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12. So little Time, so much Chaos


Anzu skipped happily through the school, swinging her bright pink bag carelessly around, and hummed a happy tune off-key and too loud.
She didn't seems to care that she nearly hit several people in the face with her book bag, or that said students glared angrily at her back.
Or that early morning on a school day is not the right time for happy humming, out of tune or not.

Everything went according to plan for her the day before, for the first time in a long while, and without anyone getting hurt or dieing in the process:
Yami handed his Millennium-Puzzle over to her without making a fuss or asking too many questions, while she could feel Bakura run admiring brown eyes over her back.
Even with her back turned, she could clearly feel his gaze on her person!
No doubt!
That was Bakura clearly planning something!
Maybe how to get together with her without Ryou constantly interfering and getting in the way of their great romance!
The shrimps should keep their mouths shut while the adults are talking, and Marik has nothing to say anyway.
That's how it is, and they should just roll over and accept it already!

So all in all the day was a success all around!

Everything was all right, even if neither Bakura nor Yami showed up at her place so far...
But then again, it only was a day, so at last Yami should come around this afternoon, after school was out, to look after his treasure...

And she was not talking about the Puzzle, that's for sure!
At that thought she couldn't help but giggle to herself, and she stopped for a moment to fully enjoy this wonderful day and her impending triumph.
The other students kept a wide berth around her, just to be sure.
You always have to be careful if someone suddenly stops to laugh insanely for no reason at all.
You never know what they are thinking, or what they hide in their bag, and you don't want to accidentally set them off...
Especially since it was normally Bakura and Marik laughing that way, and it often ends with murder.

But suddenly any sound got stuck in her throat, as a few of the younger students passed her by:
They had her Puzzle around their neck!

Well, technically, it was Yami's, but that's nearly the same anyway...

"Hey! Hey, you!" She screeched shrilly after one of the poor boys, who starred with wide, scared eyes at her, as she caught the chain and tugged at it as if she wants to strangle him with it.
"That thing is fake!" Anzu shrieked as she noticed the little 'Made in Japan' on the bottom of the pyramid.
Now everyone in the corridor was starring at her, but her poor victim finally recovered from his shock and glared angrily back at her:
"Of course it is fake, genius! What do you think, if it's a fan-article! Are you really stupid enough to think that they sell the original? How old are you, to be that dump?! Everyone above the age of five knows that! Now let me go, or I swear I scream."

And with that the boy struggled free from her tight grip and hurried after his friends to his next class.
At the corner he finally caught up with them and he hit one of them hard on the shoulder:
"Great friend you are, leaving me all alone to deal with her! You could have helped me, everyone knows that she's not all there in the head! And you leave me alone with her!"

"My brother always told me to stay away from insane people!"
"Well, he would know that!"
"Hey, that's my brother you are talking about!"

Anzu didn't hear anything more from that conversation, since she found the same 'Made in Japan' at the bottom of her own, beloved Millennium-Puzzle.
The same Puzzle that Yami entrust her with just the afternoon before.
The Puzzle that was supposed to be the key to his heart, if she could just prove that she would take great care of it...

She sank to the floor in shock, dazed, shaking all over, her face pale and her mind unable to understand what her eyes told her.

The Millennium-Puzzle in her hand is a fake.
A merchandise.
A copy.
How could he?
'Does Yami know?' was her next thought.

Anzu shock her head. No, surely Yami doesn't know anything about this, or he would have told her.
Yami would never lie to her, he is far too honest and nice and trustworthy to do that to her.
'I have to warn him! Someone has stolen the real Millenniums-puzzle, and slipped me this thing instead, and he doesn't even know it!
There is really someone after it, and no one suspects anything at all!
But how is that even possible?
I made that danger up myself, how can this happen, why now, that's simply impossible!?
Yami will be terrible disappointed with me.'

But suddenly a grin spread over her face again, as she finally recognized what all this really meant!
What's really happening here, or better, who was behind this:
Who was the only one who could get near enough to the Puzzle to pull this off without getting caught?
Who is always lurking around her Yami?
Who does anything in his might to make her look bad in front of Yami to sabotage their happiness?
Again, Yugi.
Yugi, Yugi, Yugi, it's always Yugi...

This is not an attack from some unknown enemy, or a simple thievery made by some dark force bent on taking over the world and sending them all into eternal darkness.

No, this is simply a complot from a boy who doesn't know when he has lost, and who refused to just accept the facts.
And most likely he had Ryou's help, and that's the reason why they are lately practically joint at the hip when in school.

That's the opportunity to expose the shrimp, show everyone and Yami his true face, and finally get rid of him once and for all...
With a mean gleam in her eyes she went to search for the teen.

Time to tell him that the game is over, and he is done; that he should do himself a favor and give up and hide while he still has the chance.
And that has nothing to do with showing-off, and everything with fairness.

Good mood restored, she skipped down the hall again to search for Yugi, who doesn't know about the coming attack on his patience and nerves yet.


"I know what you did~" Anzu sang as she finally found her 'victim' after a whole hour of searching.
Not that Yugi did anything to hide from her.
He didn't even know that she was looking for him, after all.
No, he was simply in class as he was supposed to be, following the lesson like a good student, together with the rest of his class.
Only Anzu never looked for him there.
No, instead she searched in the cafeteria, in the gym, in the swimming-hall.
Everywhere but in the place where he was supposed to be.
The same place she was supposed to be, too.
Not that she thought about that.

With a sceptically raised eyebrow Yugi turned around to her at her accusation.
"You have to be a bit more specific then that, because I'm doing something all the time." he said sarcastically. "I'm walking, talking, breathing." he counted with a small grin. "I'm hugging Yami. I'm kissing Yami. I'm-"
"That's enough!" Anzu shouted, suddenly very angry, just as expected and anticipated from the smaller teen.
Yami would never do such things, it was all a lie. A mean, dirty lie to make her angry and get her to give up and go away, nothing more!
'But you will see that it's not that easy to get ride of me!' she thought furiously as if the guys could actually hear her.

Not that Ryou and Yugi really want or care to know happens in that head of hers.
No one wants that...

"I know what you did!" she repeated after taking a few, deep breaths to calm down, before she grinned down like a loon at the other one with an arrogant look on her face. "Yeah, I know exactly what you did. And I will tell everyone!"

Ryou, standing beside his fellow Hikari, just rolled with his eyes in annoyance: "Either you tell us what it is that you think you know, or we will leave. Because we don't feel like listening to your shit! And we don't have much time for this, anyway. Breaks don't last forever, you know." he added with a quick look at his watch. "The next class will start in a few minutes. Now, I know you don't care much for lessons, you were absent in Math, too, after all."
"But we prefer to be present in class, you know."
"Absent, I will give you absent, shrimp! I was searching all over the ground for you!" she interrupted Yugi, who just looked at her with wide, innocent eyes

"But I was here the whole time. We have Math at the same time every week, for the whole school year, so why do you have to search for me when you should already know where I am?"

