I do not own Naruto or any of the characters in that manga/show for that matter. But I do own this fanfiction, and Raiju & Sora. (Come in later in story) Life sucks.

Anima: School started a week ago………

Sora: Sucks to be you!

Anima: Well you could've said it in a nicer manner. Hey by the way have you seen Sasuke or Naruto?

Sora: Yes.

Anima: Then where are they?

Sora: It's classified.

-moaning in backround-

Anima: Yeah……. I don't think I wanna know anymore……..or do I?


Who am I? The name is Namikaze Naruto. I am daughter of the deceased Yondaime. Kyuubi is a supposed monster that

still haunts our village of Konohagakure like a nightmare, but I call her my beloved mother. Yes mother. I am a hanyou.

Nine tails is very rare, and I was lucky enough to carry that trait from my mother along with two fiery red fox ears on top of

my long, golden hair. My sun-kissed skin is flawless except for three whiskers decorating each cheek on my heart-shaped

face. My cerulean eyes showing every emotion that I was feeling. If I was not wearing my Anbu uniform (Which was most

of the time.), my outfit was consist of an orange tank top with black khakis, and with an orange kunai holster on my thigh

for easier access. My fiery red fox ears and nine tails would always be groomed to perfection even if I am a tomboy at

heart. Oh wait, I didn't tell you about the whole Anbu ordeal. My codename is FOX and I have been an Anbu Captain for

four years. I know it is kind of hard to believe that a 12 year old girl became an Anbu captain at only eight years old, but it

is true. I graduated from the academy when I was but four years old. Became chuunin one year later. Jounin two after. I

am a S-class ninja with many people currently after my hide but it does not faze me one bit. This might sound sadistic but I

enjoy it a lot. Being in the Bingo book is a honor (Or really bad. Lol) especially for someone of my age. I think I am number

seven in it…………..or is it six? I think I am beginning to babble. I might be well known and a great asset to Konoha but I am

also feared and hated. Mom says that it's only natural after what happened twelve years ago. After all my mom is the

Kyuubi No Youko; ruler of all demons and hanyous. I am her one and only heir to the throne. She is beautiful. With her hair

the color of crimson, along with her ruby red eyes. Her scarlet nine tails and ears gives her an appearance of a goddess.

She is my everything.

I may be hated among some of the humans but I am loved and cherished among the demons and hanyous of my land.

That is where my home is.

Anima: Well that is it. Hope that you guys liked it.

Raiju: It was boring.

Anima: Well it is the prologue after all. Aren't they all boring as hell?

Raiju: You got a point there.

-Naruto and Sasuke enter the room.-

Anima: Did you two have fun? wink, wink.-

Naruto: Pervert!

Anima: I thank you.

Sasuke: Hn.

Naruto: Hey why did you make me a girl in this fic?

Anima: Because I can. Besides you make an kawaii girl.

Naruto: I HATE YOU!!

Anima: Awww……. I love you too.

-Sasuke stands behind Anima. Clearly angry.-

Anima: Uh oh……. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!