Title The School-Theater

Author Ashray

Pairings Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Ryou, Marik/Malik, (Kaiba/Joey?)

Disclaimer I don't own anything here except for the idea, and I don't make money with this.

Warnings The Yamis still don't have enough, and now they can't decide whether they'll join the school's Theater group to save their Hikaris from their lonely detention, or dragging their Hikaris over to the next dark corner to 'spend some quality time' with them.
At the same time Ryou and Yugi have their own plans, that for now only a certain girl knows about (even if she would have been glad not knowing). And Anzu is now after Yami and Bakura?

Summary This is the sequel to 'I hate Mondays'. The nameless teacher from last time decided detention would be the right punishment for them.
And now, with another teacher, that even gets a name this time, the time to face detention has come.
What happened to the former teacher will be explained later on.

EDIT: 17. 3. 11: Good News, I have a new Beta-reader who is really fast! Yaminisu! Just a few days ago she reviewed that she is would help me, and now I already have the first chapter back! Thanks for helping me ^_^

/Hikari to Yami/
/Yami to Hikari/
(Comments from me)
"talking, babbling, whispering"
"Yelling, heavy protests, screaming"

A new Monday, a new Disaster

It was a peaceful, friendly, nice and lovely school day, just like usual (Or as nice and lovely school days could ever be!)

The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing cheerfully. The students were chatting happily about what happened over the weekend, the plans they had for the day or how mean the teacher always were to them for giving them so much homework.

It was Monday again, exactly one week after the three bored (and very horny) Yamis had caused havoc in the middle of a lesson. The commotion had long settled and it didn't look like anyone had suffered permanent damage.

And today, not a single disaster had happened so far!

No explosion!
No fire!
No flood!
No panic!
No severely wounded!
No dead people!


Until now, at least.
But it was just past noon.
More then enough time to cause some mischief before school ends.

So far, everything was peacefully and quiet.

"Hey! Let go of me!"

All of a sudden, angry yelling could be heard all throughout the school.

"I demand of you to let go of me immediately, or I will make you pay! Dearly! Let! Go! NOW! You can't do that to me, do you know who I am?"

But the teacher didn't pay the angry yelling and struggling teen any attention and continued dragging Yami after her, down the hallway by his black collar.

She was pretty new at this (damned) school, although she wasn't the youngest anymore.
She had recently become the Drama club's teacher in addition to her normal English classes. At the moment she was busy gathering together actors for the next/first play because she wanted to perform a play for the next school Festival, and neither hell nor high-water would keep her from making the best play ever seen around here.

But all students that might 'volunteer' that were left for her were the ones given detention, and she really needed actors.
She had already 'convinced' Yugi and Ryou into joining, along with Malik(1) and Marik, and they were already following after her politely. (A/N: Marik and polite? The world is coming to an end!)
Joey and Kaiba were also there. But they were occupied having a heated discussion, so they weren't paying any attention to what was happening around them.

Only Yami and Bakura were still resisting.

Both of them had just been harmlessly standing around in the hall before, having a friendly conversation (at least it was friendly in their opinion):

"Damn thief!"
"Stupid twerp!"
"I'll kick your ass!"
"Not when I kill you first!"

Nothing new, there hadn't even been any blood! Yet.

And then, suddenly, this… person …appeared out of thin air, and stared intensely at both of them.
"You're perfect! You're coming with me, I want you!"

And with that, she grabbed Yami by his collar and Bakura by his long hair and pulled them behind her, to an unknown destination!
The only reason she was still alive and sane was because the Hikaris were also there, keeping their violent darker halves somewhat in check.

But that didn't stop them from struggling and swearing like mad, and the giggling of the Hikaris didn't help calming them down either.
"You should stop yelling!" the middle-aged teacher told them sternly, because slowly but surely she was going deaf with all their screaming and howling. "It's not like I'm going to eat you alive, you know?"

"Not even a mouse would be sated after eating a measly little twerp like him!" Bakura said.

"And not even a starving vulture would willingly," Yami gestured at Bakura, "eat something as ugly as this!"

Bakura threw a punch at Yami, and Yami tried kicking the thief in return.
Suddenly, they were released from the firm grip the teacher had on them until now and they found themselves sitting with their ass on the ground.

