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In a year hundreds of years from our own, the Chozo worked with the Humans and thousands of other extraterrestrial species to set up a common goal: the establishment of universal discovery, interplanetary unity, and protection and justice throughout the universe. These three goals not only spelled the divine goal of the universe, but they also built the standards and laws of the largest interplanetary union in all universal history: The Galactic Federation. This enormous union was made to govern and control the space that all living things had once explored. It was the true cause, the government of the stars. But unfortunately, the Galactic Federation wasn't approved by all species. Many species did not join this new authority, and went on with nomadic ways. They were species such as the Luminoth, the Alimbic, and the Bryyo Reptilians. However, they had no intention of opposing the newly found republic, and they posed no threat to the Galactic Federation. Yet, a criminal organization was indeed formed to oppose the newly found republic. This organization was simply known as the Space Pirates by its victims. It was composed of a multitude of species which names have been forgotten since then. Yet there is one species that has not been forgotten: the Dragons. The last standing dragon has placed himself in command of the Space Pirate army. His name is Dragon Lord Ridley. The Space Pirates continued to pillage different planets and murder the denizens of many space colonies. The Galactic Federation had no choice, and they declared war upon the Space Pirates. The two opposing factions had battled fiercely for control of the universe after these events.


It started with darkness.

And then it came.

A being, cloaked in dark robes of an ethereal substance, stepped from the void into the darkness. It stopped momentarily, waiting. Two more beings stepped from the void, cloaked in the same ethereal substance. The first one was cloaked in grey, the others cloaked in black and white. Their faces were hidden by their hoods. The one robed in grey spoke, with a raspy yet soft voice.

"We have come to do what we were meant to do." It said, with a voice obviously feminine. The other two nodded. The one in white spoke, with a cool yet sharp voice.

"All things have come to this. There is no turning back. It does not matter when we start, but matters if we start at all." It said, with a voice obviously masculine.

The last one, robed in black spoke, with a powerful yet compassionate voice. "We should begin then, correct? No point in wasting what we came for." It said, with a voice obviously feminine.

The grey one spoke. "Indeed, we must begin now. We know how to do it, and we will do what we were born to do." She lowered her head, and began to chant. The others saw this, and backed away from her, ready for what was to come.

"By the forbidden powers of our being, I command your essence to be!"

She pulled a sharp object from his robes quickly, and sliced it across her hand. Blood did not issue forth, however. A blue jagged gash appeared where she cut, but floating somewhat above her hand, not on it. She turned her hand over, and blue liquid poured from her hand. She spun in a quick circle, covering the ground in a blue circle of the splattered liquid. She closed the gash with her fingers, sealing it, and stepped back from the circle. The black robed one spoke.

"First will be created a cosmos to live in."

She lifted her hand. A field of energy projected from the circle on the ground, creating a sphere of blue light above it. She focused her energy, and small pieces of dust appeared within the sphere. They began to come together to create small organized groups, and then became entire systems.

The white robed one spoke. "Then we will create a chronos for them to move foward in."

He stepped foward and tapped the sphere. Ripples emanated from his finger across it, and the particles inside began to spin around eachother in orbit. The grey robed one then spoke.

"And finally, we will create an eos to live with. Eos: the dawn, the life, the soul." She leaned in front of the sphere, and breathed out an ethereal red mist from her mouth. The small dust pieces were enveloped, and began to glow. They then became more than just dust. Close up, the dust was covered in water, forests, mountains, and snow. Some were made of lava, some were made of air. Some were even made of entirely plants. Some dust became stars, with other dust orbiting them. She stepped back, and they looked at their creation.

"We must now govern our world. What are we to be called as its leaders?" The grey one spoke.

"I am Cosmos, creator of space." Said the black robed one confidently.

"I am Chronos, creator of time." Said the white robed one powerfully.

The grey robed one nodded. "Then I am Eos, creator of life." She said calmly. Eos looked to the glowing sphere.

"What shall we call our creation?"

Chronos spoke. "I understand its name now, since we have created it..."

Cosmos nodded. "Yes...a single verse of a poem, created by a unity of three...."

Eos thought silently. "...Then it shall be called what it must. The universe."

They all looked to the sphere, ready for what was to come.

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