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Ch.1 When the angle falls


I sat motionlessly on the plane as it inched toward California. My forhead rested on the cold glass and dispite my struggles a few tears slipped down my cheeks.

Why am I crying? I asked myself for the tenth time. I was finally getting away from Renee. My days of being abused were finally over. Then why am I so sad? I shook my head. I knew the answer but I didn't want to think about it. But as much as I tried one name flodded through my brain.

Jacob Black. The girl in my head growled at the name. Jacob had asked me out a few months ago. He told me he loved me and I believed him. It's a good thing Ben's dad was the security officer at the club Jake took me to.

Ben worked with his dad watching the tapes. He saw Jacob slipping something in my drink, which explained why I woke up the next morning without clothes in his bed.

Ben showed me the tape right away and I yelled at Jake for hours. By the time I left I heard him talking to a girl on the phone, flirting. Tears filled my eyes and I gladly went back to Renee to be yelled at and beaten.

But there was another reason for my tears. I remember while running home I fell and a boy my age came to help me up. He had honey blonde hair and scorching blue eyes. Jasper had given me a rind home and introduced me to his girlfriend Alice. They became my best friends right away.

Alice was small, pixie like with spikey black hair, and light green eyes. Her and Jasper were perfect with each other and I didn't mind when they acted mushy. Alice told me about her 2 brothers that lived in New york and Jasper told me about his sister that lived in Florida.

Jasper became something like my big over protective brother, while Alice became my annoying and sweet best friend.

More tears fell when I remembered that I was going to college now and I'd probally never see them again.

The plane's captain said we were about to land so I buckled quickly preparing for the landing. I was the first out of the plane so I was able to get a taxi easily. It took 10 minutes to get to my dorm and the driver was nice enough to wait since it took 2 trips to get all my bags from the trunk.

As soon as I saw the driver I knew I was over dressed. Everyone here wore t-shirts and shorts, while I was wearing jeans and a sweater to hide the many bruises on my body and the large scar on my arm. People stared as I dragged my 2 large bags to the elevater and stumbled in.

I had gotten my key before hand so I didn't need to go to the front desk. When I got to my room I noticed that there were a ton of other bags on top of one of the beds so I placed mine on the empty bed beside the wall.

My room mate must have went for dinner already so I decided I would get dinner to before unpacking. I locked the door behind me and started towards the elevater. I whistled to try to cheer myself up as I walked. My purse was slung over my shoulder nearly empty. All it contained was my money a pen and a notebook. I kept my key in my pocket and I never owned a cell phone so that was it.

Suddenly I felt a man grabb the strap of my purse and yank it away from me. There was 2 of them, one rooted through my purse and the other one pushed me.

I stumbled and reached my hand out to stop my head from hitting the wall but there was no wall. I screamed as I realized that I was about to fall down the stairs. The men laughed as I fell down nearly 5 sets of stairs. When my head hit the floor at last everything went black, but not before I heard the gasps of the people around me and felt a pair of strong arms lift me up.


"Jasper this is amazing!" I hopped in place in my dorm room. Jasper laughed at me. I was extremely happy because Edward, Emmett, and Rosealie all decided to come to this college with us, and we were not only in the same dorms but the same floor!

"Calm down Alice. You don't want to frighten your room mate when she gets here." His grin turned to a frown quickly. I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

"I miss Bella to. But she's probally off to another college. There's nothing I can do." I kissed his cheek.

"I know. But after seeing what Jacob did to her a few months ago, I don't like the idea of her being anywhere near boys in general." He growled.

"Renee will look after her." I gave him a gentle squeez. "Come on let's go get some dinner." He nodded and allowed me to drag him to the small restraunt across the street.

We were there for a bit when a 2 girls walked in whispering.

"Did you hear she fell down the stairs. 5 sets I heard."

"Yeah. Alice Cullen's room mate."

"How would you know that?"

"Her brother you know that gorgeous broze haired boy took her to the hospital, and their dad had to check since she hasn't waken up yet."

My mouth fell open. Jasper grabbed my hand and we ran to my car parked infront of the dorm. I was driving over 120 mph so we made it to the hospital quickly.

"We need to see Carlisle." Jasper's voice was soothing as he talked to the secratary.

"He's very busy with an injured girl right now. You'll have to wait."

"No they won't." I spun around to see Edward striding towards us. "Come on, he's been waiting for you to show up. Bella's hurt pretty bad."

"Wait Bella? Bella Swan? She's here and she's hurt?" My heart pace quickened as we strode towards the elevater.

"I thought you knew she was your room mate." He shrugged. His face looked pained for some unknown reason.

"Edward what's wrong? How bad is she?" Jasper's voice was frantic.

"She never told you about Renee?" Edward wouldn't look at us any more.

"What are you talking about Edward!?"

"You'll hear her in a minute just keep in mind she's sleep talking." I nodded and Jasper held his breath. Edward opened the door a little bit and we hear Bella's frantic screams.

"No don't hurt me! Please don't touch me!" I ran to Bella's side and grabbed her hand as her head moved from side to side.

"What is she screaming about?!" Jasper had her other hand.

"Help! Renee no please don't hurt me!" My mouth hung open as Bella continued to scream.

"She was yelling about a boy named Jacob not long ago, and she screamed for you 2 to help her, but mostly she screamed for Renee not to hurt her." Edward was staring at Bella with pain and some other emotion etched on his face and in his eyes.

"Did she say anything else." I pushed. Edward blushed a light pink. "Woah Edward did you just blush?"

"Well she woke up for an hour after she got here and we talked before they gave her some more pain killers." He shrugged avoiding my question.

"That wasn't the question." I crossed my arms still holding onto Bella's hand. I yelped when Bella let out a blood hurtling shriek. Edward ran forward and placed his hand on her forhead. She stopped screaming and her struggling slowed untill it stopped all together.

"How did you do that?" Jasper asked amazed. Edward shrugged.

"I noticed that she stops screaming when I rest my hand on her face. I really don't know why but I stay here just incase." Edward's eyes never left Bella's face.

"Answer my question Edward or I'll go get Carlisle." I tapped my foot.

"She said something about..." He sighed. "About a green eyed angle." His cheeks went bright pink.

"When did she say this?"

"After we talked for the hour she was awake." Edward's hand was now resting against Bella's cheek and I saw her lean into it.

"You like her." I smiled while Jasper scowled as his older brother instincts kicked in.

"What's not to like? She's a fallen angle." He smiled.