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Chapter Eighteen: Remembering How to Forget.

Year 20X9 Cosmic Calendar, 13th of June.

Location: Norion Medical Facilities, in orbit above Planet Norion.

Harquar got up from his bed groggily. Looking around, he realized he was in a hospital, reasons still unknown. He looked to his right, and saw many other neatly dressed beds lined up against the walls. He looked to his left, and saw that a needle was stuck into his arm. The needle was attached to a thin tube, which led up to a liquid filled pouch that hung nearby. Grunting, Harquar pulled the needle from his arm jerkily, resulting in surprisingly sharp pain.

"Yaaagh!" Harquar yelled. In response to his shout, a nurse suddenly ran into the room, rushing toward him with a bottle of cotton swabs.

"Sir, you shouldn't be so hasty with your equipment…" She paused. "That didn't come out right. What I meant was that you need to be a bit more patient. You still have some time before you can leave; three days in fact. Here, let me get that…"

She walked around to his left and began to swab the punctured area with a cotton swab moist with disinfectant. She then dabbed up the rest with a small towel, and began to clean up some of the mess near his bed. Harquar watched her, and then picked up the needle he had ripped from his arm.

"What about this?" he asked, holding the needle up for her to see.

"Oh, don't worry about that. In fact, I was coming to take this out of you when I was coming in." she took the needle from him, separated it from the tubing, and dropped it into a biohazard disposal chute. She then wrapped up the tubing, and tucked it away near the hanging pouch up above. She then turned to Harquar.

"So, as far as I'm concerned, I am your nurse and SLAVE. So if you need anything, just sound the alarm." She looked at his face and smiled, and they both broke out laughing. Harquar looked up at the nurse.

"I'm certain that I won't have to order you around as much as you think I will. To tell the truth, I could manage by myself."

"Don't be ridiculous! It's my job to make sure that you live the most perfect life while you are marooned in that bed, so don't play it nice to me. I am supposed to do all I must for you, and in fact, I won't get paid if I don't."

Harquar sat there silently. "Okay…well, your first command is to tell me your name." he said with a rather commanding voice. She giggled for a moment, and then stood attentively.

"My name is Nurse Mary Hills, Sir!" she said loudly. She stood there for a moment, erect and saluting, and then collapsed in laughter. Harquar laughed for a moment, and then pulled himself together.

"Can I just call you Mary?" he asked.

She got up from the floor, and fixed her hair. "Yeah, sure. Titles are so boring and tedious. And you're…Harquar, right?"

"No, my name is Gelgovian."

"Oh, really? Then I'm in the wrong room…" she began to walk away.

"Ah, no, I was just kidding!" Harquar yelled back frantically.

"I know!" she said with a smile, and walked back to the bed. "Do you have a last name?"

"Nope. Just Harquar."

"Well then, Harquar, since we are at a first name basis, what can I do for you?

"I don't think I need anything at the mome-" He was interrupted by his stomach making a strange gurgling noise. "Food. You can get me some food." He finished.

Mary giggled. "Ok, what would you like?"

"Anything that is not freeze-dried."

Mary frowned. "Unfortunately, all we have is freeze dried food. Would you like ration pack A or ration pack B?"

Harquar sat silently. "……………Umm……"

"Nah, just kidding! We may not have 5-star restaurant food, but we have a nice selection of cuisine. Would you like something Holdivian or Mexican?"

"Is that all you have?"

"No, it's just what I want to get you. Tacos or Steamed Telfas?"

"Did you say tacos?" Harquar's stomach gurgled again. "I want tacos. Bring me tacos."

Mary saluted again. "Yessir!" She dismissed herself, laughing as she exited the room. Harquar's facial tentacles wiggled. He rather liked that nurse. Looking out the window, he saw a beautiful blue-green planet below, with several ships flying around it. It was an amazing sight. Harquar looked away from the window, and stared into blank space. He was currently wondering why he wasn't back at home on Phrygis.

Samus was waiting in the waiting room, doing waiting things. She had already looked through all of the magazines, learning nothing but how to fashion your hair in ten different ways. She had been waiting for a while now, and she was getting rather hungry. Her attention was greedily diverted to a nurse who happened to be carrying a plate of tacos over on the other side of the room. She then realized that it was the same nurse who had told her to wait for a bit. The nurse suddenly stopped heading in the direction she was going, and returned hurriedly to Samus. Samus looked up at her, trying to conceal her hunger.

"Hi, sorry, I forgot you were here. I was about to bring these tacos to Harquar right now, so if you want, I can bring you with to visit him." The nurse said distractedly.

