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Chapter 2

Silence reigned over the bedroom as pale shell-shocked blue eyes stared back at confusion filled eyes of deep green.

Then a monstrous pain crashed through Carlton Lassiter's cranium like a sledgehammer effectively shattering the silence with the groan it caused the man to make.

The dark hair man brought a hand up to his head in a futile attempt to alleviate the vicious headache that had seemed to come out of no where.

The other man on the bed instantly came to his side.

" Lassie what's wrong?" Asked Shawn worry evident in his voice as he eyed his husband.

" God my head is killing me." Hissed Carlton.

Lassiter was so intent on clutching vainly at his head that he didn't see the concerned look on Shawn's face turn into a Cheshire cat grin.

Still grinning Shawn pounced on his unsuspecting significant other.

Carlton let out a yelp of surprise as he was all but tackled and pushed backwards onto the bed and it's soft pillows.

Wide pale blue eyes stared up to meet now sparkling deep green one as Carlton Lassiter found himself on his back with Shawn Spencer looming over him.

" That my Love, is what is known as a hang over. The result of consuming copious amounts of alcohol in one night." Chuckled Shawn.

" Oh, okay. That explains the headache but, why did I drink so much last night?" Asked Carlton.

He watched as a slightly taken aback look graced Shawn's face before he spoke.

" Well, that must have been one Hell of a spirit last night that could make you not remember that yesterday was our first wedding anniversary."

A few seconds later the look on Shawn's face changed from startled to predatory.

Carlton felt an involuntary shiver creep up his spine as he squirmed under the hungry green gaze.

Shawn leaned in close, so close that Carlton could feel the younger man's warm breath ghosting over his lips as he spoke.

" I bet I can jog your memory." Growled Shawn his voice rough and husky.

Then without giving Lassiter a chance to process and then maybe protest his words, Shawn lunged forward and covered the unsuspecting man's mouth with his own.

Carlton let out a muffled grunt of surprise and couldn't help but feel a sense of Deja vu at how this was the reverse of the dream he'd had earlier.

But, Deja vu was blasted away by a fiery jolt as Carlton felt something wet and near molten hot snake past the seam of his lips and plunge deep inside his mouth.

" Lord have mercy" Thought Carlton.

After a few very long seconds under Shawn's assault the dark haired man soon felt all of the tension drain out of him.

With a low moan Lassiter's whole body seemed to sigh and he simply gave in to the sensations.

Shawn smiled into Lassiter's mouth as he felt his husband finally start to respond to him.

The smile turned into a muffled moan as Shawn felt warm and familiar hands roughed with callouses seek out the smooth expance of his bare back.

As he let the heat of their joined mouths wash over him Lassiter felt something inside him snap.

It sent a primal urge through him, rippling across his entire being.

Shawn broke off the kiss with a startled yelp as he felt hard and unyielding fingers somehow tangle themselves into the hair at the back of his head and yank.

Shawn dimly heard a low rumble, a deep growl as he was rolled onto his back.

When his eyes regained their focus Shawn found himself staring up at blue eyes that seemed to have turned almost black with desire.

The younger man felt a delicious little shiver run up the length of his spine as he laid pinned under his husband's deep and dark gaze.

Shawn's own lips turned up in a lust filled grin as he spoke.

" There he is. There's my strong, dominant, alpha-ma... Ahhh GOD!"

Shawn broke of into a choked yell as he arched almost clear off the bed.

Shawn gasped and moaned softly as he felt the hand that wasn't tangled in his hair continue in it's intimate touching beneath the crisp white bed sheet pooled over Shawn's lower half.

Lassiter was completely enthralled by the sight before him.

Shawn panting hard and writhing beneath him.

But, when Shawn's vocals of his pleasure were steadily growing louder in volume and his hips were starting to to lightly jerk in time with his hand, Lassiter decided he'd torment his husband just a little.

Shawn gave a small noise of protest as the hand that had been giving him such almost painful pleasure still in it's motrailvement and withdrew completely.

Before he could even utter a word to get his husband to resume in his earlier action, Shawn found himself yelping in surprise as he was manhandled onto his front with lightening fast speed and the sheets that had been covering his nakedness were swiftly yanked away leaving him completely bare.

Shawn inhaled sharply as he felt the warm and familiar weight of his husband's body drape over him like a living breathing blanket.