Anzu gave them an irradiated glance.
How dare they to destroy her great moment of triumph, when she finally has the upper hand?!
Finally she has something to use against Yugi, such a moment has to be enjoyed and savored, you can't just rush it!
Even if Yugi would like it to be over as quickly as possible.

The boy just nodded. In a few minuted the next class will start, and he didn't feel like being late just because Anzu felt like ranting about friendship, pink bunnies, or her glowing future with Yami and/or Bakura.
Or whatever else today's topic is.
"Also, there are only few people insane enough to listen to you out of their own free will." Ryou explained, and Yugi nodded in agreement. "So if you want to do us a fervor, please step aside, and we will be on our way."

Angry at that rude behavior she clenched her fist before she relaxed again. Soon they will choke on their own laughter and on their nastiness!

"I know that I don't have the real Puzzle!" she screeched right into Yugi's face until he made a step back.
Just for good measure, he didn't want her to jump in his face and claw his eyes out, after all.
"Congratulation for that flash of genius." Yugi said with a careless shrug and a glance at Ryou, who didn't have anything to add to that.
Instead he had a lot of trouble holding his laughter back.
"But what does it have to do with me?"
"You've stolen the real Puzzle! You gave Yami the fake one, so he could give it to me! You've been lying to me, you stupid little midget!" angrily she waved with her finger in front of Yugi's nose until he shoved it roughly away.
"And when was I lying to you, hä?" he hissed back. "I never said that you have the real one! Yami never said that you have the real one! You just assumed that you have the real one! So what the hell do you want from me?!"

"You just want me to look bad in front of Yami! I bet you planed to tell him that I lost the puzzle and that you found it to give it back to him!
Or that I want to deceive him with the fake one!
You want to make yourself look better because you know that you have no chance against me without cheating!"
Again there was that finger in his face, and Yugi considered biting it.
Just to see her stupid face.
But then he shock his head. Where did that come from? Normally only Bakura or Marik would think, let alone do something like that.
Maybe those psychos are contagious?

And who knows where that finger was before...
While Yugi was lost in his thoughts, Anzu was going on and on with her rant without noticing his distraction or caring about it:

"You always, always try to sabotage my relationship with Yami! You always get in my way, you are mean to me, and no one notices!" angrily she stomped her foot, and Yugi was just waiting for her to drop wailing to the floor and roll around to throw a tantrum worthy of a five year old in a candy shop.

But to Yugi's endless disappointment she just glared at him and yelled and screamed at them, even though a few students stopped to stare at the spectacle she was making.
But a dark look from the raging girl, and they hurried along before she could drag them into the whole mess.

For a moment Ryou gave his fellow students a longing look: How he wished that he could follow them, but he then he would have to leave Yugi alone with the fury. And he really can't do that to his friend, that would be just cruel.
And if he tried to drag Yugi along with him Anzu would simply follow them.
Which would be the same as standing here and listen to her.

"Just wait until I tell Yami! What do you think he will say when he learns that you tried to slip me a fake Puzzle?!
"Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, Yami already knows that?" Ryou grinned nastily as he joined in the discussion. Only standing there and watching is boring, after all. And as red as she is in her face, it is not long until she explodes or faints.
Whichever happens first.

"Or that he did it on purpose?"
"That he would never trust you with the real one."
"Or that he simply used you as bait, as distraction, because nobody would miss you if something eats you?" Yugi asked with a similar evil smirk. But you could only see it when near, from the distance both Hikaris looked as polite and calm as always.
No one would believe that a Hikari could be anything but nice.
Except for Malik, maybe, but he was a whole other case, not a typical Hikari...

'Why am I the only one to see how mean and cruel those so called Lights really are?'

Ryou shock his head: "You can't say that, Yugi." and Anzu nodded, pleased that at last one of them knew his place, when she herself couldn't say anything in the face of Yugi's disrespect.
So Ryou's unexpected help was, while weird, very welcome, especially since he was mean to her just moments ago.

As if Yami would ever use her as bait for something dangerous and evil!
He would never, ever do that to her!

And at last Ryou has enough brain to recognize this fact, even though normally he too was always in her way when she tried to get closer to Bakura.
Most likely he simply tries to suck up to her, since she soon will be the number one in Bakura's life.

"I'm sure sooner or later someone will miss her." he admitted, and the girl smiled. It was surely hard for him to admit this out loud.
"After all, someone will notice when an annoying buzz in the background suddenly stops, even when you ignore it all the time. Sooner or later someone notice that something changed." the silver-haired teen explained.
Anzu gaped disbelieving from one to the other, unable to believe her ears.
"Right, I should formulate that different: No one will hurry to search for and find her."

Anzu huffed annoyed and crossed her arms over her chest as she turned around.
Another thing to tell Yami and Bakura about their 'Innocent little Lights', and how they act when no one else is around to see it!
Because then they show their true, evil, devious face.
'And I will tell them, trust me on this! And then they will leave you and my way is finally free!'

"Well, if that is the case, I'm sure you don't mind if I go now, and search for Yami." she threatened, sure they would call her back and beg her on their knees to keep it secret.
But contrary to her conviction, they just snickered and giggled even harder at her treat!

'Great! Fine! If that is what you want, no problem!'
She run away as fast as she could, before they could change their minds, and maybe even do something to her to silence her.
She had a really bad feeling about this...

At the other end of the school, Yami shuddered suddenly, and both Marik and Bakura gave him a questioning look:
"What's wrong with you?" Marik asked uncaring, while slowly and methodically ripping the pages out of the book in his lap, crumpling them up and then throwing the paper balls at Bakura's silvery head.
"Don't think you can sneak away just because you play ill!" the thief bellowed aggressively, while Marik snickered and threw more balls, some of them sticking to the spikes in Bakura's hair.
"You will be a good boy and stay right here, even if I have to chain you to that damn tree!"

"Are you dieing?" the insane Blonde asked with glittering eyes, looking up from his mangled book. "Can I have your carcase? I always have use for a dead body or two, you know. And I already know what I will do with your head:
I will give it to Malik's fishys, to make a little house for them. And his plant needs food, and then I don't have to go out and hunt for them, and Ishizu has no reason to yell at me.
Because of the blood, you know. She doesn't like it.
I don't even know why, it's a nice color, after all..
So, when are you going to fall over? Can I take you with me now or-"

"I'm not dieing!" Yami interrupted him quickly, before Marik could make any more plans for his body.
It wouldn't do for Marik to become impatient and 'help' him dieing, after all...
"Oh." Marik said with a sad pout, and went back to destroying his book "And here I was hoping. You really shouldn't get my hopes up like this, just to turn around and say that it was just a joke! That's not nice, and you are supposed to be the nice one of us!"