"I'm just looking fore some students to help me and the others out for a little while with their detention. And you even have less classes, because this is very important, and the whole school will be watching you on stage! I am really glad that you're so nice and do this voluntarily…"

"I'm not in your class, I don't know you, I don't even go to this school! And I don't do this voluntarily! Tell me ONE reason why I should do this! And it better be a good one, or else…"

But Yami's outburst was ignored as he was once again grabbed by his collar.

"You should calm down a bit, little one! You and your white-haired friend are perfect for what I have in mind for you! It will be sooo great, don't worry, you will do fine!" in her cheerfulness she didn't notice that Bakura took the opportunity to get away from her while she was busy with the pharaoh.
She looked around a little until she found what, or better who, she was looking for.

Bakura only managed to get away a few steps before she once again caught him by his hair.

Hair that long could be a real burden… (A/N: pooooor boy!)

"Why should I do anything you want, you old witch! Let me go, or I'll send you to the shadow realm, you…"

"Watch your mouth, young man! And as for why you should help us… For the same reason your friends are here. Because everyone who doesn't join, will have detention for the rest of his life! I can do this if I want!
Or I could just fail you. If you do this, however, you can leave right after the festival, and no one will have detention."

Bakura looked at Yami darkly: "But we already are dead, we don't die. I don't want to be here forever! What the hell is she talking about?"

"How should I know, I don't know her!"
"Maybe we should just send her to the shadow realm…"
"Yeah, would be easier…"

The angry Yamis then felt smaller hands in their own, and they were led away by their Hikaris, who whispered to them calmingly.
"Come on, Yami, it's not that bad!" Yugi gave the former pharaoh a wide-eyed, pleading look.
"I don't want to go with her alone, you are on my side, right? Right?" and his lips began to tremble a little, for added effect.
Yami calmed down in an instant and put an arm around the Yugi's shoulders: "But of course I'm going with you! I'm here, don't worry, its all right… I will never leave you alone, you know that..."
"Good, because this detention is your fault anyway…" Yugi grinned up at him.

Bakura simply growled, but then his Light looked at him sharply.
"The same goes for your, you know that, right?", he whispered with an innocent smile, even though he was clearly blackmailing the thief.
His only answer was another growl.

Marik knew this as well, that was why he didn't even try to protest.
He was clinging to Malik's back, his head on his shoulder. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was peacefully asleep cuddling his lover, as he let himself be dragged along rather than actually walking himself.

No wonder Malik looked like cursing up a storm.

And Kaiba would also rather be in Kaiba Corp scaring secretaries and making big deals than being here wasting his time, just because he was a 'little' louder as he was talking with the mutt….
All in all, the mood in the newly formed theater group was really good. (A/N: watch out or the sarcasm will bite you ^_^)

"Oh, by the way, my name is Mrs. Gandon, I'm the new theater teacher, if you didn't know that. And I'm responsible for all of you who have detention. Because of that, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes, and we are going to perform a play at the upcoming school festival, and if everyone gives their best, you all are free after that. But we didn't have enough people before, but thanks to all who volunteered... I think we all will get along very well, as long as everyone does what he's supposed to do…" she informed the group of teens happily, while pushing them into an empty classroom.
"If you don't play along, you will be here until next year. You see, you can't go wrong with taking my offer!"

She looked at them excitedly, but the enthusiasm she expected from them still didn't show…

But that will come with time. Just don't lose your patience, and everything will work out. (A/N and the poor woman actually beliefs this!… All you can do in that case is wish her good luck and happy dying…)

"So, now that I have you all here, would you all please stand in a row and tell me your names. After all, I want to know the names of my sweet little stars." (She doesn't know which name belongs to who and only has the names of those who actually go to school officially.)
And with that, she pinched Bakura's cheeks aunty-like.
Said thief growled at her darkly and looked ready to bite her hand or head off.

Mrs. Gandon walked up and down in front of them like a staff-sergeant, a pink clipboard in her hand and a plan in her head.

Yami was standing next to Yugi, an arm around his shoulders.
Next to him was Ryou, who was leaning on Bakura.
Next to the tomb robber was Malik, then Marik, Joey and Kaiba.
None of them really knew what the weird woman with the gray hair-knot actually wanted from them. She was a little shorter then Kaiba, with a mouse-gray costume and a firm glare behind her glasses.

