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Haruhi rushed outside the nurse's office to look for Kyouya. She seriously needed to know if the shadow king had found out anything about her secret. 'I hope he's in the room..' She thought as continued running.
Haruhi stopped in her tracks when she saw someone standing outside her room. She tried to retreat, but it was too late, for her blonde senpai had already spotted her. 'Great. Just the person I wanna see..' She thought sarcastically.
"Ha-ru-hi!!", shouted tamaki as he walked towards haruhi. "How are you? I'm so sorry haruhi.. Please don't be mad at daddy!", he said with a puppy eyes.
"I'm okay senpai.. Don't worry.. I'm not mad at you..", she sincerely said.

"Really?", he said as he shifted to one of his lighter moods.
Tamaki noticed the obvious tiredness in haruhi's face. So, he volunteered to take care of her. He also kept on blaming himself for what had happened to her. Haruhi politely declined the blonde's offer. He asked her if could sleep over in her room tonight. Haruhi told him to ask Kyouya about this sleep over thing. Tamaki knew that the shadow king wouldn't agree; so, he surrendered and decided to take care of haruhi some other time.


Haruhi went inside the room, thinking of how she would ask her senpai about what happened this morning. She was nervously waiting for the shadow king to arrive. Her heart was pounding harder for every minute that was passing.
"I wonder what's taking him so long", she mumbled as she once again shifted from her seat. She stood up when she heard a knock from the door. What she saw next was the discarded and half-awaked figure of her roommate carried by Mori-senpai. With them was the loli-shota head of dorm 1.

"Good evening haru-chan!", greeted the small senior.
"Hani-senpai.. What..what happened?", she asked as she moved to the side to let the three guys pass.

"Well..kyou-chan was already drunk when we found him near the garden..", he said with a disbelief in his voice. "We didn't know why.. Or what happened to him..", he explained.

"Oh..", she said as she looked from Hani to Kyouya.
"He has a low alcohol tolerance you know..", hani continued. "And he normally doesn't drink.. So, we are confused too, ne takashi?", said hani as he looked at his cousin.
"Ah..". With that, the tall senior carefully lay the shadow king in his bed; haruhi and hani assisted him.

"So haru-chan. Please watch him at the moment. Okay?", the cutesy senior said. "If something happens, just tell us immediately.."
"Oh..Hai! No problem hani-senpai.", she said with a slight hesitation.
"Okay then.. Goodnight haru-chan! Sweet dreams!"
"Good night haruhi."
"Bye hani-senpai. Bye Mori-senpai.. Goodnight!"

With that, the two seniors left the room. Haruhi sighed deeply as she closed the door. She was a bit disappointed because she couldn't confront her senpai now; obviously, he was in the "alcohol" paradise. She walked over to see the moaning shadow king. Truth be told, she didn't expect to see him in a state like this. She was used to seeing him in a well-straightened clothes and a smart posture.

"Aiiirrcccon..issso..hottttt", he moaned.
Haruhi stepped closer, almost standing at the side of the bed.
"Senpai..", she called as she tapped his arm gently.

"Hhhhoottt..arree youu deaf?!", he moaned louder while he motioned his hands to his shirt.
"Then take off your shirt!", haruhi said almost shouting.

"Senpai..!", she called louder and bent lower to see what was going on.
Haruhi noticed how her roommate was sweating heavily.

"I..sssaaid it'sss.Hhottt.!!"
"Okay..okay..I understand.!", she said.

'Tsk. This bastard is still demanding even though he's drunk!'. She rolled her eyes with that thought. Haruhi motioned to unbutton her roommate's shirt. It wasn't easy as she thought; this whole thing is killing her. Kyouya shifted to his other side so his back was now facing Haruhi. "Great! Thanks for making things harder for me senpai", she said as she began to lose her patience. On the other hand, Kyouya was still moaning and mumbling some words about "commoners", which made haruhi even more pissed.

"Why am I even doing this?!" she said loudly to herself while trying to figure out how to remove this stupid shirt from her uncooperative drunken senpai.

"Ouuchh! Waatcch it!!", he shouted. "Ugh! this bastard is impossible!", she said while controlling her hand from hitting him. She slightly climbed into the bed by placing one of her legs on top of it while the other leg stayed on the floor for support. She bent as far as she can go, trying to continue to unbutton Kyouya's shirt. She paused when he once again shifted. He was once again laying flat on his back. Haruhi started to move back when she realized that his face was only a few feet away from hers; however, she paused when he spoke...