"Yes, well, sorry, but that's how it is." Yami nodded. "And if I am the nice one, then who are you? The insane one?"
"No, I'm the handsome one." Marik explained with a straight face, patting his chest, while Bakura besides him sneered.
"Yes, he is clearly insane. If he has no delusions, then I don't know who has."

Bakura was finally feed up with playing target for his blond friend and quickly snatched that stupid book away from his grasp. Or at last, whats left of the book after an hour...
And then he used it to hit the psycho, hard, several times over the head before sitting back down under his tree with a satisfied smirk: "And if you keep being stupid I will stuff this book down your throat until you choke on it and you turn blue!" the thief snarled and Marik rubbed his hurting head with a pout:
"How mean, and I didn't even do anything to deserve it..."

"You didn't do anything? I will show you what you didn't do! For the past hour you have been throwing your fucking paper balls at my head, instead of reading your book! And the Lights want us to read those books!
Not ripping, not burning, not eating, we are supposed to read them!"
And to emphasize which book he was talking about, he threw it at Marik's head where it got stuck without Marik even noticing that it is there.

But Yami's smirk finally distracted the two idiots from their petty fight before fists started to fly, instead of books.
"And what is our little pharaoh laughing at?" the tomb robber asked sarcastically.

"Nothing, I just didn't know that you like romances so much. You seem really eager about the whole thing.
I bet you can't wait to finally get your pretty costume. I'm sure we can find you a cute princess dress with lots of pink ribbons and little bows, and a matching hair bow…"

With an outraged howl Bakura jumped at the shorter male, who side stepped the angry attempt easily, while Marik kept to the sidelines to happily cheer them on.
From time to time he gave one or the other a light kick, whenever they rolled near enough to him.

"Okay, what are you fighting about this time?" Yugi asked all of a sudden. None of the Yamis had seen him or the other Lights walking up to them until it was to late, just as they didn't hear the bell ringing.

And now Yugi was standing here, arms crossed over his chest, foot tapping impatiently on the ground, with Ryou besides him, one eyebrow raised in question.
Malik behind his shorter friends just hid his face in his hands in embarrassment.
You just can leave those Yamis alone and out of your sight for even one damn moment without the next world war breaking out.

The instructions were very clear. And very simple:
Sit under the tree, learn your text, and don't kill each other.

And it seems even that is too much to ask for!

Bakura and Yami froze on their spots, caught, with wide eyes.
Yami was on his back, with a few silver strands clenched tightly in his raised fist, while the thief kneed over him, pinning Yami's other hand to the ground.


"Malik!" with a happy scream Marik tackled his surprised Light to the ground and straddling his waist gleefully.
"Look, I finished to book, just like you said!" he waved the empty covers in front of Malik's face, ignoring the smaller ones grunt as he deftly sat down on his stomach:
"See, all the worlds are gone, none are left in here! Can we go home now, Yami is mean and says I can't use his head as home for your fishys when he dies, and Bakura always growls at me for no reason, and I don't want to play with them anymore. Can I play with you now? I'm bored!"

With a sigh Malik tried to sit up, while Marik braced his hands on Malik's shoulders to keep him down on the ground, the taller looming over him with a proud smirk.
"Marik, you know that I can't simply up and walk away when I feel like it!"
"But I feel like it, too!" the psycho protested "And it is really easy, come on. I will show you!" and with that he jumped up, grabbed Malik's hand and dragged him over to the iron gate.
He shoved him in front of it and turned to him with a pompous face he often saw on Kaiba.
Only it looked weird on his face, and Yugi and Ryou in the background did their best not to laugh at him, or at their friends bad fortune.
"Now pay attention, little one. Your Yami will teach you how to do this right. Now I'm in school." he made a step through the gate. "And now I'm out." he made a step back. "Now I'm in." another step. "And out."

"You see, it's really easy. You've done it before, so what is the problem all of a sudden?
Come on, I even help you!"
But to his great surprise and astonishment Malik refused to move from his place even one little bit, no matter how hard he pulled on his hand.
The poor boy must be really afraid to go through the big evil gate and into freedom, he even dug his heals in the ground and tried to tug his hand back from the taller one.

'Maybe shoving will help better.' he thought and tried just that.
"Malik, you you know your pants are dirty?" and he happily patted his ass to get the dust and grass out of the fabric.

"Yes, that happens if you sit on the ground."
"But why would you do that, then?" the bigger ones asked astonished and laid his head to the side.
"Now you have to run around with dirty pants for the whole day. And I know that normally you hate that."

Marik just rubbed his forehead with a sad sigh. It's useless, it's really not Marik's fault. He is an idiot, and all talking and worrying will not change that.
"Come on, I help you to get that cleaned up a bit." and he tried to pat the dust out of the fabric, while Malik was pretty sure his Yami was not doing this to be helpful.
Not at all.


In the main time Ryou crouched down to be face to face with his own darker half, who was still sitting on Yami to watch Marik's desperate attempts to leave the school with his beloved Light in tow.
"Bakura, you do know what happens if you don't learn your text, do you?" The teen asked with a sweet smile. Bakura couldn't say anything, too mesmerized by those beautiful, warm eyes looking down at him and those soft lips right in front of him.
He just has to lean up a little and capture them, and-
"If you don't learn your text, my dear, you can move down into the basement. Because there is no way in hell that I let you anywhere near my bed if you embarrass me in front of the whole school and their parents! Hell will have to freeze over and the devils will have a snowball fight before you even step even a single toe into my bedroom!"

Bakura gasped at this mean and underhanded treat, surely his sweet little Light wouldn't do that to him!

Yugi kneed beside his friend to look at his own Yami and stroked through the dark hair lovingly: "I don't need to tell you that the same goes for you, do I? If you don't get along, you can stay at different sides of the school, it's big enough to avoid each other.
And you don't have to stay all in the same place as long as you don't cause any trouble and learn your stuff! If you don't see each other, you can't get into a fight."

And with that he stood up and held a hand out to help Ryou, too, who accepted it with a smile. The next lesson is about to start, and being late is not really good if you already have detention for nearly the rest of the year.

"And if that doesn't work you will come to class with us where we can keep an eye on you all."
"I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you learn a thing or two about the modern world anyway."

