They Say You Marry Your Mother- Chapter 1


They say you marry your mother. Ron had never put much stock in old sayings, but this one had kind of stuck with him. As he stood at the altar staring into Hermione's eyes, he realized how accurate it really was.

From the first moment he had met Hermione, she had stood, hands on her hips, and informed him, with disdain, that he had dirt on his nose- something his mother had done only a few minutes previously. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly 'love at first sight'.

Over the years, the similarities continued to appear. They both fussed over seemingly useless things, Hermione- SPEW and marks, his mother- food and appearances. And they both constantly nagged him about either completing homework or cleaning the house.

However, as much as they drove him crazy, Ron loved both his mother and Hermione. And they clearly loved him. "Do something they like and they'll jump you," mused Ron, as he remembered his mother attacking him with kisses when he was made Prefect, and Hermione kissing him for the first time during the Battle of Hogwarts when he mentioned they should save the House-Elves.

As Ron reflected, he decided that he was, in fact, marrying his mother, but he was very glad of it.