Chapter 21 - Final

Third Person POV

Life was perfect for the Cullen Family. Pth, yeah right, no ones life is perfect. Let's start that again.

Life was some what normal for the Cullen family. As normal as you can get for being vampires at least.

At the moment, they were all hunting together. Why? Don't ask me I'm not cool enough to hang with them. Literally. Edward was hopping from tree top to tree top silently keeping a careful eye on his daughter as she bounded gracefully through the thick bushes looking for her meal.

Bella on the other hand had more faith in her little girl and was watching her husband very carefully, planning to pounce at him at any given chance. Though Nessie was only 16 in body she was already 56 in human years and didn't need her father's protection anymore.

Emmett and Rosalie were walking with their son Joe at a human pace, in no hurry to really hunt, but happy to be able to chat among themselves.

Alice of course was skipping through the small field of flowers, completely ignoring the fresh deer close by, while her husband Jasper watched her trying not to laugh.

Carlisle and Esme were the only ones truly hunting it seems. Hand in hand they ran through the trees chasing after the scent of a herd of elk near by.

As I watch this wonderful family I listen.

"So, did you and Ness enjoy you're 3rd honey moon?" Emmett asked snickering at his son's embarrassed face.

"It was... very enjoyable." He admitted looking away quickly. Rosalie laughed and wrapped her arm around him.

"Nothing to be ashamed of hun."

Edward of course was still following Nessie silently. As he watched she ran over to Joe and pounced on him bringing him down to the ground. Emmett and Rosalie laughed walking off to leave their son with his soul mate. Edward almost growled when Ness and Joe began to kiss feverishly, and as he crouched down ready to pounce, Bella sprung hitting him in mid air and sending them both about 50 yards away from the other two.

"They're married Edward! Let them be!" Bella huffed using all of her strenght to keep him down. Finally after a while he sighed and nodded.

"You're right. Just fatherly instincts I guess."

"Mmm, and you're so good at being over protective aren't you." Bella laughed kissing him quickly. He chuckled and they jumped up running after a few stray deers.

I would have liked to talk about Carlisle and Esme further, but as of right now they're draining the blood of the elk, so there's really nothing to describe I suppose. So let's move on to the pixie and the empath.

Alice, still skipping through the flowers and picking one occasionally sighed and sank down into them crushing everyone under her back. Jasper grinned and went to lay next to her. Between the two of them almost all of the flowers were dead. He grabbed her hand and kissed it making her grin and she snuggled into his side. A perfect fit.

Suddenly Alice's eyes went blank. Jasper sighed but waited patiently for her vision to be over so they could enjoy each others company.

In the vision Alice saw Tanya and Will walking hand in hand whispering to each other, smiles on their faces. Behind them Irina and Fred were walking together, as well as Kate and Rob. Carmen and Eleazar a little ways behind them. They all looked happy, and from the looks of it they were coming to visit. Something that would have been seen as a problem before Tanya found Will of course.

The vision ended quickly and Alice smiled at Jasper apologetically.

"What did you see?" He asked her.

"Nothing." She sighed wrapping her arms around his torso and resting her head on his chest. "Everything is perfect."

So there you have it! The end of this story! I know, I know, it's very sad that the story is ending, but I've got a brand new story that I REALLY want to update, but I won't until all of my old stories are finished. Sorry folks!