SUMMARY:Elizabeth is fond of Jack. Jack has a soft spot for Elizabeth. An unlikely friendship has been formed between the governor's only daughter and the most notorious pirate captain in the entire world, and with it, a secret correspondence. Through their writings and sporadic visits, their friendship blossoms into something more. But what about Will? And what should happen if this secret correspondence is discovered by the wrong person?

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A/N: Hello all! I developed the idea for this story a while ago, whilst writing "The King's Captain," and I've finally gotten it started! This story will mostly be a series of letters exchanged between the two, with traditional story content in between. Some chapters will just have a letter or two in them, while others will be considerably longer. I'm not sure how long this story will be, but it will at least have fifteen chapters.

This story is AU and picks up during the island scene from Curse of the Black Pearl. It then quickly moves through the rest of the movie and continues after that. I always felt that Elizabeth was a bit too snippy in the original scene, so I've written her a bit softer and less-guarded, more naive, perhaps.

Enjoy the first chapter and go Sparrabeth!

The glare of the high, afternoon sun over the sparkling Caribbean waters was blinding. The heat in itself was enough to make a person feel headachy, or faint, at the very least. The wind was slight and wouldn't be picking up for a few hours. With the sun's assistance, the waves were warm and welcoming, yet they yielded few resources. This was not the opportune time to be stranded on a deserted spit of land in the middle of an endless ocean.

There was no limit to the string of profanities running through Captain Jack Sparrow's mind as he trudged ashore, his affects gathered in his arms. Under differing circumstances, his thoughts would have been preoccupied with the sheer, wet undergarment worn by his only female companion, but now was not the time for it. He turned around to see the Black Pearl, his bloody ship, sailing off without him.

"That's the second time I've had to watch that man sail away with my ship," he muttered, tossing his things down into the sand, away from the pull of the waves. "Bloody stupid son-of-a…" he hissed under his breath, though he was uncertain who he was more upset with. He was quite annoyed with himself, for not being clever enough to stop this from happening a second time. He was equally as perturbed with a one Will Turner, for showing up at the opportune moment and then saying a very inopportune thing. Then there was Barbossa, who he was rightfully furious with. And he wasn't forgetting that greasy, flea-ridden, germ-infested primate that had earned his namesake. At the moment, Hector seemed the only suitable name for that gross little fur-ball.

"That's it, then." He heard his company, which was decidedly better than last time, sigh raggedly. He glanced over his shoulder to see her plop down in the sand, her clothes making a squishy noise. She drew her knees up to her chest and hugged them to her body, rocking slightly. "We're done for."

"I've escaped worse than this," Jack grumbled, kicking his boots off with a bit of difficulty, considering how saturated they were. It was true, that he'd escaped worse predicaments than the one he currently found himself in, but at this point, he had little hope. It was by chance that he got off this wretched little island before and the odds of it happening again were slim to none.

"I'm sure," she murmured, though he was unable to determine the extent of her sarcasm.

He walked a short distance up the beach to where Elizabeth sat, looking up to her face when he heard her breathing grow heavy. He watched with nervous trepidation as her chin quivered and winced when she burst into tears. Jack was quite capable of dueling with enemies twice his size, but emotional females, he had little experience with.

"Now, now," he huffed, moving to sit beside her. He apprehensively placed a hand on her upper back, and to his surprise, she didn't pull away. He felt her body shake with each sob and he frowned. "It'll be alright, 'Lizabeth. We'll find a way."

"Oh, this is all my fault!" she wailed, covering her face with her hands.

"Now, how do you figure that?" Jack asked, scooting forward to better what he could of her face. "As I recall, most of this is young William's fault."

"That's exactly what I mean!" she cried.

Jack's brow twisted. He was quite good at understanding what people said and half of what came out of his own mouth was spoken in a strange, code-like format, but this statement was confusing to him. "Do-tell, then Lizzie. Enlighten me as to how this is your fault."

Elizabeth sniffled a few times before wiping her eyes. "Will loves me."


"He would have never gotten wrapped up into all of this if he didn't! And neither would you, for that matter! So you see, this is entirely my doing."

"I still don't see it," Jack replied, rather matter-of-factly. "Will loves you, that's true. But ye can't take how another person feels upon yerself."

"But I don't love him," she sighed, her shoulders falling forward. She sniffled again before continuing. "Well, yes I do, love him, but not in that way. Not the way he loves me. I care for him, deeply, as I always will… but… but…" Her chin quivered again and she buried her face in her lap, the sobs pouring out of her. "I feel so awful!" he heard her wail, her voice muffled.

"Chin up, Lizzie," he said, trying to be gentle and sincere, though he was completely unsure of himself. This was all quite the revelation to him. He tucked his hand under her chin, tilting her tear-streaked face up to his. "So you don't love William. So what?" Her eyes widened at this. "As I see it, he'd love you either way, and either way he'd come to rescue you. Still doesn't make any of this your fault."