He bit back the urge to let loose a happy moan as he felt Carlton's moderately furred chest pressed down against his bare back.

Shawn's eyes fluttered shut and he simply let himself revel in the feeling of the other man's solid body and warm breath against the back of his neck.

Carlton looked down at Shawn with a mix of exhilaration and hunger. His hands were all but aching with the urge to touch and map out the warm and smooth body beneath him.

So the dark haired man gave in to his body's urges and reached out with his left hand.

" Oh God." Breathed Shawn with a small gasp as he felt blunt finger nails trailing up his side sending small jolts of pleasure through his whole body.

Shawn chuckled softly as the nails trailed over the side of his ribcage, he was ticklish there after all.

Carlton nuzzled his face into the skin at the side of Shawn's neck and was pretty sure his husband could feel his smile of contentment as Carlton's hand glided over Shawn's shoulder and trailed down his arm until he'd reached the other man's left hand.

Shawn's eyes fluttered open so that he could see Carlton's hand slowly intertwine with his own so that there silver wedding bands lightly clinked together.

Shawn sighed deeply and rubbed his thumb along the side of Carlton's curled index finger and simply melted beneath his husband.

" Yesterday was our first anniversary and we went to that new Italian place, Lobo De Luna. We had reservations for one of the private booths. It was good food, good wine, and you being more mischievous as than usual." Rumbled Carlton.

The sound of his husband's voice sent shivers up Shawn's spine and a spike of molten hot need down his private regions.

" Carlton... Please." Whispered Shawn as he arched up into the body covering him.

Carlton bit back a small moan at the movement and instead forced himself to keep in control of his body's urges.

Deciding to still make Shawn wait for true fulfillment, Carlton set about refamiliarizing himself with the body beneath him at whatever pace he wanted.

Shawn let a tiny noise of pleasure escape him as he felt familiar soft and warm lips start kissing a trail up his spine all the way to the back of his neck.

Shawn squeezed the hand still tightly entwined with his own and closed his eyes, letting the sensations wash over him.

Pretty soon, everything melted away, and there was only him and Carlton.

Him and his Carlton.

Several long hours later...

Carlton Lassiter sigh deep and easy as he let the feeling of being absolutely warm and content in every sense of the word wash over him.

A soft noise beside him told him his husband was feeling the exact same way.

Carlton ran a gentle hand over a naked shoulder belonging to the bare body that was laying half on top and half beside his own.

Shawn's skin was still lovely flushed from their earlier exertions, he was dozing lightly in the blue eyed man's arms with his head pillowed against Carlton's chest.

Carlton smiled softly and reached up with his other hand, gently carding long fingers through Shawn's light brown locks.

" Mmm."

Shawn made another noise of contentment and burrowed further into Carlton's embrace and it's appealing warmth.

Carlton sighed a closed his own eyes for a few moments.

He wished that they could stay in this blissful euphoria for the rest of the day but, Carlton knew that staying this way any longer would lead to later unpleasantness.

Blue eyes fluttered back open and moved to gaze down at the mop of light brown hair sticking up in slight disarray against their owner's shoulder.

" Shawn, hey Shawn wake up." Said Carlton softly.

" Mmph... Carlton quit it, I wanna sleep here... You make a wonderful pillow." Mumbled Shawn as he started to drift off again.

" Hey, don't fall asleep again. C'mon we gotta get up and take a shower." Sighed Carlton with a small smile as he lightly shook Shawn.

" Oh, alright alright I'm up. Let go take that shower." Grumbled Shawn as he pushed himself up into a sitting position and then slowly dragged himself out of bed.

Once he was up on his feet Shawn started to make his way out of the bedroom but paused halfway to the door and turned to eyes his husband still lounging on the bed.

" You comin' or not Carly." He asked with a sleep roughened voice.

" Oh, I'm coming Shawn, just thought I'd enjoy the view first." Grinned Lassiter.

Shawn scoffed and turned back around, deciding to give his spouse the show he wanted with a small swaying of his hips as he headed down the hall.

He may as well have been waving a piece of meat in front of a hungry wolf because the next thing Shawn knew he was being all but tackled and nearly lifted off his feet as he was pulled the rest of the way down the hall and lightly shoved through the bathroom door on the right.

The door shut loudly after them and a few moments later the sounds of running water filled the silence.

A few minutes later... a very happy and very loud voice rang out from behind the closed bathroom door.