Title: Time in Between

Author: Isabelle

Rating: PG

Summary: Sequel to Time for Drabbles. Because you guys liked the first part so much and asked for more moments.

Spoilers: Any aired episodes are game.

Disclaimer: God I wish they belonged to me.



"Care to elaborate?" he asked as if he had a fishbone stuck in his throat.

She arched her perfectly threaded brow and pinned him with her gaze. "I'm pregnant, you can't elaborate with that one, Bass."

"We just got married yesterday!"

"Well I'm pregnant today!"

"How can this be?" he demanded.

"Are you going to pretend we didn't have sex until last night?" she glowered at him.

"But…" he was searching for something. "But…"

"But what? What is it?"

"We're only 22!" he exploded.

"We'll be 23 when the baby arrives," she reasoned and continued eating her fruit salad.

He was still standing, eyes wide and still confused.

"Blair, be reasonable, please!" he sat next to her. She shifted. "We're going to mess this kid up."

"What are you suggesting?" she demanded.

"I'm suggesting you panic. Like me. See? I'm panicking." He panicked.

"I have no reason to panic." She retorted and tossed the honeydew from her salad. She hated honeydew.

"Why the hell not?" he demanded.

"Because we've got each other." She said and looked at him from beneath her lashes. His panic vanished and he pulled her close to him.

She smiled and kissed him then fed him a strawberry.

"I can't believe you're pregnant." He finally said.

"We're going to name her Holly." She stated and fed him a blueberry.

He grimaced, blueberry in mouth. "Holly?"



"What are you suggesting then?"

"Marguerite." He said quietly and her heart melted. Like his mom.

"How about Holly Marguerite Bass-Waldorf?"

"Quite a name." he agreed, smirking slightly.

"She's got quite a reputation to live up to." She explained and let him feed her a grape.

"How do you know it's a girl?" he asked suddenly confused. "Don't these things take time?"

She placed a blackberry on his tongue and smiled when he suckled her finger.

"My ovaries only produce girls."

"And my sperm here counts for nothing?"

"Ehh, they might've helped a bit." She acquiesced.


A lot of people liked the little family in Time for Drabbles so I decided to write some moments in between that I missed. Hope you like them!