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Cuddy snuggled closer to the object in her bed giving off heat, wrapping her arms around it.



Cuddy's eyes snapped open as the male voice met her ears. A very familiar male voice. The voice she heard make wise cracks everyday about her ass and her breasts.


Oh God. Please let this be a dream.

She jumped out of bed, feeling a breeze. Looking down she discovered she was naked and rushed to pull the sheet off an also naked, House to wrap around her body.

"What? How? When?" She paced around in the room as House watched her slightly confused. Bringing her left hand to run through her hair, something caught the light. She froze. Brought her hand back to her face and stared at the platinum wedding band on her finger that hadn't been there the day before.

No hangover, so I wasn't drunk. Don't do drugs – well not since college. We're definitely not in Vegas…

She turned her attention back to the naked diagnostician in the bed realising that it was indeed her pain in the ass head of diagnostics, naked, and quickly turned her head before grabbing a pair of jeans on the chair behind her and throwing them to him.

"Put them on. Then get out." Her head was reeling. She needed him to leave then she could grasp what was happening. Why her life had all of a sudden been turned upside down.

"Lisa." She froze at the sound of her first name. "I thought we sorted all this last night? I told you I haven't taken any morphine for nearly eight years and in that time, I haven't once taken more vicodin than I should. Those nurses want me for themselves. They just can't get enough of my hot bod," he grinned at her. "Nor could you judging by the noises you were making last night." He noticed the frown on her face. "Ok, not the time to be facetious. Sorry. Well look, Wilson's gonna take the kids to school, so if you want to talk before work, we'll talk. You go take a shower and I'll make the pancakes." Cuddy raised an eyebrow at him. "Okay, pour the cereal."

Cuddy let a small smile play on her lips before she realised that this wasn't right. House was in her bed, naked, calling her by her first name and even apologising. There was a wedding ring on her finger and there was even talk of kids.

Definitely a dream.

He swung his legs round off the bed and put on his pants, heading for the kitchen. Cuddy stared after him unsure whether to believe that this could be real or just a dream. She sat down in the bed her legs beginning to feel weak at the thought of a marriage to House with kids.

"If you don't hurry up, this cereal will be poured before you've even dropped the sheet!" House called from the kitchen. She smiled and finally felt strong enough to get up and head for the shower.

If this is a dream, might as well play it out.

She let the hot water run over her as the thoughts rushed through her head.

House. Marriage. Kids. The plural meaning more than one.

What she wanted more than anything, and she had more than one of them. But the marriage thing was…weird. Yes, she'd had her fair share of dreams about House but none of them involved marriage. Some nights she would be thinking about making him suffer for his behaviour at work that day, and others were a little bit more…x-rated but never had she dreamt of being Mrs House.

Mrs House.

Then it hit her. If she had married House then she must have lost her job. But then he did say before work. Was that his work, her work or both? Were they both still at PPTH or had one of them had to go to Princeton General? She'd wanted a family desperately but she wanted to keep her job just as much. She liked her job, despite the stress it had caused her, and she would never compromise it for marrying a colleague. She looked down at the ring on her finger.

But obviously, I did…

She shut off the shower and grabbed a towel, drying and dressing before House could return and catch her half naked, struggling into a pair of pantyhose. When she finished her hair, she took a deep breath and went to join him in the kitchen. She stopped as she reached the living room and noticed a baby grand piano sitting in the corner. She assumed that they had chosen this house on the condition that it was all on one floor and that there was room in the living room for a piano, letting everyone know that he lived there too. She wandered in and noticed photos on the fireplace. There were photos of her and House on their wedding day, House and three children, two boys and one girl, her with the same three children, all five of them together. Smiling and laughing. Looking how a family should. The eldest boy, about seven or eight, had House's eyes but her black curly hair while the other boy, no older than five, had his features the other way around, her eyes and his hair. The little girl looked exactly like she had when she was two years old. Light blue/green eyes staring into the camera and a smile she had seen in the mirror many times before. There was no doubting that these were her and House's children. She jumped as two arms slid around either side of her waist and a head settled on her shoulder. She hadn't heard him enter the room, too engrossed in the family, her family, in the pictures.

"Best day of my life," he said in her ear nodding his head at the wedding photo. "Well, not the wedding part."

She smiled. Obviously not the wedding part as he was frowning in a fair few of the photos.

"Too much fuss. We should've just gone to a court house and signed the piece of paper there…" he nuzzled into her neck.

"So you wanted to marry me then?" If Cuddy was going to play along with this charade then she was going to need as much information as she could get.

"I felt, obliged. Didn't want to leave you on the shelf." She snorted.

As his last words sunk in, she felt a pang of sadness as she realised that this wasn't going to last. Pretty soon, she would wake up be back on said shelf. She turned her head to look at him and saw something in is eyes she hadn't seen since college. Tenderness. The thought that she had done something to make him realise that he could be happy too filled her eyes with tears.

