Only Hope

Rating: K+

A/N: Hi everyone. This is my first attempt at a Batman Begins/TDK story. It's not related directly to the movie but it has some parallels. I have seen Batman Begins too many times to count and TDK three times already. (I'm hoping to see it in IMAX!) But I am a die-hard Bruce/Rachel fan. Please read and review. I'd love to know what you think.

Disclaimer: I do not own Batman or any of characters… you get the point.

Ship: Bruce/Rachel

It was just another night in Gotham City. The full moon was hidden behind the clouds as the caped crusader, known as Batman, looked down on the city from his spot on one of the building tops. He listened carefully to the radio messages.

"It seems quiet tonight," he murmurs to himself.

Batman takes the radio from his belt and radios Alfred.

"Alfred," he calls softly over the radio.

"Yes, sir?" Alfred replies back.

"There seems to be no trouble tonight. I'm going to head back now," Batman said.

"Very well, sir," Alfred said, ending the conversation.

Batman silently leaped off the building and plummeted into the darkness below. He landed with a skill and ease that came from practice. He silently ran to where the Bat Tumbler was hidden and revved the engine up.

After shedding his armor, Bruce made it to the bedroom in his penthouse. He was quite surprised to see Rachel there.

"Rachel?" he asked surprised.

She turned around and saw him, shirtless and standing there in shock.

"Bruce, hi," she said to her long-time best friend.

He walks over toward where she stood by the windows. Bruce couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Rachel was, even though she wasn't fancily dressed. To Bruce, she was the whole world. For a few moments nothing was said between them. She looks over at him and sees how well muscled his body was. But she notices the various bruises and scars. She shudders slightly and Bruce saw that.

"Everything alright?" he asks gently.

"Don't they all hurt?" she asks him.

"Some do, but it's a sacrifice I make," he answers.

She lays a hand on his shoulder and he winces slightly. Rachel moves to take her hand away but he reaches out to her and pulls her close to him. He buries his head in her hair and breathes in her scent.

"I don't want to lose you, Rachel. But I need to be with you," he says softly, so softly that she had to strain herself to hear it.

"Bruce…" she starts.

Rachel pulls away slightly, but not completely. "I can't live knowing you're out there and might not come back," she quietly confesses.

"But for tonight, just stay with me?" Bruce pleads, reminding Rachel of the little boy she fell in love with.

She bows her head and thinks the idea over. Bruce silently braces himself for a rejection he knew would come.

"Ok," was Rachel's tired admission.

Bruce's eyes light up and he pulls her towards his bed. They lie down together and Bruce pulls her close to him. Rachel sighs, contentedly and lets the warmth that was Bruce's body, comfort her. For one night they could be together pretending that everything was right in the world. Rachel knew that he needed her; she had become his only hope. It was lucky for him that she needed him just the same. Because once the morning came, who knew what would happen? But for now, they were both safe, lying in each other's arms.