I was awake before my alarm clock sounded it's normal routine to me. I had barely managed to sleep at all the night before, despite going to bed early and taking some of Nanoha-mama's sleep aid pills. I had been waiting for this day to come for so long, it felt as if it were still a dream. Today I would be going to officially join the military, starting with a three month training course boot camp. From there I would take my first real mage ranking test to see where I stood. With any luck, I would be able to go into a nice division, air force of course. As I got out of bed and stretched, I reflected back on everything that had happened to me up until now. My life wasn't exactly easy, being the adopted daughter of the 'White Devil', but at the same time it was really nice. Special treatment was always a plus, even though I never really welcomed it, and I already knew several high ranking people that I even called my friends. Now, though, it was finally time for me to stand on my own two feet and show them that they made the right choice in allowing me to join. I was going to make everyone proud of me, and it all started with today.




Vivio adjusted the strap to her bra without thinking about it before she pulled over a carefully chosen shirt to cover herself. It was a simple design, white with a small pink star on the left chest. Even if the Stars forward team was no longer official, she had been welcomed into the group honorarily and the shirt was special to her for that reason. Casual blue jeans were pulled over her legs to allow for movement as well as comfort. Her eyes looked at the room she had spent so many years in and gave a bittersweet smile. 'I never really liked my room growing up. It was a little small and didn't offer much privacy because it had to be passed to get to my parent's room. At the same time, I've had many great memories here and I know I'll miss this place.'

"Vivio!" A sweet voice came from the kitchen, making the girl move out of her room. "Come get some breakfast!"

As the blond appeared, she was greeted with a smile from Fate Harlaown. 'Fate-mama has always been there for me, taking care of and teaching me every step along the way.' The sixteen year old girl sat at the table where a plate was being placed down before her. 'She taught me how to cook, as well as how to do laundry and anything else that needed to be done around the house. She kind of spoiled me, but in a good way. I don't know what would have happened if she wasn't around while I was growing up. Well, around as much as possible. Fate-mama was an enforcer, and a highly skilled one. Often she would be sent away for days or even weeks at a time. I missed her during those moments, but no where near as much as my other mama did.'

Nanoha chose that moment to come in through the front door. She was already dressed in the standard instructor's uniform bearing the colors of the Air Wing. "Good morning, Vivio." She greeted her daughter before placing the mail on the table and smiling at Fate when it was moved away from her in favor of breakfast. "Thank you, Fate-chan."

Vivio took a long slow intake of her coffee, a taste she had gotten from her godmother. 'Nanoha-mama adopted me officially when I was five years old...Or maybe it was one? My body and my age were different than most people's. I was 'born' four years old, so I could technically either be sixteen or twelve. It used to bother me growing up, but Nanoha-mama gave me a birthday, the day I was adopted: March the eighteenth.' Mis-colored eyes watched as Fate sat down across from her and talk to Nanoha moment, laughing at something funny they were talking about. 'Nanoha-mama is a lot stricter than Fate-mama is, but I suppose that in itself isn't a bad thing either. I used to be spanked while growing up, but it quickly turned to being grounded when Nanoha-mama accidentally revealed that spanking me broke her heart. Ever since then I tried to be a good girl whenever possible... Though, you can't be too good as a teenager. I've done several things Nanoha-mama didn't want me to, and today was the biggest of all.'

Breakfast was completed and Vivio slowly stood, taking her cleaned plate to the kitchen to start washing it in the sink before loading it into the dishwasher. "I'm going to double check everything, okay?" She got two answers back, one happy and one sad. On her way by, she watched as Fate scooted closer to Nanoha and whispered something into her ear. 'Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama are a good couple. Although they never officially said anything, they have always been together in my eyes. Their bills, their bank accounts, everything held both of their signatures. They were 'common-law' spouses, which meant that they had lived together for over seven years. Although they could have easily signed papers to prevent it from happening, they each said it would make things a lot simpler and instead wrote their names down to agree with it. Everyone knew them as 'Nanoha and Fate'. I once asked Nanoha-mama about it, but she had just told me that I wouldn't understand how they felt until I experienced it for myself. Regardless, They were my parents, and I loved them more than anything.'