She stopped in front of Yugi, who gave her his name in the nicest and sweetest way possible. She wrote it down along with the part she wanted him to play, while walking up and down again, before stopping and walking up and down the row of teens again to ask Yami, who wasn't even on her list until now, for his name.

But Yami had disappeared!

And Yugi tried really hard to hide his smile.
Irritated she turned to Ryou and then started walking again while taking notes on what roles he could play.
As she stopped beside him again, she saw that, like Yami, Bakura was now missing as well.

Yugi bit his lip and Ryou stared at his feet with great interest.
She just shook her head at the odd behavior of the two, but then turned to the next in the row.
Mrs. Gandon asked Malik, and then wandered up and down again, lost in thought, before she had to learn that Marik wasn't there either.

The three Hikaris had to cover their mouths, or else they would burst out laughing.
Joey was the next in line, the Yamis were still nowhere to be seen.
"And you'll also tell me your name NOW, before you vanish like your friends!" she hissed angry and irritated to Kaiba.

"They aren't my friends", he grumbled, but he wasn't the slightest bit impressed and gave her a newspaper.
"Look at the business part, if you don't know my name!" He ignored her, got his laptop out and started to work, right there and then!
"It seems our moneybags here doesn't need to remember his own name."
"I have more important business than answering useless and stupid questions!"
"Damn iceberg!"
"Stupid mutt!"

But Mrs. Gandon cut them off, before they could get into a fight.
"You tell me your name, and you stop arguing, or you both can repeat the year!"
She pointed from one to the other with her pen, before a sound from behind distracted her, and made her ignore the protests:

"I'm not fighting" and "He started it" and "You can't fail us!". Not that they needed her to fight with each other anyway.

She heard giggling and laughing, as the Hikaris simply couldn't hold back any longer and now she could see why:

Behind her back Yami, Bakura and Marik were mimicking every move she made.

They all had stern looks on their faces, writing down notes on imaginary clipboards, before looking up, with a very dumb expression, mouth and eyes opened wide, tongue hanging out of their mouths and arms dangling like a monkeys or scratching their heads.

Furious, she glared at them and tapped her hand on her clipboard impatiently, waiting for an apology that was sure not to come in this life and this world.
It hadn't any affect at them, since all of them were masters of the dead-glare themselves.
So they simply glared back.

"Who do you think you are? Making fun of a teacher like that, unbelievable! I want to know your names! And an explanation for such a show of bad manners! Now!"

"I'm the Pharaoh of Egypt, and I don't need to explain anything to you or anyone else if I don't wish to." He majestically walked over to Yugi to put an arm around the boy's shoulders again, a dirty grin on his face.

"I'm the king of thieves and I don't need to talk to someone like you!" Slowly he strolled to his Ryou and happily wrapped his hand around his waist, also ignoring her in favor of nuzzling his Hikari.

Disbelieving and a little angry she turned to Marik: "And what is your excuse for acting so disrespectful? Let me guess: You're the Emperor of China?"

Marik blinked at her and simply shrugged his shoulders.
"No, I just felt like it." And he also took this time to get back to his own Hikari.

Mrs. Gandon couldn't believe it:
This wouldn't go quite as planned.
It certainly wouldn't be as easy as she had expected.
But she didn't request anything impossible!
Did she?

"Now let's take a look as to why such nice and lovely boys such as you have to be here…" she said to the Hikaris, who were on her list together with Joey and Kaiba.
She knew exactly what part Yami and Bakura were going to play, and Marik simply wouldn't let go of his Hikari, so he had to come along, too.

She took a glimpse at her notes, and became a little pale:

"Ryou is here because of his absence without permission." Bakura shook his head and poked Ryou a little in the rips. "Really, you're terrible, my fluffy Hikari! You should be ashamed. Bad, bad Ryou…"

"Malik is here, because he was sleeping in class…"
"Maybe I should let you actually sleep at night, pretty Hikari…" his darker half said with a wide grin, but he didn't sound guilty at all.

"And Yugi is here because he didn't pay any attention at all, and he made really weird noises, distracting and interrupting the lesson."
Proudly, the former pharaoh answered: "Yep, I think that was my fault. Why should he look at anything but me, after all." And he gave Yugi a short kiss on the cheek with a soft smile.