"But I don't want to!"
"That's boring! I don't want to get stuck there all day!"
"You can't do that!"
"That's cruel and unusual punishment of an innocent Yami!"
"Since when are you innocent?"
"Hey, leave me alone, I'm doing it for all of us!"
"But I don't want you to talk for me!"
"You shouldn't be allowed to talk at all!"

Malik finally got away from Marik's groping fingers and joined his fellow Hikaris, his pouting Dark right at his heels:
"If we go with the way they act we have to enroll them in preschool. Half the time they act like little kids, not like somewhat mature adults."

Bakura glared angrily at Marik: "This is all your fault!"
"My fault? How is it my fault that Yami is so cheap that he refuse to donate a few fingers for hungry fishes!" sulkily he pointed at Yami, who answered with a kick to the shin:
"It's sure as hell not my fault that I don't die on command!"
"Well, I was not rolling on the ground with you!"
"But you are stupid enough to think ripping a book up counts as reading!"

"I was told to finish it, and it's finished! And you are just jealous because I'm faster then you, too!"
"And I bet you don't even know how to read!"
"And I bet I can cut you up in little bits until you fit into a backpack!"
"With his height you don't need to cut much, he fits in one as he is."

And with that the three of them were again busy biting, hitting and scratching at each other, to pull on hair and kick at bones.
Sadly Ryou shock his head, grabbed Yugi and Malik's hand and dragged them away back to class.
Those Yamis are just not able to be anywhere near each other without being at each others throat, and lately it just got worse and worse.

In the next few days, Anzu tried again and again to get a hold of Yami alone.
She tried to tell him down to the smallest detail about what Yugi 'supposedly' did with his precious Puzzle, and why he should get rid of the smaller teen as fast as possible before the brings pest and cholera over them.
And Ryou and Yugi made fun of her by keeping her away from their darker halves and thwarting all her efforts to talk to them alone.

From Yami, because he is always in a really bad mood when Anzu bothers him too much, and he gets always clingy and buries his face in Yugi's hair to calm down.
Not that Yugi minds, but it is hard to get from class to class with a grown Yami hanging onto him like a spider monkey.

And they had to keep her from Bakura, because it is only a matter of time before the thief king loose what little patience he has with her and does something to permanently vanish her...

For Anzu, the fact that the two Light worked so hard to sabotage her was just more proof that she was right all along and should warn Yami.
And that's the reason that her alarm disappears every morning, just to show up later that day somewhere in school making noise.
In her bag, under the table, in her locker...
Simply everywhere!
Why her timetable was suddenly all wrong, or why she was waiting for the rest of the class alone at the sport field, while they were all in the swimming hall.

Even the teachers started to remark on her sudden bout of absentmindedness, and somehow they refused to believe that it was all Yugi's and Ryou's fault!
Everyone refused to believe her, even if their stupid smirk said everything!
They just have to look!

And it is impossible to get Yami on his own, without the shrimp hanging on him like a leech. And ideally he shouldn't be around when she tells Yami the truth.
Yugi has poor, innocent, clueless Yami wrapped around his little finger, he would never believe anything she tells him as long as the shrimp stand besides him and denies it all, making puppy eyes at him and distracting him always.
So all she could do is wait until he is finally alone and then open his eyes to reality.

She took a quick look around, just to make sure she was really alone.
'I have to be very, very careful until I can talk to Yami. I feel like someone is after me, and I don't have to take three guesses who that is.'


And that's the reason that for the next week unexplainable things happened around the persistent girl which she really couldn't explain.
It started with innocent, harmless stuff, like stumbling for no reason as soon as she tried to run after Yami.
And every time she looks down for the obstacle, she only saw something fluffy, brown from the corners of her eyes, only to vanish before she could get a good look at the thing.

Homework and books always disappear exactly the moment a teacher asks for them, leaving her empty handed and looking like an idiot with a lame excuse.

Keys suddenly don't fit in their lock even though everything was all right in the morning. Even her parents began to complain about how often she looses her keys!
But they are right here, they just don't fit!
That's totally different!
That's not lost!

And then there was that thing with the animals.
Now that's really scary.
Ravens and Crows are circling the house, knocking with their beaks on the windows, and leaving droppings on everyone who even sticks their hand out of the house!
Dogs are sniffing around the garden, and cats are sitting on the roof, refusing to come down.
The basement is full of rats, and the garage is now firmly in the hairy paws of the martens...

No matter what she took out of the cupboard, even if it was just out of the washing machine, as soon as she put it on it started to itch like crazy as if she was suddenly allergic to her clothes.
She she couldn't for the life of her explain why...

Alarm clocks vanish in thin air and show up in her bag while she was in class, even though she was really sure she hadn't put them there...
But, as always, no one wants to believe her claims!


Yami leaned besides the blackboard, invisible for anyone who wasn't Yugi, and pouted.
Yes, the former pharaoh of Egypt was pouting.

Not that it did him any good, Yugi wasn't even looking his way!
And that's another reason he was pouting. His lover was just sitting there, ignoring his Dark!
That's just unacceptable!

After three more fights with the psycho and the thief, the Hikaris had unanimously decided that it's the best to keep their darker halves at their sides in class to keep an eye on them, even if no one else can see them.
And just because Bakura and Marik are unable to behave themselves!

Then again, Bakura makes a pretty funny picture, struggling bound and gagged in his corner.
Yes, that one can't scream around how horrible and boring class is, and how mean and unfair it is to force the great and wonderful thief king to be present!
Especially not when his Light is standing right besides him and can hear every word and insult.

But in the long run the picture of little Ryou tackling him to the ground and tying him up from head to toe was not much of a consolation.
It doesn't change the fact that he also had to be here against his will. Even if he would never act as embarrassing and undignified about it as that stupid tomb robber.

The only good thing about the new rule was that Anzu had nearly no chance to get him alone. And she tried for days, again and again.
For some reason she is worse about it then ever before, even if he handed the face puzzle over in the hope to keep her busy for some time, that she would then stay away and feel important and all...
But it seems there is something awfully important that she has to tell him right on the spot and without any witness!

'And that's not something I want anytime soon, thank you very much.'

And so another week passed, in which some teachers wondered if it is like this in all schools, or if this one is just cursed to a special kind of insanity.


Ryou smiled at the slightly desperate expression on Yugi's face.
Both of them were standing side by side in the chemistry lab, supposed to mix something the mixture their teacher had first explained and then written down in front for them.
They were supposed to mix it, watch it and then write down what it does to water, sand, cotton, and other stuff.