'I knew I couldn't take much with me to boot camp. I would be there for three months, sleeping on base and busy every single day. I would have time each day to do things such as rest and eat, but I didn't expect any time off. As such, I only had a suitcase packed full of personal things. My underwear, a few shirts and pants, and random objects I wanted to keep close to me.' Vivio checked the luggage once more before sitting on her bed and looking around the room. Socks were put over her feet and worn in sneakers covered them. As she stood she looked out the window and into her backyard. Dark green grass was growing neatly and a small garden full of herbs decorated the middle of it, surrounded in smooth stone.

"Vivio?" Nanoha's voice made the girl look at her mother and an uneasy smile was shared. "Is everything packed?"

"Yes, Mama." Vivio nodded and went to her dresser and started combing her hair. "I checked it all three times now."

"I see..."

The room stayed quiet as the younger one put her hair into a side-up, copying her mother's preferred hairstyle. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"Even so, I worry."

"I know." Vivio looked at the clock and then picked up her suitcase. "We should get going if we want to get there early."

"...Yeah." Nanoha looked at her daughter for a few moments before sniffing. "Look at you... all grown up..."

Vivio's shoulders sagged. "Oh please, don't do this..."

Nanoha wiped her eyes and chuckled to herself. "I won't, I promise... It's just that..." She took a few steps forward and placed her hands onto her daughter's shoulders. "I'm just really proud of you."

"Really?" She looked up and was rewarded with a hug.

"Yes, really." She gave her child a squeeze before moving back. "I hope you do really well in your training. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even become a Forward."

"It would take considerable talent to be scouted as a forward right off the bat."

Nanoha shook her head. "I'm getting everyone's records that will be sent to the Air Force. If you qualify, I'll take you in as one..." Her sad face turned into a grin. "Don't think I won't try to make you retire early if I do, though, because that will be my goal!"

"Trained by Nanoha Takamachi." Vivio allowed the last syllable of their name to trail out as she pretended to think about it. "I'd rather take my chances with the devil himself."

The mother laughed at the joke and hugged her daughter once again. "You're mine alright. Now, let's get you on your way."

Vivio looked at the section of the base she would spend the next three months of her life at with a small grin on her face. 'I've been here countless times, but this is the first time I'm going to be walking down these halls as an official recruit.' She took a long intake of the crisp morning air and turned back to her parents, who were standing next to Fate's car. "I guess I'll go on my own from here." Fate walked up to her first and gave her a tight hug.

"Do your best," came the simple advice. "I'm an enforcer so I have the right to check up on anyone at anytime. I'll stop by once or twice to see how you're doing."

"Jeez Mom, you're as bad as Mama." Vivio laughed to herself, secretly pleased that she'll be able to see her a few times during this. "I'll be fine, don't worry." She received a peck on the cheek and quick hug before Nanoha stepped forward as well. "Mama," Vivio addressed her steadily. "I'll miss you too."

"Be tough in there." Nanoha hugged her close and kissed Vivio on the forehead. "I'll think about you every day."

"I know," Vivio smiled at them and then saluted them both, for the first time meaning it. "I'm going to take my first steps then." Both parents saluted her back and held it for a few moments before Vivio picked up her suitcase and turned, walking to the building. 'I know it won't be easy, and that many people expect a lot out of me, but I'm still excited. I've known all along that my place was in the military. I was made for this, both literally and figuratively, and I want to be the best, so I can protect those around me, just as my parents have done all their lives. I wanted to fly with Nanoha-mama and stand beside Fate-mama as she commanded.'

The girl placed her luggage along with a few other people's and moved to stand with them. Only about twenty people were there when the drill sergeant came up to them, a full ten minutes earlier than what was scheduled. "Line up!" His words were loud and sharp, making everyone scramble to stand in a line. Vivio stood at attention and listened to the firm words being spoken to them. Although she had expected it, she was a little disappointed to see that the man's uniform was brown and white instead of blue and white like her mother's. She was going to be trained from a land instructor it seemed. The person introduced himself as Sergeant Kayen, the baddest, meanest person on the planet. The girl had to stop herself from saying anything, but she still heard someone in the line snicker. The sergeant missed it, however, and commanded them all to find their bunks, get changed into their issued uniforms, and report back with their assigned partner for an introductory course in half an hour.