"And besides that you all are also here, because of…" and she gestured at Yamis hand, which had found its way into Yugi's back-pocked…"because of immoral conduct. Which I will not tolerate in my class, understood? Everyone will keep his hands to himself." She told them with a pointed look at Yami's hand around Yugi.

The Yamis shrugged, while the Hikaris turned a bright red.
"Immoral? What the hell is that?"
They hadn't done anything immoral, not now and not last week!
(A/N: Right, they all are completely innocent. That's what they think.)

"You call that immoral?" Marik asked and pointing at Yami's hand, while he sat Malik down on the table next to him and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. While he was at it, he pulled his shirt up so everyone could have a better look at he was doing, and caressed him lovingly.

Mrs. Gandon's jaw almost hit the floor.
Her students on the other hand were whistling and cheering at the blond pair.
And Malik, oblivious to the audience, let out a soft moan, while his hands stroked over his lovers back and ass.

"Maybe that is more what you mean?" Marik grinned, more than happy, as they parted their lips to catch their breath and Malik sighed.

"Yeah, or maybe that?" Yami asked, he, of course wouldn't stay out of the fun.
He took Yugi's hands into his so he couldn't push him away, and shoved him into a nearby chair. Then he caught his little Hikaris lips in a slow, deep kiss, while sitting down on his lap to trap him in place.
He pushed and rocked against the warm, familiar body beneath him, until Yugi gave into the kiss completely and laid his arms around Yami's neck to pet and stroke his dark's hair, quietly purring and rocking against his darker half.

"But maybe she meant that?" Bakura murmured and caught Ryou before he had the chance to get away. He buried his hands in Ryou's soft, long hair and bent him over. Gently, he parted the warm, welcoming lips to taste his Hikaris sweet mouth, earning a light whimper. Bakura let one hand wander over Ryou's ass so he wouldn't fall over, and also to get a better grip on him to push him against himself.

None of the three seemed to have any intention of letting go of their smaller selves anytime soon.
When they finally did, the spirits released them, so they could breathe again, but still held them firmly where they were. Since it was more pleasurable that way...

Joey blushed.
The Hikaris blushed.
The Yamis grinned slyly.
The teacher stared at them wide eyed.
Seto simply didn't care.
(He was busy with his laptop again.)
He just glanced at them shortly and made some gagging noises, before returning to his work.

"Stop that! What do you do think you're doing with my innocent students! This is a school, not your bedroom! And not even there should you touch them like that, they are too young, and innocent, and..." the shocked women cried out.
She had expected a lot after the note she had gotten about them from that poor women, but this was too much.
How dare they taint the poor boys in such a way before her very eyes, especially after the warning she just gave them!

"We are doing nothing, since you keep on interrupting us!" Yami growled at her with a dark glare, while Marik slyly glanced at the blond in his arms:
"Since when are you innocent?"
"No, idea, that's news to me, too." he answered while shrugging his shoulders. "Looks like she knows more then I do…"
"You know, we can always change that, that about you being innocent… it would be my pleasure, really..." Marik purred into the smaller ones ear promising, his hands still moving under his shirt and lower.
"I bet it will… But not here, my friend…" the tomb keeper purred back, and everyone could see the insane man's face fell, as he had already begun looking for a nearby closet to drag his Hikari into. (A/N: It seems that he has a thing for closets…)

"Get your hands off him; I'm not going to allow you to harass him while I'm here! Take! Your! Hands! OFF!"

Unfortunate choice of words!
Bad thing to say to a Yami!
Something you should never tell him to his face.
(It sounds too much like an invitation)

Marik stopped trying to shove his hands into Malik's pants and his eyes lightened up at the prospect of torturing and killing her. After all, that was what she herself had said: If he killed her, he could have some 'sweet time' with his lover.

Suddenly three insane, grinning Yamis were starring at her.

"No problem, we can change that immediately!"
"And then we'll have our peace!"
"And our Hikaris!"
"So, what do you want: Padded Room, Grave or Shadow Realm?"
"Aren't we nice to let you choose?"
"Yes, you should be thankful!"
"Or maybe you like everything at once?"

And suddenly the Yamis all were at the same side… (A/N: can you say poor teacher?)

As soon as they heard low growling, Yugi, Ryou and Malik moved out of the way, into a corner together with Joey to assure their own safety.
You could never know what three bad tempered, angry, horny Yamis might do when something got in their way.