"Breakfast," he told her simply, swooping down to capture her lips with his before limping back to the kitchen. Stunned, she placed her fingers to her lips and blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall. She composed herself and after a few moments, followed the smell of hot coffee to the kitchen. He handed her a mug of the steaming black liquid and nodded to the table where a bowl of muesli and a banana was waiting for her. She took a sip of coffee, taking the seat opposite him, noticing that he'd already started on his bowl of fruit loops. She watched him as she ate her own cereal and he paused, spoon halfway to his mouth, milk dripping from it.

"Look," he started, lowering the spoon back to the bowl, "we both knew that lowering my vicodin dose wasn't going to be easy, but it's been seven years, I'm not going to start getting high again just cause some idiot didn't look where he was going. Those nurses have it in for me, but if you've still got trust issues then maybe – "

"I believe you Greg." If they'd agreed to marry and have children, then obviously there were going to be rules about his meds and the look in his eyes told her all she needed to know. He was sticking to the rules – for once.

"Right, so all that this morning…"

"Was nothing to worry about." He nodded and returned his attention back to his breakfast, both eating in silence.

Once they had finished, House stood, grabbing her bowl and placing them in the sink. "I'll let you sort those out," he smirked while she rolled he eyes. "I'm gonna grab a shower then we'll head into work."

So they both still worked at PPTH. Meaning that she was still chief administrator and dean of medicine, cause there was no way she would stay if they had demoted her. Then it hit her.

"You're coming in? Now? It's not even 8'o'clock."

He gave her a smirk. "Not through choice. I'd rather go back to bed and recover from last night." He winked at her before continuing. "Foreman called while you were in the shower. Patient slipped into a coma. He's stable but it means that it's not neuro-syphilis."

"Right. I'll just get my things together then…" He nodded and headed back to the bedroom while she grabbed the dirty dishes from the sink and placing them in the dishwasher. The shower had just started so she decided to use this time to look around the rest of the house.

She had a look in the study, grabbing anything that looked like it was being worked on and placed them in her briefcase, leaving it by the coat stand at the door. Knowing that he wouldn't be much longer, she hurried back down the hallway and headed in to the second room on the right. It was blue, with a border of fire trucks along the top and various different toy versions in the corner of the room. She bent down to pick one up reading an engraving on the under side.

"Dear Jakob, one day you'll drive a real one. Love Uncle Sam."

Lisa smiled at the message her brother had left guessing that he was the influence behind the fire truck themed room. Behind the door hung a real uniform and she recognised it as his very first one and stuck on the wall above the bed was a photo of Jakob swallowed up in the uniform, eyes sparkling. She put the truck back down and left the room. The room opposite was a soft yellow and white with a small wooden framed bed with yellow bedding against the back wall. There was a rocking chair by the window and Cuddy felt herself drawn to it. She sat down and began rocking, imagining holding all three of her children in this chair and aiding them to drift off. Hanging over the foot of the bed was a thin satin quilt that had the name "Molly" embroidered in pink. She remembered seeing one when she was going through her old stuff with her own name on, something her grandmother had made her. Tearing her eyes away she noticed a shelf with a single picture on it. She stepped closer and saw that it was House sat in the rocking chair, holding Molly when she was probably only a few weeks old. His attention was on her fully and she could see that Molly had had him wrapped around her little finger since day one. There was one final room, and hopefully it would help her put a name to her eldest child, like the previous rooms had for her other two children. The shower had stopped and she figured that she wouldn't be able to spend as much time as she would have like in this room but hopefully she could get a good insight into the type of person he is. Instantly she noticed the toy medical instruments strewn across the floor.

Definitely House's child. No idea about tidying up. She smiled.

The room was red on two walls and white on the others. On the white walls, opposite the door and the back of the room, were a child's drawings with 'Thomas' signed on the bottom, her attention drawn to one with five people labelled 'Daddy, Mommy, Me, Jake, Molly.' On the red walls were numerous photos of Thomas taken at the hospital, ranging from her office, to House's to an operating theatre. She grinned at how easy it was to get all three names and an insight as to who they were. The doctor, the fireman and daddy's little girl. She gave a satisfied sigh and left the room heading for her own. It was nearing eight and she guessed she really needed to be at work. Although, if this wasn't going to last, she'd rather spend the day with her 'family' instead. She opened the door and House looked up from tying his sneakers.

"Come on. I…have meetings…" she guessed. She always had meetings so it couldn't have been a bad one. "And you don't know how long your patient will remain stable.

"I'm sure there's time for a quickie," he said standing from his seat on the bed and closing the distance between them.

"I'm sure there is, with time left over, but we need to get to work." He pouted and she gave him a smirk before reaching up and placing a soft kiss on his lips. "Now come on."

They reached the hospital where everything was the same. Her parking space still read "Cuddy MD – Dean of Medicine" and she still got the looks of respect from the staff.


"Huh?" She was too busy marvelling at how everything was the same at the hospital despite her 'marriage' to House.

"Lunch, before we pick up Molly from the pre-school…"

She smiled at him. "Sure."