Samus nodded, tearing her gaze from the tacos. "Oh, yeah, that sounds good." Samus got up from her seat and followed the nurse through the confusing halls. Samus had been in worse mazes, but even she would be confused every now and then about where to go. Amazingly, the nurse ahead of her was completely undeterred by the daunting maze she strode through. Soon arriving at a somewhat secluded hospital room, she saw Harquar sitting inside. Samus walked up to him eagerly.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" she asked

"Ok?" he said slowly.

Samus gave him a quizzical look. "Are you sure? You're acting a bit funny."

Harquar gave her a quizzical look. "What are you talking about?" He paused. "Wait a minute…don't tell me you have me confused for someone else, do you? That person isn't named Gelgovian by any chance, right?"

Samus gave him a bewildered look "What are you talking about Harquar!? What's going on in your head?"

"I'm sorry, but I really don't remember you. Also, what happened to me? I was back on Phrygis with my lover Deliax, having a good time with my friend Rundas…"

Samus mind froze for a moment. "Deliax…? Rundas…?"

"Yes…two Phrygissians I happen to know."

"Harquar…Rundas and Deliax have been dead for a long time."

Haquar now froze for a moment. He sat there, trying to process what was just said. Samus got closer to him.

"Harquar…what year is it?"

"What?" he said tensely.

"What year is it?"

"What do you mean?? Don't you live in the same time as me??"

"What. Year. Is. It."

He sat silently. "20…X5…"

Samus got away from Harquar with a look of dread on her face. "Harquar, it's not 20X5. It's 20X9.

Harquar sat there for a moment, stunned. After thinking for a while, he looked up at Samus.

"Who are you?"

Back at Diaban:

"He's lost his memory!?!"

Samus recoiled at the chorus of surprised and confused voices. "I wouldn't say he's lost all of his memory…it's more like he was put back into another point of his life. Essentially, he's gone through a drastic case of short-term memory loss."

Listal shook her head. "I can't believe it. Why did this happen?"

"Maybe the sludge Adorios put in him did it?" Xorexus suggested.

"How would that happen though?" Adam asked.

"Well, think about it. That stuff controlled his mind, right?"

"Yes…" Everyone said slowly.

"Well then it must have been in his mind as well."


"So when the goop was expelled from his body, it must have damaged his memory."

Everyone swore. However, Samus was shaking her head. "That doesn't make sense, though. The only memories he has are the ones of before he became a bounty hunter. That's too coincidental."

Listal was silent. Something was bugging her. Something just wasn't right. To put it shortly, something smelled fishy.

"Perhaps there's some sort of memory-suppressing device?" Listal said.

Everyone turned to look at her. "What?"

"Perhaps Adorios left a device inside of him that is holding his memories back so that he won't have any immediate reason to fight him."

Samus thought silently. "Listal…I think you might be right." She turned to Adam. "Arrange an X-ray for Harquar immediately. We need to get results."

As everyone was discussing the issue, Listal was sitting in the back of the room, with a hidden rage building up deep inside of her.

The nurse Samus had met, whom she now knew as Mary, handed Samus the X-ray results.

"Here are the scans you wanted. But, we didn't see anything suspicious in the scans. We did operate on him, though, to see if the device was biological, and we did get something strange…"

"What did you find?"

"Some sort of yellow mucus has been coated all over the base of his spinal cord. We think that this may have been some sort of immediate reaction to the metal in his brain before, and it might have been secreted to help protect the brain after being so violently treated. We tried to get rid of it, but it seemed as if it simply excreted more. We would have to look into the biology of a Phrygissian in order to decide what the cause of this phenomenon is…"

Listal was listening in on the conversation, growing more and more angry. She knew who had caused his memory loss. And she knew that she had to stop it right away.

"Samus, I'm going to, um, get some info on the mythology of Fravellius. I'll be back in headquarters later." Listal said while walking toward the elevator.

Samus turned from the nurse for a moment. "Um, ok. We aren't doing much for the mission right now, though, so don't expect us to be there."

Listal ignored this and entered through the elevator doors. As soon as they closed, she violently punched the wall.

In the small space of his cell, Domoteras was trying to understand what happened. After the strange metal orb was taken away from him earlier, he had suddenly been much more aware of his surroundings. He was trying to understand why he was in this cell. Scanning his memory, the last thing he remembered was having an odd meeting with a man in silver armor. He was the one who gave him the orb. After that, everything he had experienced felt like a dream. And currently, he was having a hard time remembering that dream.

A sloshing noise was then heard. Looking up from the floor, he noticed that a figure was standing in the corner of the cell. Domoteras then realized who it was, and gasped in surprise.

"You! Why are you here?! Why am I here? What is happening Sei--?"

