Leaving You

Leaving You

Summary: What would have happened if Breaking Dawn were written in the perspective of Jasper?

I do not own Twilight

Chapter 1

"Come on Jazz, lets go hunting." Alice extended her hand to me and I took it without hesitation, rushing from the room with her, to the vast expanse of the forest.

The forest by the house was mainly full of elk, which didn't satisfy my taste at all. It was like, when you were human to have the choice of a salad (the elk) or a giant chocolate cake laden with sprinkles and icing, (the human.) Fortunately I kept Alice close by my side, not letting myself think this very often.

I was often appreciative of Alice's gift. To predict trouble ahead, answers, joy, even though she didn't think much of it herself – it was a better talent than any of us Cullen's had. I turned to look at my mate, admiring the beauty she beheld. She flashed a grin at me – portraying her pearly white teeth.

"What are you thinking?" She whispered, jumping onto my back as I leapt across the lake, at full speed – I would be nothing but a blur to a human.

"Just thinking how I am so lucky to have you." I said, the words coming out rushed – too quickly. I hated expressing my emotions – just loved reading others. She giggled quietly, sounding like a dozen chiming bells. Happiness oozing off her, making me feel lighter, more satisfied.

I set her down on her feet, and she landed gracefully and elegantly before wrinkling her nose warily. I felt her thirst, radiating off her. She was ravenous – we hadn't been hunting for weeks.

"Wish we didn't have to eat elk." I whispered.

"Their not so bad. Some are quite tasty." I glanced at her with a knowing look, and without a word she rocketed into the forest, throwing herself onto an unsuspecting elk, not even having time to scream.

Wanting to impress my mate I catapulted into the forest in a threatening crouch, and crept up on an elk. They were so stupid, it was ridiculous, it turned around, an expression on its face of pure fear – I felt it radiating off it, giving me nothing but an ego-boost, I liked to be feared.

The elk was about to let out a crocked plea for help, but I silenced it. Pouncing on it, viciously biting its neck, feeling the hot, and pulsing blood flow down my fiery throat. Like water.

Springing on elks wasn't the finest experience, just because they never put up a fight. It is just a quick bite on the neck and down they go. Tigers though – they were a different story. You could be fighting one for longer, up to a few minutes, feeling its determination, and turning it to a harsh defeat, of course, the vampire always won. After I had fed on 12 elk, Alice 6, (I needed more because of my 'low-self-control' as Edward put it. That made me very mad, to me Bella smelt as good as any other human – and I hadn't fed on them for a long while) we turned around to go back, walking at a human pace – as apparently humans would cross our paths in a moment.

"So, Edward and Bella are going to get married?" I wondered out loud.

"Yes, that wedding has to be the best!" Alice exclaimed, jumping in the air.

"Not sure Rose will be too happy about that." I said softly.

"Sure, she won't be that happy but that's why we have you!" She kissed me on the cheek; I chuckled warily – messing up her hair. "Jasper!" She squealed, running off into the distance. I caught up with her easily – her legs were so short.

"Anyway, the wedding is in two days and you still haven't got anything planned for the Stag Night." I grimaced; I didn't want a repeat of Emmett's Stag Night – which consisted in terrorising the animals, and playing Truth or Dare – almost every question based on something embarrassing. Alice noticed my grimace and smiled.

"I could always plan it for you!" I laughed, having been waiting for that answer the entire conversation.

"That'd be good." She leant up and kissed me.

"I heard that they live in such a big house, it was on the TV show – Cribs." A human whispered, so loudly it felt as if they could have been talking face-to-face to me. I sighed when I recognised the voice, Jessica Stanley and Lauren something. Always wanting to know more about the Cullen's, I got bored of it.

They saw us then, curiosity and embarrassment burning off Jessica, but lust burning of Lauren. Lust? I could almost feel my stomach churning, she wanted me. I tried to be the least charming that was possible, but the lust burned stronger, and I replaced it with an unwanted fear – although it made me feel uneasy.

"Hello, Alice. Jasper." Jessica squeaked, as her confused body absorbed the fear.

"Hi." I said, flashing my teeth subtly at them, only to increase their heartbeats momentarily. What was it with these humans?

"Hello girls." Alice trilled, making them unintentionally jealous. I fondly put my arm around Alice as we walked on past them.

"Eugh." I said as we entered our sacred, beloved home.

"Eugh." Alice agreed.

Here, we didn't have to pretend.