Vivio picked up her suitcase again and looked at the sheet of paper she was given. 'I'm in the B block it seems... That means it's this way.' She walked into a building and looked around at the clean tile floors and potted plants scattering the area. 'If I'm not mistaken, this area is double bunk rooms like the old section six was... That means my partner will be my room mate.' Her sneakers squeaked lightly, bringing a blush to her face when people looked at her. 'I can't wait to get into uniform so people will stop looking at me funny,' her mind thought to itself as she went into a hallway lined with doors for sleeping quarters.

Her number was found and a small smile came to her face when she saw the nameplate next to it already containing the newly embedded tags: Vivio Takamachi, Syn Virage. 'So, my partner's name is Syn Virage...I wonder if she's related to that Navy admiral that Fate-mama talks about sometimes...' She opened the door and looked into the empty room. 'Guess I'm here first.' To her immediate left was a set of bunk beds that went all the way to the wall. To her right was another wall that went to a small desk. Directly in front of her was the desk, followed by a window to it's left. Next to it was another desk and the final wall that had a dresser for the two to share. 'Just big enough to hold two people without them going crazy,' she mused to herself.

Walking to the dresser, Vivio sat her suitcase down and started to neatly place her underwear on the top, shirts in the middle, and pants on bottom. Once done, she slid her suitcase under the bottom bunk and moved to look out the window. Only a few seconds passed before the door opened behind her and in stepped the person that she would spend the next three months with. The girl had shockingly blue hair that went to her mid back, but Vivio's attention was quickly turned to the Heterochromic eyes staring back at her. The right shone a clear burning red while the left was a cold ice blue. "Hello," Vivio greeted lightly as she turned to face her fully. "Virage-san?"

"Hi," The girl walked into the room fully, closing the door behind her with her foot. As she walked to the dresser, she looked at the slightly shorter girl by the window and took her in. "So you're Takamachi's daughter, huh? Guess they put us together because they thought we'd get along."

Vivio nodded. "So you are Virage's daughter. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Mmh." Syn looked in the dresser curiously and went about dumping her things in.

"You should fold them to make them not get wrinkles." Vivio advised, habits coming back from her home life.

"Not much to wrinkle," Syn replied lightly. "I'll keep my uniform clean, but mainly we'll be covered in grime along with our training suits. Speaking of, we should get changed."

Vivio nodded, now more keen to the idea of changing clothes once she was sure the door wouldn't be opened again anytime soon. The blinds on the window were closed and she peeled off her shirt while walking to the bed to pick up the simple white shirt paired with baggy jeans. "So, what style are you?"

Syn took off her ark purple shirt and tossed it onto the top bunk, claiming it without words. "Belkan, ranged mixed with limited close quarters; you?"

"Belkan," Vivio noticed that her partner was donning a sports bra and thought wise to make the same choice. "I use a combination of different weapons depending on the situation. I have swallow that I use mostly. Double ended spear with curved blades on each side."

"Bow here, but it breaks apart into short swords that can either stay attached with the energy string or come apart fully." Syn hopped a few times to pull her jeans up and tucked in her shirt before zipping them. "Stupid shirt is too large... and too white."

"I think they're a little too small." Vivio tucked in her shirt as well and adjusted it to allow room for her ample chest to not be smothered.

Syn looked at the breasts and then down at her own A-cups. A small grunt of annoyance came from her but she sat down on the bottom bunk anyway to put her boots on. "So, Takamachi, what makes you want to join?"

"I guess to sum it up, you could say that I want to prove myself. You?"

The blue haired girl looked away from Vivio and put both hands behind her to brace herself while leaning back. "The same, you could say. My parents are famous and everyone kind of looks down on me because of it. No matter what I do, or how strong I am, everyone compares me to them."

Vivio looked over at her, sitting down as well while putting on her shoes. "Like being in a shadow that you just can't get out from, huh?"

"Something like that, yeah." Syn nodded and stood up, stretching her lithe body out before looking over her shoulder. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Vivio stood as well and looked up slightly at the girl. The blue hair blew lightly behind her as she moved past, multi-colored eyes shining with a fierce determination that somehow intrigued the blond. 'I think it's just this being the first day,' she thought to herself while watching the girl. 'But for some reason, I feel like my life is about to change forever.' She closed the door behind herself and walked down the hallway, just behind the person she had just met. 'I am Vivio Takamachi, and in the words of my mother...'

This is my story.