"This sooo won't end well"
"Someone should have told her that it is a bad thing to challenge them."
"That was the good thing about our last teacher, she never said anything like that.
What happened to her anyway, I haven't seen her all day.
Shouldn't she be here to keep an eye on us, since she was the one to give us this detention in the first place?" Yugi wondered, though he didn't really care about it, it was just a random thought that occurred him while watching Yami, Bakura and Marik in a heated discussion about what to do with someone who tried to steal your Hikari.
(A/N: And yes, they are overreacting, so what?)

It didn't really matter which teacher disappeared because she messed with the wrong people.
Or Yamis, in this case.

"You should really have seen that, Yugi!" Joey grinned laying an arm around Yugi's shoulders in a conspiratorial manner.
"After the stunt you pulled last Monday with Yami, she was totally whacked, after all that I heard."
"I really don't know what has got into me then." Yugi murmured, his violet eyes firmly on the floor.
"But everyone else heard who has gotten into…"
"Joey!" Yugi covered Joey's mouth as fast as he could, his cheeks red as a tomato.

/Damn, this is all your fault, Yami!/
/You didn't complain when it happened, Aibou./ Yami answered without looking at him.
Yugi blushed even more at the remark.
/Well, whatever, that was then, and this is now!/ Yugi huffed back with a red face.

Joey didn't know they were talking through their mind link, and simply continued on with his story.
"Well, and the next day she was in such a bad mood, with her hangover and all, she gave moneybags and me detention too, just because we were talking in the hallway."

Yugi raised an eyebrow:
When Joey was speaking of Kaiba and talking, most certainly he meant Kaiba and a fight that could be heard throughout half the school.
"But the actually interesting thing happened on Wednesday, when Malik and Ryou where here again, since they skipped Tuesday."


Wednesday they all had physics again with the nervous wreck, and the two Hikaris did their best to copy their homework before the bell for the first class rang.
Thanks to their Yamis, they couldn't finish it the day before, even though they stayed home due to certain 'problems'with walking and stuff after a long night of… well, you know… fun.
Both didn't notice the spirits hovering and watching them closely over their shoulders.
They just could not understand why all the Hikaris liked to be in school.
(It's more like not having a choice, but well?)

/No, Kura, not right now. I have to finish this, and fast!/

But Malik, too, had to deal with an attack from behind, as curious fingers tried to creep into his pants.
Even his threatening growl didn't make the insane being back off.

They all were too busy to notice the fact that the bell was ringing, or that the poor teacher from Monday walked cautiously into the room.
But she saw the boys immediately, as well as the two spirits with them, because apparently they weren't invisible.
Maybe that was the reason for the weird silence in the classroom. (Yes, the other students knew to be careful around them…)
The poor woman took a step through the door and froze on the spot, saw Ryou and Malik and stared unbelievingly at Bakura and Marik with wide, fearful eyes.

Said Yamis slyly grinned back at her, leaned over the oblivious students and made clearly suggestive movements…
When the Hikaris noticed class had already started, they looked up and smiled sweetly at the nameless woman and waved at her, all the while not noticing the still visible Yamis behind them…

And the next thing that could be heard was a very, very loud, terrified scream.
The teacher stormed out the door and vanished.
All they could hear was her yelling something along the lines of: "Impossible, no way I can teach that way, someone should forbid this madness, they are impossible, they will kill us one day….."
(So much for no permanent damage)

- Flashback end -

"After that, she was gone and nobody saw her until midday- Then she came into the cafeteria completely drunk and sat down comfortably on the lap of our old, ugly director and kissed him! He must be two decades older then her judging by his looks!
And then she stepped onto the table and started singing, she wasn't very good, and dancing, and then she started to strip!"
"Yeah, right... Tell that to your Grandma, not me!" Yugi interrupted the exited Joey who happily shared his story with him.
"Then go and look it up on You-Tube! There are over ten different versions of it! God bless cell phones with camera!"
Yugi looked at Malik and Ryou for confirmation, not sure whether he should believe the story or not.

But the other two nodded in agreement, even if they hadn't paid much attention to them:
"He's right, but she couldn't do much more then take off her top and fight with her skirt.
The friendly men with those nice -'I love me' -jackets came after her.
She was struggling like mad, even drunk as she was..." Malik said, before pointing at their new teacher and the three Yamis:
"What do you think; will we need another new teacher in the near future?"