It is also the only class he had that Bakura joined on his own, without him having to hunt his thieving ass down and tie him up before dragging him there at first!
After all, chemistry was the only class where something could go 'Boom' at any moment, and that's reason enough to wait around and watch for that to happen. And if not he could still 'lent a hand'...
After all it's always fun to watch them all run out of the room suddenly just because one vial or the other suddenly burst.

Ryou kept an eye out for his tomb robber, who sat invisible for the rest of the class on the windowsill and was chanting 'blow up, blow up, blow up'. After five minutes of this chant in his ear it began to really get on his nerves.
The only good thing was that Marik was not sitting besides him, like usual.

But the constant cheering was not the reason for Yugi's distress, at last not alone.
That was mostly Yami's fault, who was standing right behind his Light, clinging to him like a living, breathing leech.
His arms are firmly around the smaller ones waist, and his face hidden in his neck, and he refused to make as much as a beep.

"Okay, Yami, out with it: What's wrong?" Yugi asked a little irritated, and all eyes feel on the puzzle spirit.
Who just buried his face even more in the soft skin and after a bit of probing finally murmured something.

"Anzu.." he sniffed, "Anzu... she... she... Oh, it's terrible, Aibou, she... " Yami sniffed into Yugi's neck, and the smaller one began to really worry about this Dark.
What did that insane screw do to him to upset and rattle a former pharaoh like this?
Sure, she cornered Ryou and Yugi a few times in the last week, and screamed at them hysterically, but that is nothing new, or unusual, and surely doesn't deserve such a strong reaction.
Especially because he was all right before the last break, so what could she do in such a short time?

Ryou and Bakura also listened attentively for his answer, even if Bakura suspected that Yami was just faking his break down to cling to Yugi without getting chased away and reprimanded by him for disturbing lesson.
In any case his tactic seems to work, as he was hugging him for the past 10 minutes.
And his face was still hidden, hard to tell if he was really distressed or if he was just playing them and was really laughing his ass off...

"Anzu... Anzu tired to... she tried..." he whimpered, seemingly unable say even one whole sentence.
"Anzu tried to hug me!" he finally wailed and pressed the smaller male more tightly against his chest for comfort.
"What? That's all? But that's not even something new, and here you are acting like it's the end of the world and Bakura is taking over hell?!" Yugi hissed out before he could stop himself and Yami looked up with his red eyes full of hurt and pain:

"Hey! Why are you laughing at me? You are my boyfriend, shouldn't you comfort me?" he pouted, before he leaned down to Yugi's ear: "And I already have an idea or two how you can do that! We could leave for an hour, and then we could have some fun, if you know what I mean... That would be really comforting for me..."

And he let a hand wander over the others chest to make it unmistakable clear what kind of fun he was thinking about.

Bakura in the main time had used the distraction to grab a few of the small vials on the table and let them vanish into his pocket.
But it seems that he was not fast enough for his Light, who still noticed the quick movement.
"You can give those right back, my dear."

Bakura just smirked and shock his shaggy head. "You know I never give anything I stole back," he replied cheekily "but you can always steal them back from me."
Ryou just rolled his eyes, but still reached into his jeans pocket and fished two of the small vials out, before going back to his search with scowl on his pale face.

"I'm sure there were three of them." he murmured softly when he couldn't find it. "A bit more to the left." Bakura suggested helpfully. "Yeah, right there." with a bright blush creeping up Ryou's pale cheeks he hastily took his hand back when he finally noticed what he really was touching there. "That's not glass!"

"No, it's not, but don't let that bother you! Just keep touching." and he tried to grab Ryou's hand to coax it back where it had been.
By now, Yami's hand had wandered down to Yugi's stomach, heading downwards to his belt and waistband before they were suddenly stopped.

"I can't believe that I say that, but Marik was right! You Yamis really only think about one thing, and one thing only!"
Yami tried to pout at his lover and give him puppy dog eyes, trying to do the same as the Lights to get their way.

Bakura, who had sat back down on the windowsill, fell from his perch when he saw the attempt at pleading, laughing like a maniac.
Yami glared angrily back at the thief: "Hey, I'm trying to seduce my Hikari here! Shut up and get lost! Ähmmm, I mean, help. I'm trying to help my Hikari here. Just help. With chemicals and stuff." Yami corrected himself with a quick look at the smaller one and a wave to the table, but all hope is lost: Yugi clearly doesn't believe him.

And Bakura was still laughing his ass off and held onto the table, or he would fall and roll around on the dirty floor.
Ryou wouldn't like that, and would force him to wash it if he got dirt in his hair.
He is always picky like that.

"Well, as much fun as this was, I don't feel like standing around being bored. There is no explosion, and that means there is no fun. Are you two sure you don't want to come out with us? Because we are leaving now." Bakura asked suddenly, after he finally calmed down under Yami's mad glare, and he was able to talk without laughing half his sentence.
It's just too funny that Yami, too, has some bad luck and doesn't always get what he want.
Especially when that what he wants is Yugi.
And more so when Bakura is there to see the whole thing and laugh his ass off.

Bakura stepped behind his smaller Light and quickly grabbed one of the small vials over his shoulder before throwing it over to Yami, who still hadn't stepped away from being plastered against the back of his own Hikari.
The pharaoh caught it with nimble fingers and threw it back again, while Ryou and Yugi just looked at each other blankly.

What now?
They just said that they are going to leave, now, while the Lights were unable to protest too loudly without catching the attention from the whole class.
And now they stay here and play catch?

Until the teacher suddenly bellowed: "Yugi! Ryou!" and poor Yugi found the vial, the one that was flying back and fore a moment ago, suddenly in his hand.
"How can you act like this, so irresponsible and impossible? That's not a toy, and what if it breaks, or you spill something? Do you know, do you understand how dangerous that can be, for you and those around you? You can get burnt or otherwise hurt! One would think that you are old enough to understand that, and that you would act more responsible with such things. Out, and wait in the hall, both of you! Now! I don't want to see you here at the moment!"

"Looks like you are coming with us, after all. How nice!" Bakura smirked happily as she shoved Ryou out the door with a warm hand on the small on his back.
With the other hand he patted his pockets, obviously searching for something.
Something which wasn't there anymore, to his big surprise.

"Are you searching for something? Maybe this here?" Ryou asked, and held the vial in front of his nose.
Bakura happily snatched it out of his hand: "Ah, yes, there it is! Really good, Ryou, seems like you learned something from me after all. I didn't even notice when you took it!" he crooned with a proud grin, patting his head softly.
"Soon I have you picking locks and tricking alarm systems, and beat up pharaohs for their treasures. Isn't that great? My little Ryou, growing up."