House smirked at her. "So, Doctor Cuddy, that's one' o'clock for a repeat performance?" He had raised his voice so that every person in the lobby would have no problems hearing his words.

"House," she hissed. She glanced around and noticed that no one was paying them any attention.

This must be a recurring event.

He gave her a wink before he headed across the lobby, stopping then turning back.

"Oh and if you hear anything about us having neuro-syphilis, ignore it." He told her rushing across the lobby before his words registered, and disappeared into the elevator. She shook her head.

Syphilis? Please let that be a joke.

Wondering if he was still a challenge she made her way through the clinic.

"Good morning Doctor Cuddy." Her assistant, Richard, greeted her as she passed through the first set of doors to her office. "Your messages are on your desk along with the files you requested yesterday and your first meeting is in half an hour." He smiled at her handing her a cup of coffee.

"Thank you," she returned the file and entered her office leaning against the doors. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Not everything's changed.

She had gotten through the morning noticing that her schedule was exactly how she'd seen it yesterday, except today there were a few noticeable differences.

1pm: Lunch with Greg

2pm: Pick up Molly

2:30pm: Meeting with Mr and Mrs Sellers – new path. lab

3:15pm: Interviews for new head of Radiology – Drs. C. Hoy, U. Bolt, S. Reed

4pm: Pick up boys from school

5pm: Meeting with Accounting

6pm: Home – Greg 'making' dinner

Cuddy couldn't remember the last time she left the hospital on time. So far she had been successful in raising a family and keeping the hospital running. Something she hadn't been entirely convinced she'd be able to do, yet here was the proof that everything was balanced.

She let her eyes wander, yet again, to the pictures on her desk that had succeeded in distracting one too many times that day, and was broken from her thoughts by a knock at the door. Looking up, she discovered Wilson and smiled at him gesturing for him to enter.

"James…thanks again for looking after the kids." If Wilson had dropped them off where they needed to be this morning, then chances were that he had had them overnight.

"Pleasure, seriously. With Amber on call all night they were a welcome distraction. I think Tommy is finally coming round to the idea of oncology," he grinned. "I can't wait to see the look on House's face when he finds out." Cuddy laughed with him. House would definitely have some things to say if a child of his became an oncologist. He took up the seat in front of her and placed the files he was holding on her desk. "I need your signature on these. Just a few trials and the proposal for the children's oncology ward."

She took the files and signed them with the promise of presenting the proposal to some of the benefactors she was due to meet with in the next week. He nodded as he got up to leave, pausing before sitting down again.

"Was there something else?" She asked. She was due to meet House in twenty minutes and she was eager to meet the youngest of her three children.

"Did you sort things with House?"

"He didn't tell you?" House told Wilson everything.

"He just gave me a load of lewd comments," Wilson shrugged, his face turning slightly red. "He just can't help himself." Cuddy nodded. Lewd comments were House's thing. He demonstrated it enough. "He would never go back to his old ways, you know that don't you?"

She was silent a moment. Technically she didn't know it. There was a lot that she didn't know about this House but the look in his eyes this morning had given her an insight. "Yes," she agreed, "I know. We…talked about it. I was stupid to think otherwise…" For someone who didn't know what was going on, she was doing pretty well for herself. No one would know.

"Right." Wilson stood again, this time intending to leave before Cuddy's voice brought him to a stop. "Huh?"

"Am I good mom?" It was a stupid question she knew but she needed to know. Did splitting time between the hospital and her family really work? Was she a natural or did she behave awkwardly? There were too many questions she needed to know and she didn't care how stupid they were.

"Did House say something?"

"No…I was just…wondering if they tell you anything about me…" Cuddy placed her hands together and turned to look at the interlaced fingers, avoiding his scrutinizing gaze.

She could feel his eyes burning into the top of her head. "The boys only have the best things to say about you and Molly never stops talking about you. Last night I dropped some plates and she gave me the same look you give the clumsy interns in the clinic then she I got cries for 'I want my mommy' for an hour before the boys persuaded her I was competent enough to look after her." He smiled at her.

Cuddy visibly relaxed and let a smile play on her lips. She was a good mother meaning that once she was back in reality, she would make a good mom.

"Thanks again, James."

"Anytime." He gave her one last smile leaving her with her thoughts.

"You are not doing a white matter brain biopsy."

Cuddy didn't even look up as her office doors were flung open in House's signature way.

"How did you know?" House asked, limping in and sitting in front of her.

"This is my hospital," she told him, "I know everything."

"Right…I didn't come here for that. I wanted to know if you're ready."

Cuddy looked at the time on her computer and frowned. "There's five minutes 'til lunch…"

House sighed. "Well I was going to use the five minutes to persuade you to let me do the brain biopsy…" He bobbed his eyebrows suggestively which in turn earned him a raised brow.

"And how exactly were you planning on…persuading me?" she asked putting her pen down, a smile creeping across her face.

He got up grinning at her and headed to the doors, drawing the blinds and locking the door. "Just wait and see."

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