Um so this is my failed attempt at writing a lemon. Um yeahhhhh, sorry if it is awkwardly written.... :S

We arrived in London in good time. Yep, it was rainy and cold and a little bit miserable to begin with. I grimaced at Alice as we collected our bags from baggage claim, and got one of those black cabs to our hotel, the Hilton.

"So, what do you want to do first, my beautiful wife?" I asked Alice in the cab, smiling and kissing her on the cheek. The taxi driver grumbled and muttered something about young love. Alice sniggered at him and slipped her hand into mine. She whispered something that at first was inaudiable, even to me.

"What?" I muttered. She nestled up really close to me, and bit my jaw seductively. A moment of realisation hit me.

"I think we need to have some 'young love'" Alice mumbled against my jaw. I suddenly felt very awkward sitting in the back of cab, with a huge British stranger driving us to our hotel. I managed to calm myself back down, though, and seperated myself from Alice, who grumpily pulled herself away from me.

We arrived at the hotel, and the bag boy promised our bags would be up in a few minutes. We sat, waiting in the hotel room, for what seemed like hours, waiting for him.

"I have a special plan for you, Mr Cullen." Alice stated, crawling onto the bed and sitting cross-legged. She grinned in a mischevious manner and only laughed as I studied her face, hoping that what she had planned was sexual, and I had not taken it the wrong way.

"Oh, do you?" I prodded, gulping slightly as Alice nodded seductively. I smiled, and crawled closer toward her. She jumped off the bed in what seemed like panic, and screamed: " dont you dare touch me, Jasper! Not until the bag boy has arrived!"

I gasped.

"You want to have a threesome with the bag boy?!"

"NO! I just need something that is in the bag, you idiot." Oh okay, that was better.

The bag boy was there within moments, and it was awful how me and Alice couldn't stop laughing and giggling around him as he hauled in the three suitcases. As soon as he was gone Alice dragged a suitcase into the bathroom and I waited for a while before she came out, in a completely see-through red bra and knickers. I pulled her over to me, as she kissed me passionately. I couldn't stop, we had not done this for so long that I felt her body melt against mine, as we almost became one. I cupped my hands around her small body, and pulled her closer towards me. More, more, she could never be close enough. I felt like i still missed her even though she was there, pressed against me.

"Jasper, I love you" she murmured against my lips as I slipped my hands under her bra, and undid it carefully. Not to break the mood or anything, but I kind of almost always fail at undoing bras. They're too complicated for me..

"You did it," she chuckled, as she made one quick motion so that my shirt was no longer on my body, but on the floor. She stroked her hands up and down my chest, and I carressed her body because it was the most important thing.

"IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou" I stuttered as I slid her knickers off her, so that I could slip into her body. We moved in sync, a perfect form. One. I had never been so happy. I kissed her passionately and lovingly, and I never wanted to let her go. She wrapped her arms around me and we didn't finish for a while. When we did, Alice rolled off me, laughing in the happiest way anyone ever could. She was the most beautiful, incredible, amazing person that had ever lived, and I would never forget it. I would never leave her alone ever. I could feel her happiness radiating off her, like a wave of cool heat. Refreshing but warm at the same time, if that is possible.

London was a good idea, and we hadn't even seen the sights yet!

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