At the same time the spirits were still discussing what Mrs. Gandon had said to, or rather, demanded of them.

"Hands off? What does she mean 'Hands off'?"
"Does she mean no touching?"
"No kissing?"
"No stroking"
"Or grabbing him?"
"Or caressing?"
"Or fucking him into the next wall?"

It seamed that none of them could quite grasp the meaning of 'Don't touch '.

And slowly but surely they began to look frightened, as they started to realize what Mrs. Gandon asked of them. But why would she demand something as inhumane as that from them?

They didn't do anything mean to her!

At the same time the teacher remembered that she still didn't have the names of the uncooperative Yamis.
And slowly they were starting to drive her insane!
(A/N: That is one of the Yami's specialties! Driving people to insanity! Welcome to reality! ^_^)

In this group everyone was doing as they pleased!

Kaiba had his Laptop, Joey and the Hikaris were talking in their corner, and the three with the insanely spiky hair not only refused to tell her their names, they were making fun of her!

"You! Either you tell me your name, or I will call you 'shorty'!" she snapped at Yami.
"That's 'Your Majesty' or 'Your Highness' to you, as it is decent when talking to a pharaoh." Yami snapped at her angrily. How dare she not only try and keep him from his Aibou, but also address him like that!

She glanced at Bakura, but his mood wasn't any better: "Talk to me and I'm going to kill you!" and as she saw the 'slightly' insane glint in Marik's eyes, she backed off a step or two. "Nobody keeps me from molesting my Hikari-pretty wherever and whenever I want!"

And all three of them surrounded her.
Threateningly they sneaked closer and closer and everyone could see what exactly they were thinking about the whole 'Don't touch'-thing.
It looked like their hair was even spikier then usual, and a golden eye shone brightly on their foreheads.
The circle around her was growing smaller by the minute, and Marik happily rubbed his hands while talking about the funny things they could do for this 'deadly insult'.

"Tomorrow I want to see you all again here at the same time! I hope you've calmed down by then, and you're not on drugs or whatever you're on at the moment."

And with that, she fled out the door, while the Yamis high-fived.
All Yugi could do was shake his head at their behaviour.

"You just had to do this, right?"
"What? That was a serious threat!"
"We had to do something about her!"
"We can't just let something like that slide!"
"Good thing she is gone, and her idiocy is over." Bakura said, relieved.

But Ryou didn't look all that happy:
"Bakura, my thief? You do know that we have to do this again tomorrow, right? And the day after that?"

Yami and Marik, too, had thought that 'detention' thing was just for one hour, and they'd be free after getting rid of the teacher.
"But I don't want to, Yugi!" Yami complained. He didn't want to share his Yugi with that terrible person, whose first priority was to deny him all the fun!

Three wide and teary pairs of eyes were suddenly looking at them, all sweet and trusting, rosy lips pouting, and curious small hands were wandering over tight shirts and even tighter pants…

"You can't leave us alone…"
"…in the empty classroom…."
"Who knows what might happen to us!"
"…or who might walk in…"
"… and we are sitting there, helpless…"
"…and nobody would hear us scream…"
"... when somebody just takes us away?"

Helpless and lost, the Hikaris fled into the strong, safe arms of their Yamis, and small fingers stroked over warm skin and spiky hair, as they whispered sweetly…

Kaiba rolled his eyes at so much exaggeration.
(Malik, easily taken away? Yes, of course, who would really be that crazy?)
Joey on the other hand giggled at the sugar-overdose, it was just too cute. And that the three big, bad spirits were melted like butter in the hands of their little Hikaris was clear, at least when they were nodding with lust glowing in their eyes, and promised they would be there the next day…

And so the first day ended, without them even knowing the name of the play that they should perform in.


(1) as if they had any choose in that matter after last Monday!

By the last part with the 'innocent' Hikaris talking their Yamis into coming again I had to grin by the picture. ^_^

This is the first chapter, and I don't know how many there will be in the end, but I know exactly how it will be end.
I just have to sit down and stop to let myself be distract every few minutes…
If you have any question, just tell me, because I don't know how clear everything is, and I would like to hear from you