"But he came to rescue me and now he'll die because of it," her voice sounded heavy from all the crying. "I feel so responsible…"

"He's a smart lad. He'll find a way out of it," Jack sighed, completely aware of the uncertainty in his voice, though unable to hide it. He looked around at his bleak surroundings while Elizabeth's wide, teary eyes remained fixed on him. What he wouldn't give for a bottle of… A smirk crossed his face.

"What?" Jack glanced down at Elizabeth to see her wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand.

"Come, 'Lizabeth." He pushed himself onto his knees, brushing away the sand that had stuck to his damp clothes before rising to his feet. He leaned down and took hold of her hand, pulling her up as well. "Sounds to me like you could use a drink."

The fire had taken Jack at least an hour to get started, but beneath the twinkling stars and the inky-black sky, it was a thing of beauty. It glowed in the darkness, providing a much needed warmth against the cool breeze of the Caribbean night. Had it not been for the hooping and laughing of two individuals, the princess and the pirate, the world would have felt quite stark and desolate.

Elizabeth let out a holler, something between a delighted yelp and a giggle, before crashing down towards the sand. She grasped hold of Jack's hand, taking him down with her. She giggled furiously and raised her bottle to her lips, taking another swig of the pungent alcohol. He watched her with amused eyes. Years at sea had given him the wherewithal to better hold his liquor, but it was quite apparent that Elizabeth had never touched alcohol before this night.

"So that's all there is to it, then?" she asked rather loudly, wiping her mouth on her sleeve.

"People believe what they want to believe," Jack replied, taking a small sip from his own bottle. "The legend had spread before I even made it back to port…" he smirked, "…I jus' did very little to correct them, that's all."

"Tell me something, captain." Elizabeth fell against him, her head on his shoulder. She clumsily reached for his shirt, poking him in the chest. "How did you—" she was interrupted by her own hiccup, to which she giggled before continuing. "How did you get those?"

Jack's dark eyes fluttered down to the bullet-shaped scars on his chest. "Some other time, Liz."

"No!" she whined. "Tell me now? Pleeeeaaaasssseee?"

"If I tell you now, luv," he smirked, "will you remember tomorrow morning?" Her eyebrows knotted together as if she were in deep thought before a smile broke out onto her face and she laughed.

"Shh!" She held one finger to her lip and lowered her voice to a whisper. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to kiss you, Jack Sparrow."

"Captain Jack Sparrow," he reminded her. She nodded and smiled before squeezing her eyes shut and puckering her lips. "Open yer eyes, Elizabeth," he told her, a chuckle wafting over his words. She did as she was told, wavering in her seat. While a kiss from the uniquely beautiful Elizabeth Swann was more than appetizing, it was another thing she likely wouldn't remember in the morning, and if she did, was bound to be something she'd regret. He didn't want to be that to her, a mistake in a moment of weakness. "You really want to know about me scars?" he asked her.

Elizabeth nodded, a pleased look on her face. She brought the bottle close to her lips but paused, her eyes growing wide and glossy. "I'll never have any scars!" she cried, tears spilling down her cheeks. "We'll be stuck here 'til we die!"

Jack's face fell as she dropped the bottle in the sand, watching it roll down towards the waves. He didn't know much about Elizabeth, but one thing he knew was that he was quite opposed to the sound of her crying.

"Nonsense," he said softly, holding his arm out. She obediently scooted close to him, letting her face bury against his neck as she cried and cried. He said nothing, for he knew she wouldn't heed his words of comfort anyways, but instead ran his hand up and down her back until her sobs transitioned into a series of broken hiccups and staggered breathing. He waited patiently and silently for her breathing to steady before looking down at her. She'd fallen asleep in his arms. The governor's daughter had fallen asleep in the arms of a pirate… he grinned smugly to himself. If her father could see her now…

Perhaps that's how she started out, as just the prim, prissy governor's daughter. But he couldn't help but feel like she was more than that, like she was destined for other things, different things… better things. Jack had learned over the years to trust his instincts and now they were telling him that there was more to Elizabeth Swann than met the eye. In the short time that he'd known her, he'd witnessed a fiercely independent young woman who was brave and strong. She had a clear definition of her opinions and stood up for what she believed it, whether or not it was what society deemed proper.

That day on the peer, not so long ago, he watched with bewilderment as she argued with her father and the commodore, fighting for what she thought was right. He admired that, especially in a woman. It didn't stop him from using her to escape just moments later, but what he saw from her then only encouraged to stimulate him more. The fierce defiance in her eyes as she slung his hat over his head and fastened his affects around his shoulder was electrifying. If he had the time or the means, he likely would have slung her over his shoulder and taken her with him, for her striking beauty was just as tempting as her character.