"Now look, I show you something!" and with that he threw his prize out of the next window before he run to a corner and closed his eyes tightly.
He knelled there, hands over his ears, back to the window, and waited.
And waited.
And waited.

But nothing happened.
After a while he blinked in surprise.
Disappointed and confused he stood up to look out of the window: "What happened? Why it there no explosion? I want my explosion!"
"You don't honestly expect me to let you walk out of that room with something that explodes in your pocket? Really, how long do we know each other!? I know how you work!"

Sadly the tomb robber gazed out of the window, but there was still no explosion.
"But what was in there, then? It says NITROGLYCERIN, and as far as I know that means it explodes! So where is my explosion now?"
"Yes, it explodes, and that's why you will never find it in a school, Bakura!" Ryou tried to comfort him, petting his arm, while Yugi in the background chuckled and shook his head:
"Really, did you honestly think no one would look for that thing if it's really that dangerous?That someone would be even stupid enough to put that anywhere near a bunch of immature kids so they can blow each other up?"

"I'm sure someone labeled it Nitroglycerin just for the fun of it. As a joke, and to see if really someone is stupid enough to believe it."

"But it's a very mean and heartless joke. You don't make jokes like that. It's not fair!" Bakura pouted, while Yami leaned out of the window to look at the broken glass.
"Ahm, guys? Are you really sure that the stuff is not dangerous? Because there is smoke down there, and it doesn't look like water. I'm sure Water doesn't smoke like that."

"What? Smoke? Where?" Bakura perked up, his mood immediately better now that there was still the possibility of damage being done. He shoved Yami roughly to the side to take a look for himself.
"Does it mean there will be an explosion after all?"

He was nearly bouncing on his toes in excitement, and Yami took his light and dragged him away from the windows.

"No, the smoke is normal with that stuff. But it's not doing anything more than smoke, so don't worry. It is carbon dioxide, Dry Ice. Don't touch that." Ryou warned his Dark as Bakura nearly jumped out of the window to get his new toy.
"But Ryou, just think of all the things we could do with that!"
"We can do nothing with it, because we will leave it where it is!" and with that he dragged a protesting and heavily struggling thief king away.

"And we are sure that Bakura can't simply return later to get it why?" Yami asked quizzically, again looking at the smoking puddle under the window.

"We know that because carbon dioxide disintegrates and vanishes into thin air. That's why it's smoking.
And if he tries to touch it with his bare hands he will get really bad burns."
"Well, maybe then he will finally learn not to touch anything he sees, and that he can't have anything he wants..."


A few days later Anzu still was not able to get Yami on his own without him running away for one weird reason or the other.
Once she even managed it to hold onto him and hug him, but then she was so happy about it that she promptly forgot what she even tried to tell him all the time.
And while she was on her happy, pink cloud seven, Yami used to time to shake her off and run away.

And he didn't even have any reason to do that, it was the beginning of the break, so the bell wasn't ringing, and none of his annoying friends was around, and the weather was fine, too.
There simply was no obvious reason for him to flee.

And that's why he still didn't know about the 'Big Puzzle Plot ' as she called it by now, and he had to run around not knowing about the betrayal and treachery all around him.
And she may not be able to prove it, but she knew sure as hell that this is all Yugi's fault!

And with everything she meant everything: Her unexplainable accidents, the vanishing of her alarms and the showing up of wild animals, the rude people, the end of her favorite TV-Show, and that the News always shows unpleasant things.


It's all Yugi's fault!

The only ones she managed to get on their own were Yugi and Ryou.
And isn't that weird, the two of them seem to be attached at the hip lately whenever their Yamis are not around.
Like they are glued together
Or like they are planning something...

But then she shook her head.
Not the point here.
The point is that they have to listen to her now, no matter if they want to or not:

"Don't worry, you two" Anzu 'calmed' the Lights boastfully, after she cornered them once again, to point once more out how much easier for everyone it would be for them to simply give up and stop sabotaging her, as she would win in the end anyway.

And with everyone she meant mostly herself, of course.

"I promise will take good care of Yami and Bakura. After I showed them on stage how great and beautiful and perfect I am, they will not be able to resist me, and we will be happy until the end of our lives."

Ryou had to struggle hard with his friend to keep an irritated Yugi from ending her life here and now.

The poor teen was in a bad mood already, and the nearer the school festival, and with it their dreaded performance on stage, came, the more nervous he became.
And Ryou could understand him, perfectly, since he was also nervous, and even Malik began to show nerves by now.

The Yamis of course didn't care. If something goes wrong, or anyone dares to laugh or make fun of them, they simply send the whole lot of them to the shadow realm and be done with it.
No need to be nervous.

Not that this prospect calmed the Lights down in any way, on the contrary. It added just another layer of stress and pressure...

Just like the rehearsals in the afternoon, which always get interrupted one way or another, while they still have so much to learn.
Joey tried hard, he really did, but if it concern his text he has a memory like a sieve. Especially with Kaiba anywhere around him.
The poor blond started to stutter, forgot his text completely, or he picked a fight with the taller one.
Or he did all at the same time.

So it was maybe better for them that Kaiba was notably absent most of the time.
Also, curious teachers showed up again and again to ask stupid questions.

Are you learning you text nicely?
Most of us try to.

Will everything go smoothly?
If not the Yamis will move to the basement.

Do you have your costumes ready?
Anzu is too busy chasing guys to do her damn job.

And than those idiots moan around how proud they are, and how many people can't wait to see them on stage!

Anzu really had no clue how close she came to being throttled to death by Yugi, and she happily prattled on:
".. and Yami is going to keep me safe, and Bakura will shower me with presents, and..."
"Get it in your empty brain, you useless bint, Yami is mine, and Bakura is with Ryou! We are together, more than friends, you understand?" Yugi interrupted her plans for the future in a surprising volume.

Anzu blinked at him, and then, like always, totally ignored the facts:
"But of course you will be invited to our wedding, you can still be friends after all. You just will see them a lot less.
And I'm going to cook for them, and sew them nice dresses, and tell them good-night-stories..." the possible mental girl counted, while Yugi hit his head against a nearby wall.

So much stupidity can't be allowed, much less in public and without supervision.

Ryou held him back before he could do it a seventh time. "Yugi, you just hurt yourself, it doesn't change anything. It doesn't make her grow a brain, or use the one she maybe has. The methods of your Yami doesn't help us, lets try the methods of mine."

At that Yugi also started to grin, as he could guess what his friend was talking about.
"But before we can do anything we have to take care of that." and he pointed at the still ranting girl, who by now was telling them about her three kids and the vocation home in the country side.