"Heeeyy commonerrr.!.", he said groggily as his eyes began to open slightly. Haruhi glared at him for a moment. "What can I do for you your 'highness'?!", she sarcastically asked as she continued removing his shirt. For some reasons, she was so pissed at the shadow king right now. She couldn't believe that he could still say some offensive comments about "commoners" even though he was drunk.

"Wwhy arree youuu so sloww?!"
"It's not easy to undress a drunken bastard you know!", she backfired while completely removing his shirt.

"A ddrunkken whhaat?!..". With that, kyouya raised his upper body about 45 degrees; his elbows supporting his weight. Haruhi didn't back out from the shadow king's look; her upper body was still slightly leaning over him. She was about to snap at him when his left arm grabbed her. She easily lost her balance and fell on top of the shadow king. Her eyes doubled in size when she realized that he was kissing her. She gasped and almost fainted when she got the taste of the shadow king; she didn't taste any signs of alcohol from him, instead, she tasted something like a grape or a wine.

Then, she realized this entire thing: he was a boy, she was a girl, they are in the same bedroom, she was on top of her shirtless senpai, and he was kissing her! She tried to pull away from him, but she was at a disadvantage based from their position. She started to panic when the shadow king's kisses became more passionate and his grip became slightly tighter.

She then lifted her right arm, moved it back, and "strongly" punched her roommate straight in the eye, causing him to shut off. Good thing the shadow king wasn't wearing his eyeglass, she was sure that it would cost her a lot of money should she need to replace that eyeglass. Immediately, she climbed out of the bed and locked herself into their bathroom. She was panting heavily, feeling a strange kind of electricity flowing all over her body. Unconsciously, she brought her hand up and touched her lips. She couldn't believe that she had just lost her first kiss to the shadow king... 'oh mother..'


..the next day.. inside the 3rd music room.. Before the club hours start..

The host club members, except for Tamaki, were sitting quietly around a table. An unfamiliar silence filled the normally chaotic room. The only sound that could be heard was the 'tak.tak.tak' as the host club's vice-president busied himself typing. As for the other members, their eyes were rapidly moving as if sending messages to each other. THEY saw 'it'... but didn't dare ask HIM about 'it'... even the seniors mori and hani didn't dare speak about it.

Until the host club president came..

"Everyone!! I have a surprise!!"
The members' attentions were called by the excited blonde. He was about to announce the surprise when he noticed 'something' that the other members had noticed as well..

"Eh..mom!?..", he paused. "What happened to your eye?!..", he said as he rushed to see the shadow king. The twins looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Hani looked at mori and held his cousin's sleeve.

"Mom!! Tell me who did this!!", the blonde dramatically shouted. A deadly glare from the shadow king was enough to tell tamaki that he didn't want to talk about this thing.

Kyouya was furious. He didn't know what exactly happened last night. Hell he was surprised to see a black in his left eye when he saw himself in the mirror this morning. He called his private police to do a secret investigation to know who did this to him; whoever it was, he wouldn't have any mercy to that person! He tried to think about the things that happened yesterday: he went to the garden near the dorm 1, he brought a red wine with him. Now, why did he brought a wine again? He asked himself. Then, things started to make sense.. He remembered.. Tamaki playing soccer..haruhi felt unconsious..then, he accidentally discovered haruhi's secret.. Haruhi.. Just the thought of the 'way' he discovered her secret was enough to make him uncomfortable.. That reason was enough to make him 'drink' yesterday.. He wanted to forget the strange thing he felt yesterday when his hand brushed into haruhi's..soft chest..

"Damn!", he mumbled out loud. His fellow members just stared at him in disbelief. He closed his laptop, stood up, and started to walk away. "I'm getting an off today..", he said before walking out of the room. He needed a space. He needed to set himself straight. He walked briskly along the corridors without even looking where he was going. He was so engrossed with his thoughts that he didn't see someone walking straight towards his way. Then, they collided! Kyouya's glasses went flying off from his face. He felt himself being pulled by the other person who was now falling back.


"Ouch!" "Watch it!!", they said simultaneously as they tried to untangle themselves from each other. Then, they both froze as their eyes met each other. 'Shit', kyouya thought as he once again remembered yesterday's events. 'Oh damn', haruhi thought as she saw the black eye from her punch yesterday, she also remembered the kiss from him...


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