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After Haruhi's mother died, Ranka asked his child hood friend, Mito, if Haruhi can live with him in America. There, she met Renge, Mito's daughter. After 7 years, Haruhi is about to enter university. She recieved a letter from Tokyo university telling her that she was accepted. Haruhi returned to Japan.
Due to unfortunate circumstances, her admission to Tokyo U was void. Luckily, a man, named Suoh Yuzuru offered to help her enter another University, but she has to do a favor for the man. Another problem is, that University is an All-boys school.

Kyouya is her cold and egoistic roommate.
Tamaki falls for her and he ended up thinking and admitting that he became a gay because of Haruhi.
Haruhi becomes good friend with Hani - their dorm head.
Mori becomes her 'protector'. She is quite attracted to him.
Hikaru is known as the school's playboy. He always teases Haruhi.
Kaoru also loves to tease Haruhi, but he is more matured than his win.

Will she be able to survive this ordeal? What if she accidentaly finds a very special kind of love at the most unlikely situation in the most unlikely place?

The plot of the story have some kind of similarities with Hana-Kimi.. This would be a very long story.. The relationships/pairings will appear at the mid-chapters.. The initial chapters are mostly character development.. Sorry if some of the characters are OOC.. and yea, this fic is kinda AUish..

I would appreciate comments.. please no flames.. Thank you.. By the way, this is my 1st fic.. and this is unbeta-ed.. so if any one wants to help me... i thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I hope you enjoy reading! yea, we all love Ouran!!