Together they threw a big blanket over the bound girl before she had time to wonder when that happened, and why she was suddenly covered in rope, and together they dragged their struggling and swearing bundle outside.
Once there they bound her on a chair and to the bus, and waved after her as the bus rolled away with her getting pulled along.

"Well, there she goes."
"The question is, for how long will she stay gone."
"Not for long, she will be back."
"That's exactly what I fear."


A bit later, at the other sideof the school:

"Help me~" a long, panicked screech went through the school and nearly shattered all the windows in the front.
A few mugs and glasses in the staff room actually shattered and crumbled, and one of the teachers murmured something about That girl needs to shut up, or someone will use duct tape just to get a little peace and quiet here.

Yami turned around just in time to see Anzu bound to an office chair. A long rope pulled her after the Bus, and every time the driver stopped she collided hard with the bus, while corners meant she hits walls and street signs with a loud smack, because the rope was so long.
And it seems the other drivers were not very happy about that stunt, either.

Yami only shook his head at so much stupidity and irresponsibility.
She should better try to be on time for the first class, instead of playing in the street. She kept skipping lessons more and more in the last weeks.

And maybe someone should tell her how dangerous this kind of sport can be for once health.
Malik had looked ready to strangle Marik the one time he found him trying something similar with a skateboard after seeing it in TV.
'And I don't think a chair with 5 wheels is so much safer than a board with 4." with a last shake of his dark hair he went inside to find his light.
After three weeks it is really time for a peace offer.

No fight between the Yamis, and in return they don't have to go to every single class with their lights.
As a pharaoh he was once used to hard negotiations, but a Hikari is worse than any politician and diplomat could ever dream to be, because at last politicians don't even try to pout and use puppy-eyes on you to get their way and make you forget what you even were thinking.

Not thinking because your blood is not in your head makes bargaining anything rather hard...

Yami made as face as if he had bitten a lemon at the thought to even admit it to himself, let alone say it out loud.
He swallowed, shock his head and tried again.
All hesitating and tallying doesn't change the facts, and if this the only way, then he had to do it:
"I know I will terrible regret what I am about to say. And I'm sure somewhere in the world exists a law against this, but: I agree with Bakura."
"Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yesyesyesyes!" Bakura cheered excitedly and jumped around like he just won the Olympic games, or someone handed him the crown jewels from England and all the treasuries from Egypt.

Yugi tried hard not to laugh at the picture Bakura made, Yami rolled his eyes, and Ryou just shook head head in shame.
Thousands of years old, boss of one of the most feared army of thieves, and this is the result...
The so called terror of the desert is skidding around on his knees, still crying "Yes, yes, yes".
As he finally stopped right at Ryou's feet, the smaller teen patted the wild silvery hair while the taller thief hugged his knee.
"Calm down Kura, everything's fine. Yes, Yami said that you are right, but that's no reason to freak out like that."
"But I'm right! Did you hear that, I'm right!" and he shook the knee he was holding a little.

"I didn't know that Yami's opinion means so much to you." Yugi said with a smile, and Bakura froze on the spot.
For a moment he looked up, up from Ryou to Yugi, standing over him, and he tried really really hard to ignore the smirking pharaoh behind him.
Slowly he got up from the floor, patted the dust from his knees, and coughed uncomfortable.
"Yes, well, but at last I'm right, and that's the only thing that matters." then he turned around to his Light. "Ähhh... and with was am I right?"

"Classes are boring."
"Oh. Took you long enough to notice. Not a bright one, are you?"
"What I try to say is that I promise that I will not strangle Bakura or Marik.
No matter how childish, stupid, impossible or insane they act and no matter how big the temptation to do so is, I promise I will resist it!" he swore honestly and starred right in Yugi's beautiful amethyst eyes, willing him to believe him.
"So you can leave me alone, I will not pick a fight with them on school grounds."

Yugi didn't say anything for a moment and seem to think about it. Of course he noticed the wording, that Yami only talked about not fighting on school grounds. So it was most likely that he would walk two steps away from the school gates before picking a fight with his fellow Yamis.

Still it was better than nothing, so he nodded.
"Okay, I believe you." especially since it fit in his plans at the moment, and he didn't want Yami to worry about Anzu or let her distract him in any way.
It's better when he can concentrate on more important things without always worrying about her ambushing him.

He didn't say any of those things, but gave his darker half a quick kiss, before Bakura started to protest loudly.
He didn't want to listen to Math, especially if Yami didn't have to suffer the same!
"But can I leave you alone and know that you don't keep Yami from learning?"
"You don't think that stupid pharaoh will really learn his text, do you? He just pretends! I know he does!"
"That's not true! Yugi, you have to believe me!"

"I do, Yami." Yugi assured him with a conspiratorial wink to Ryou. The silver haired teen gave a slight nod back before glaring at the tomb robber:
"Okay, you can go, too. But-" he said sharply before Bakura could happily run away. " - you will leave Yami alone, Bakura. You hear me, you will not pick a fight, provoke him, or distract him any other way."

"Don't worry, the same goes for Yami, too." Yugi nodded before Bakura could protest, and Yami stopped smirking.
Pity, and he already he plans how to get that insolent thief in trouble...
Well, if he was lucky maybe Marik would do it for him out of sheer boredom...
"And I'm sure Marik will also stick to that rules. It's in his own interest, after all. If not I'm sure Malik has his ways to beat them into his thick head."


"Okay, that didn't help any." Ryou said as soon as their Yamis were out of their sight, picking up their earlier conversation where it was before Yami had unwittingly interrupted them with his request.

Yugi agreed with an easy nod.
All talking and sabotaging hadn't put a stop to Anzu and her delusions, and it didn't bring her back to her senses, either.
It just made her all the more persistent!
She really, truly thinks she has a future with Yami and Bakura (and when had that obsession started?), she also thinks she will be a great star on stage!

In reality she just goes on everyone's last nerves and distracts Yami and Bakura from the play because they always have to control the growing urge to murder her for being annoying and clingy and mean to their Lights.
And the fact that she is the one responsible for their costumes is not very assuring, either.
So far she seems to have forgotten all about them, and no one knew if that is good or bad for them.

"Time to bring out the big guns. You look through Bakura's soul room, and I through Yami's. I'm sure we will find something interesting, and then we can pay her a visit."


Another few days later Ryou starred disbelievingly at the big, heavy, old-looking magic book Yugi just let fall at his feet. Dust was coming in small clouds from it, and the writing on the faded leather cover was nearly impossible to read.
"Wow, where did you find that thing."

'And how did you get it to school, it looks nearly as heavy as you are.' was left unsaid. No need to tease Yugi when he looked so proud to show him his treasure.

