Never Be With You

By Amaya Rayne

Disclaimer: I do not own Edward, Alice, Jasper… any of the Cullen's or Bella… I don't own anyone mentioned in any of the Twilight books.

Warning: I originally wrote this as a typical fiction story with my own created characters. It has been modified to fit the Twilight characters in order for me to post it here and get some feedback. I apologize for any inconsistencies or actions that uncharacteristic or impossible – due to Edward and his family being vampires. Please alert me of any problems and they will be fixed immediately. Thanks and enjoy!

I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. I had come looking for a good time, but so far, I had found nothing to make the night close to being so. Running a hand through my bronze hair, I sighed and took a sip from the bottle. The alcohol was only a prop really. The liquid tasted like piss and really only increased my thirst. It had taken years to develop the restraint to drink – since drinking meant a human social scene and increased thirst and decreased conscious restraint was not a good combination.

I had no idea why I had decided to come. I would have been much more content staying at home strumming on the piano or filling my room with the acoustics of one of my favorite artists, but Alice had the great idea to go out dancing and would not accept no for an answer. Watching my four siblings each intimately close with their life partner and feeling my own loneliness, I was now in no mood for dancing.

The week had been hell. My family had been harassing me about my so called 'glum mood.' I knew their real mission was to set me up, but the constant trips or visitors really wasn't doing me any good. I don't know how they expected me to instantly develop feelings for someone I had known for close to a century. They thought if I found a companion, or even managed to just find some company for the night would cure me. Jasper had shared a few beers with me, not so subtly sending some sexual frustration my way, but had soon left my lousy company for the arms of Alice who was beckoning him out to the dance floor.

Maybe I just needed to go back to work.

My mind drifted toward my current project I was composing. It wasn't going well, especially since I had been spending all my time on it. Carlisle wasn't pleased when I made my decision to drop out of the new high school façade and become a composer, but he respected my wishes and carefully warned me about the Volturi and the consequences my decision would bring.

So far, I remained in a pleasant in and out of the public eye. I didn't attract enough attention to be a common household figure or harassed by tabloids, but enough that I fulfilled my desires and gained some fans. Alice kept a careful watch on the Volturi and fans to make sure they never became too curious about me and my abilities helped me retain the act so no one became too suspicious.

I turned in my chair, looking over the dance floor, wondering if it would be worth it at all to go out there. The more I looked, the more the answers leaned to no. Blonde women with busts too large to be natural made up the female population; their shirts cut low and cropped short – their skirts riding up to show only skin underneath. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with any of it, but tonight... Tonight a meaningless one night stand didn't seem like enough. I had done it in the past to satisfy my siblings and my worrisome adoptive parents. Hearing their thoughts constantly around me and worrying about me not only grew tiresome, but I hated causing them pain on my behalf. If I was going to do this, I wanted the thrill of a chase - my masculinity craved for it. I wanted to feel something.

Then I saw her. Her darker, wavey hair stood out somehow in the crowd of bottle blondes. My eyes roamed over her body and a smug smile formed on my lips. She was lean with an athletic build. Her body was shaped with muscle, adding to the sensuous curves of her body. She wasn't overly dressed either - no, quite the opposite: a simple, tight green camisole with snug jeans.

She didn't come here often, that was for sure. Not only had I never seen the likes of her before, but she didn't fit the social mold. Sandals instead of heals, pants instead of a skirt, and she wore a bra... a sexy orange one by the color of the straps and the cups peaking over the edge of her tank top. I groaned as my eyes stopped at her breasts, my smile disappearing. They were a handful, but nothing more - small even, and her ass...

I watched her dance, her hips moving erotically to the beat while her arms waved in the air, occasionally drifting down to bury in her thick waves. She might not fit the profile, but by the way she was dancing, she either didn't know or didn't care.

Before I knew what I was doing. I put my empty bottle on the bar and left my chair, heading toward her. Some unknown force drew me toward her, all my senses narrowing to focus on one soul target. I felt myself craving the touch of her flawless skin, to run my hands over the curve of her hips, her breasts, her ass. I wanted the press of her body against mine.

I stepped behind her and inhaled, letting my nose brush up against her hair. She smelled like heaven... freesia. Instantly, my throat burned like it had never before. Venom flowed into my mouth without restraint and I gasped at its potency, instantly stopping my breathing. I wanted her… like I'd never wanted anyone before. But I didn't just want her body, I wanted her blood. From where I was standing I could feel the heat radiating from her body, smell the tinge of sweat from her movements, but didn't touch her. I didn't trust myself to touch her.

But when her hips brushed against me in her dance, I couldn't help but gasp as I felt myself harden and instinctively grasp her hips.

For some unknown reason, the monster was repressed by a more dire need. I had never experienced a thirst like how I craved her, but somehow I craved her body more than her blood. The monster within me settled back, a smug smile at the thought of savagely having my way with her and then sinking my teeth into her neck. It would be the best night of my long life and I couldn't wait to enjoy it.

I had never felt this side of me before, this intense need on multiple levels. However, I let the monster continue on his current fantasy, knowing when the time came, I'd repress him to save her. I knew without a doubt that she would come with me, that I could entice her to want me even a fraction of the way that I wanted her, and I knew that it would take the greatest strength of my existence to not give into the monster.

I had to leave now. I knew it wasn't in me to have the strength to restrain the monster in me if I got that close to her. I could hardly find it in me to restrain from where I was currently. Her sent filled my nostrils even with my breath no longer bringing it in. The club was so crowded that I doubted anyone would notice if I dipped my head down and gently placed my teeth to where they longed to be. No one would think twice if I carried her limp body out of the club. It was too easy. And I desired it too much.

My head dipped on its own accord as I inhaled her sweet scent deeply and opened my mouth to take the bite.