"That is not my name." The figure interrupted. "My name is Nero. Whomever you had me confused with is dead."


"Yes." Nero said, with a smile playing on his lips. "The reason I'm here is to let him see what you have become. So that he can see how awful you were. So that I can laugh at him even more. The fact that he TRUSTED you is enough for me to laugh at him." Nero paused. "You don't remember, do you?" He asked earnestly.

"Tell me what is happening. Why am I in prison? What have I done?"

"Hehe…you really don't remember…" Nero began. "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!" He laughed, causing Domoteras to cringe against the walls. "Well guess what? YOU HELPED IN THE PLAN TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE, THAT'S WHAT!!!!!" Nero screamed, and he burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Domoteras looked up at Nero.

"I…did? What about…Listal?"

"SHE HATES YOU EVEN MORE NOW!!!" Nero screamed maniacally.

"Why…? Why did this happen to me? Why……?"

"Hehehe………Because Adorios simply needed you as a sentimental weapon. I love the way he messes with people's minds. In reality, you did nothing. Only your incurable greedy nature fueled Adorios's power to the maximum. You will never be forgiven. And your daughter never wants to see your face again……"

Domoteras wiped the tears from his eyes. "You really aren't him. He was kind…the leader of the Isane Race. What did you do to him…? You are obviously not him…Why do you look like him?"

"Oh, him? Oh, that's obvious. I ate him!" Nero said with a toothy grin. He screamed laughing, leaving Domoteras there stunned.

"I have to leave now. I have a feeling that I am expected." Nero calmed down immediately, and began to walk toward the sink. He stopped, and turned to Domoteras.

"Pitiful, really. A family of traitors…"

And with that, he stepped into the sink, and disappeared down the drain.

Listal was standing in a dark alleyway on Diaban. She didn't know where eh was, or when he would arrive, but she knew he would come for her. She sat patiently, waiting.

Soon, a sloshing noise was heard, and Nero came out from around the corner.

"Hello, sweet Listal…" Nero said creepily.

Listal held her ground. "I know what you did. And I want you to stop it. Release him immediately."

"Whatever do you mean? I wont give you back Sei--"

"Not him. You know what I mean."

Nero paused, and smiled for a moment.

"What is your price?"

Listal paused. "……Me. Do what you wish with me."

"Oh Listal, you make that sound so naughty…" Nero said evilly. He paused for a moment. "You know I'm not really like that…but I'll take the deal. Adorios lost his recent pawn, so you might be useful…" He paused some more. "Are you sure you wish to make this choice? I mean, I will actually give you a second chance on this, unlike Adorios…"

Listal stood there silently with rage burning in her eyes. Nero nodded. "Very well then. From now on, you belong to me. I will release him."

He snapped his fingers in the air. After that, he placed his hand on Listal's wrist, and coated it in a bracelet of ooze.

"Disobey me, and that harmless ooze will become dangerous fuel gel. We will leave."

Listal followed him into the darkness. As they disappeared, she muttered under her breath.

"I will never forget what you have done to me, Nero."

Samus was sitting at the edge of Harquar's bed, staring at him solemnly. She watched as he was staring at the window, trying to say something, but it was as if what he wanted to say had flown out to the void. He finally turned to Samus.

"I'm sorry. But I really can't remember what you are telling me. It's true that I was going to become a bounty hunter tomorrow…well…the day after what my memory serves…but I didn't know any of this before. Was I transported to the future, and the Harquar you're looking for is somewhere out there?"

Samus shook her head. "No. you're him."

Harquar sighed. He looked at his hands sadly. "And…what you said about Rundas…and Deliax…is true too…?"

Samus nodded her head, tears stinging her eyes. "Yes."

They sat in solemn silence for a moment. Suddenly, though, Samus broke the silence.

"But…Deliax gave birth to your child!"

Harquar looked up in surprise. His mouth formed on a lost word. "She did…? What was her name?"

"I…don't know…"

Harquar sat there silently, and then looked up with light in his eyes. "…Gasina…"

He began to cough violently. Samus backed up from him, to give him space, as he continued the coughing fit. After caughing for a moment, he coughed loudly, and spat out a blob of yellow mucus. Slightly deterred byt this, Samus looked up at Harquar, only to be surprised by his appearance. He had icicles forming on his chin from the tears pouring from his eyes.

"Samus…Deliax is dead…and it's my fault…and…I tried to get her back…but I couldn't…"

Samus cried with tears of sadness and joy. She hugged Harquar earnestly.

"Samus…I rememebr everything…but…why haven't I remembered how to forget?"

Samus hugged Harquar tighter. Not of joy this time, but of sadness. She held onto him, holding him safe.

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