"It seems like Yami borrowed it from Mahadoo. A magician has his magic books, even if he lives in a card, or something like that. I found it in that damn maze that Yami calls his soul room, and through that maybe we can find something for our little problem.
But we have to be careful, you need really weird or disgusting stuff for some of the things in there."

"Then I'm sure we will find it in Bakura's Ring. I can take a little look around when we know what we need. It's like a cross between a torture chamber and a treasure cave. I swear, that guy is worse than a whole flock of magpies."
"Well, I think we should agree at something before we worry about the details."
"Yes, but some of those things are really easy, you only need a combination of cards at get an effect, it's a good starting point."
"I like this one. I have this card, and that one, too, and if you have one of those..."


"Serenety! Serenety!" with an angry growl Joey dragged Honda sharply back at his collar as saw him running through the school screaming loudly for the younger girl.
"And what do you what from my little sister?" he shook his friend, how held his hands up.
"I just want to get out of here with her!" but that has not the desired effect that Joey let go of him. On the contrary, the blond just shook him some more:

"Are you crazy, you stupid idiot? She still has some classes, so my little sister will stay right here in school. And she's a good girl, she doesn't skip class just because idiot says so! And why do you even think I would let her go with you?"

"Do you remember Yami, shortly after Yugi finished the Puzzle? How he always was laughing when he was 'playing' with someone?"

Joey just blinked at the sudden chance of topic for a moment, before he nodded slowly, finally letting go of his friend, albeit hesitatingly.
"As if he is not right in the head. But he was locked away for a really long time, so it's no wonder he was not all there for some time, but he got a lot better since then. It's hard to forget, though."

"Good, because I have seen and heard the same laugh just now." And he pointed over to a silvery and a tri-colored head in a nearby corner.
The two of them sat on the floor, bent over something on the floor between them, and were too busy with their evil plans to notice anything or anyone around them.
From time to time they nodded, pointed at something, and everyone who heard their insane giggling made a big circle around the very scary, possible mental pair.
There seems to be a dark cloud hanging around them, an evil halo, something scary and dreadful and not from this world, something that follows and haunts your darkest dreams and nightmares.

"Yami and Bakura are planning something, so what? It's not that new for them to team up, even if it doesn't happens very often, thank god. But most likely someone looked the wrong way at their Hikaris, or even was stupid enough to insult them, and now they plan their revenge. Be glad that they don't have Marik helping them, that would be really bad."

"That's Ryou and Yugi!"

The two troublemaker choose just this moment to look up from what looked like a really big, old book, and they laughed.
But not a I'm-so-nice-and-cute-you-can't-resist-me giggling, but a full out I'm-so-angry-I'm-going-to-show-you-hell chuckling, their Yamis would be proud if they were here.

Joey paled drastically, while Honda murmured: "It was just a question of time until this happened, we really should have seen it coming." Joey starred at his friend, not knowing what he meant.
"Malik knows his Yami the longest, and we all know he sometimes has a few screws loose.
No one can watch Marik happily whistling as he takes apart a chicken dripping with blood, just to feed those blood-thirsty fishes of his without batting an eye and then call himself all sane!
That should have been a warning that the same thing will happen to the other Lights as well!
Those Yamis are contagious!

The Hikaris turned around to grin at their friends as they noticed them standing there watching them.
Joey and Honda gave a startled, terrified yelp and run hastily away without caring about the weird looks that followed them.

"Serenety, where are you?"
"Come on, sister, say something!"
"We have to get away from here, Serenety! Quickly!"
"It's for your own safety!"

Yugi and Ryou just blinked at each other, not understanding what their problem was.
"Whats wrong with them?"
"Don't know, but they look like they've seen a ghost."
"Doesn't matter for now, we can catch up and ask them later. Let us try this one first."


The next day Anzu came to school dirty and hunched over, with uncombed hair and an angry glint in her eyes which made her look like an insane mass-murderer.

Or, in other words, like Marik.

Hunched over, because she was still bound to that damned chair. And dirty, because the bus had dragged her around the whole night, until a few minutes ago that stupid driver finally wondered about the weird noises and came looking.
But then he was angry and kept yelling at her because he thought it was one of those stupid dares the teens nowadays like so much!

Without any thought or care for the danger they are to themselves and others, and how much work they create for others, and all the inconveniences they cause...
Some good soul finally took pity on her and loosened the bounds and her gag (and died a brutal and violent death shortly after for that.)

Anzu immediately run to Yami and Bakura to cry her eyes out, because the two were unlucky enough to get curious by all the people standing around watching.
Hopefully she blinked up at them, sure that they will ask her if she was all right, what happened, who should they punish.
They just have to get over the fact that she was finally in their arms.

But they didn't ask her any questions, but backed away from her slowly, like they have a rabid animal in front of them which is only waiting to jump and maul them.
And with that glint in her eyes they were not far from the true.
'It stinks like something died and wasn't found for the whole summer.' Yami thought and held a hand over mouth and nose, while Bakura gave a disgusted snort:
"What the hell did you do, sleep in a dumpster?"

"I'm so glad that you are here, you have to protect me! Your Hikaris did this to me, they want to get rid of me! Maybe they even want to kill me! They were after me the whole time, making me trip on stage, and gave me the wrong text book, to make me look bad in front of you! They are jealous at our happiness and our luck, and..."


She got interrupted as Yami and Bakura hit her over the head with their books at the same time. They glared angrily down at her, the bright golden eye shimmering dangerously on their foreheads, and twin growls coming from their throats.
"They would never do something like that!"
"And if they do they have our blessings!"

Anzu began to cry like she tried to cause the next great flood.
Not that it helped her in any way, since Ryou and Yugi choose exactly that moment to show up besides them.

"You don't believe her, do you?" Ryou asked silently, leaning against Bakura's shoulder for a moment in passing.
"We would never do something so mean and underhanded." Yugi pouted up at his Yami, brushing against his side to whisper in his ear.
Both Lights stepped in front of their darker Halves, hands behind their backs, pouting up at them through their lashes with big, soft eyes, looking like innocence in person.
All that's missing are the wings and a halo.

Of course the Yamis couldn't resist, and really, why should they even try, and so each grabbed their lover in an enthusiastic hug.
But only Joey and Anzu could see the triumphant smirk Ryou and Yugi shoot the girl over the shoulder of their lover, before they let their hands run over backs and backsides, staking their claim, and Anzu wished she could do anything.
It was a challenge, and she couldn't even do anything about it!

Especially as they dared to whine and act all innocent!:
"We would never do anything bad, and Anzu is our friend!"
"Yes, and friends have to be take care of each other."
"I don't know why she's so mean to us lately."
"Yeah, we never gave her any reason!"

And Anzu shuddered...