Jack had always been a great admirer of women, but something about this particular girl was different. He didn't know what it was yet and wasn't sure if he would ever know what it was, but he knew one thing for certain: he would not let a rose in a world full of daisies wilt and die. Finding a way off this abject little island might sign his death warrant, but for once in his life, he was determined to do the right thing, for her sake at least. His trusted instincts were telling him that Elizabeth was destined for bigger and better things, and he would make sure that those bigger and better things would be waiting for her when she got home.

Elizabeth wasn't sure what woke her the next morning. Her throbbing headache was enough to wake her from her unpleasant slumber, but then again, the boiling sun overhead was capable of doing the trick as well. However, the strong smell of smoke, overpowering enough to wake the dead, was the most likely culprit. She sat up, the sand shifting beneath her, and brought her hand to her head. She turned around, her eyes widening in fright and surprise, at the raging fire behind her.

"Jack!" she shrieked, jumping to her feet. The pirate was trekking towards the flames, a case of rum from the cellar he had introduced her to the day before in his arms. She stumbled towards him, ignoring her pounding temples as he tossed the crate into the fire, eliciting a rather loud explosion. "What on earth do you think you're doing!" she cried. "There goes our shade… our food…"

"The rum," he added, wincing at the sight behind him. He stalked past her. "Had to be done, 'Lizabeth."

"What are you talking about?!" she shouted, whirling around and heading after him.

"Do you have any idea how many sailors your father has looking for you right now?" Jack asked her, pausing when he came to the spot where water met sand. The waves lapped up at his tan, bare feet. The look on her face said it all. "Likely not." He turned 

back towards the horizon. "Dear ole' pops probably has the entire Royal Navy looking for you right now. That smokestack can likely be seen from Bermuda," he exaggerated. She could have sworn she saw his eye twitch, clearly from mourning the sacrifice of his beloved drink. "Regardless… it'll capture someone's attention. We're as good as rescued, pet."

"Jack…" Elizabeth's voice was soft, now, heavy with gratitude. He looked over his shoulder at her, a sad smile flashing across his lips. He must have known that should the Royal Navy find them, he'd be taken aboard and immediately thrown in the brig. But he'd done it anyways, and for her, too.

"Sit here, Lizzie," he instructed, beginning to walk away. "I can guarantee the appearance of white sails on that horizon, so keep a weather eye."

"Where are you going?" she called, her brow furrowing with worry.

"These are my last moments of freedom, Miss Swann!" he called back, a phony smile with a genuine purpose on his face. "Don't worry, I'll be ready for the shackles when they arrive."

With that, she watched as his figure became smaller and smaller, walking towards the other side of the island. Ten minutes passed. Then fifteen, then twenty. Jack had disappeared from sight, but true enough, the white sails he promised were drawing closer and closer. It wouldn't be long now before a longboat appeared.

What a surprise Jack had turned out to be. When she first realized Barbossa's intentions to maroon not only her, but Jack as well, she expected so many things. However, none of those things had come into fruition. Last night, Jack had ample opportunity to take advantage of her, to do as he pleased knowing there'd be no consequences. But he didn't. He didn't treat her like he was a pirate. He treated her the way any gentleman would treat a lady, with dignity and respect. He'd even gone as far as to let her cry against him, when he could have left her alone and miserable. And now? Now he'd sacrificed his freedom so that she might have a chance to enjoy her own.

The longboat had been lowered into the water. The faces in it were undistinguishable as of yet. That meant she had time. She rose to her feet, shaking the sand out of her skirt before following Jack's footsteps around the island. She ran as fast as her feet would carry her, which was no easy task in the heavy, sinking sand. She nearly tripped several times and stepped on quite a few seashells along the way, but before long she saw him, leaning against a large rock that looked out to sea.

The sound of her feet shuffling against the sand captured his attention and he turned around to face her, a frown crossing his face.

"What is it? They here already?" Jack asked, straightening up.

"Almost," she panted, out of breath as she nearly stumbled towards him. "Jack…"

"Don't," he held up his hands and smiled briefly. "There's no need to thank me, 'Lizabeth. Anyone would 'ave done it."

"But that's just it!" she cried. "Not anyone did it. You did it." She walked closer to him, so close that she could tell he was put-off by her forwardness. "Thank you."

"Lizzie…" Jack said her name, eyeing her hesitantly.

"Last night I said I would kiss you," she reminded him, hoping her voice didn't betray how nervous she really felt. She could only pray that she looked bold, brave and confident.

"You didn't forget after all," he said, smirking.

"No." Elizabeth shook her head and glanced over her shoulder. The Dauntless could not be seen from where they were, meaning they could not see them. She turned back to Jack, his eyes wide. She licked her dry lips before reminding herself that it was now or never. She placed both hands on either side of his face and brought her lips to his in a brief, yet firm, kiss. When she pulled back, she opened her eyes slowly to see that his were still closed. "Thank you, Jack."

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