper said, but couldn't finish his sentance. Thank God for Bella's power otherwise Jasper would realise we weren't actually together. I mean we're mother and daughter!

"Uh ..." Emmet stuttered.

"Are ... " Even Rosalie was shocked.

I suppose its not every day you meet the person your brother tore the heart out of that you haven't seen in 17 years and find out that she's apparently a 'lesbian'.

The bell rang and me, Alice (AN: When I say Alice with them I mean Bella's daughter Alice Swan. Elle and Alice are twins and Edward's they're father.) and Bella walked out. Me and Bella hand in hand playing up our pretend releationship. I can't believe they believed us!