There are many things that you should not do when waiting for a light to turn green. The only thing you should be doing is keeping your hands on the steering wheel and watching the light. However, a large number of drivers spend their time waiting for the light to turn green reading, talking on their cell phone, and putting on make-up! These are perfect examples of what not to do at a stoplight.

If you are reading a book at a stoplight, you could miss the light when it changes. Then, the driver behind you would go, but you would not, thus resulting in a car crash. Car crashes can result in injury or death, and even if they do not, you are still at risk of being ticketed, sued, fined, or even jailed! Of course, there is also the damage done to your car and to the car of the driver behind you. You will have to pay for the repairs of both cars. If you are reading a tragedy while waiting at a stoplight, when the time comes to start driving again your eyes could be clouded with tears, limiting your visibility and probably resulting in some sort of crash. This happened to my mom, though she was lucky enough to avoid a crash. It is extremely unwise to read at a stoplight.

Many, many people spend their time at a red light talking on their cell phone. Becoming distracted listening to the other person on the phone, your concentration on the road will decrease. In most U.S. states it is against the law to talk on the phone while driving. Many people will say, "But I wasn't driving! It was a red light!" Nevertheless, their car was on, they were in the driver's seat, and they were talking on the phone. If you do not have a hands-free cellular device, you will be holding a phone to your ear with one of your hands. This leaves just one hand to hold the steering wheel. You should always have two hands on the steering wheel while driving. The only acceptable time to have just one hand on the steering wheel is when you are signaling a turn.

Putting on make-up is probably the worst thing to do at a stoplight. Holding the make-up container with one hand and putting the make-up on your face with the other means that neither hand is on the steering wheel! This can result in many things, the least of them a fender bender. If you are using eye shadow, then your eyes are closed! The one rule of driving that should never, ever be broken is that you should always keep your eyes on the road. Not doing so is the biggest mistake you can make. If you are putting on make-up, you may find that you require a mirror, such as the one right above you. If you pull it down to look at your face, you are blocking sight of the road. If you can't see where you are going, you will most likely crash!

If you find yourself at a stoplight in your future, stop and remember not to read, talk on your phone, or put on make-up, as these will surely lead to no good. Follow the rules of the road and remember to drive safely!