This is a one-shot entry I wrote for an IDW message board forum fanfic challenge.

Rating: PG
Challenge Requirements: Write an AtS/BtVS fic that includes a dog and a holiday.


"Okay, listen up, ladies. We're going to go over a new drill this morning. I need you all to line up across the dojo and face me...there you go. Eyes straight ahead."

"Where's our regular instructor?"

"She had an important assignment and couldn't make it today."

"I'll bet she's out Christmas shopping."

"I saw her looking at a Gap flyer yesterday. She's out Christmas shopping."

"Never mind where she is. Everyone stretched and loosened up?"

"We'd be looser if we could go Christmas shopping."

"Quiet. I want you to stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Now take small alternating steps in place -- no, put more of a hop into it."

"Is this part of a kata?"

"Little faster. Good, Third Girl From the Left. Good knee work."

"Are we supposed to be skipping rope? It looks like we're skipping rope."

"Now we're going to add the upper body movement. Bend your wrists and turn your hands backward, palms down."

"Are we about to shadow-box?"

"Is this part of a taolu?"

"Now bring your arms up with elbows, keep the wrists bent, too...there you you're balancing a tray of food on top of each palm."

"You mean like a waiter?"

"Is this part of a pumsae?"

"Eww, I hope not. That sounds kinda dirty."

"Pay attention. Lift your knees higher about every third step. HIGH KNEES!"

"Jeez, you don't have to yell."

"Keep going...and tip your heads up so that you're looking directly at the ceiling."

"Hey, wait a minute. This looks like..."

"You asshole..."