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Raiju: You've completely forgot about us.

Anima:No, I have not. I have been busy with school lately.

Sora: Meanie.................................

Anima: I also heard that Obama wants us to go to school for longer days and more days in a week.

Raiju: Why?

Anima: Dunno. But I already am in school by seven a.m. everyday until four in the afternoon. I don't need anymore school.

Sora: Sucks to be you. Unlike you, we're not real so we don't have to go to school.

Anima: Don't rub it in.................................



"Hey, okaa-san stop! I forgot, but it's not my fault though. I mean I did groom eight out of the nine, and that has to count for something, right?" Naruto asked, and she recieved a whack on the head by her mom which earned a few snickers around the table until she decidedly glare at them which halted them and they quickly returned to eating breakfast. But there was still something on her mind. Something that was confusing her.

'Do I like the teme? Ooh!!!!!!! RAMEN!!!!' Naruto thought. Okay, maybe not.


The people at the table were not eating except for one. They were too engrossed in watching the slightly revolting sight before them to even consider eating right now. Naru was gobbling down all the ramen she could get her greedy hands on, which was a lot since Kyuubi thought that it would be nice treat for her daughter since she didn't get to see her that often. Boy, was she wrong. It was a bloodbath. A few minutes ago Sora attempted to grab one of the bowls of instant ramen but Naruto almost literally bit his arm off. No one bothered doing that again.

"Uh............Naru-chan.........don't you think you should stop now. We don't want you to get sick." Itachi said sincerely but the blonde-haired girl, being the good child that she was, simply ignored him. (^_^)

'I'm surprised that she's not four-hundred pounds yet.' Thought Sakura as she could only sweat drop at this scene. After a few more minutes and all the ramen was devoured Naruto finally stopped and gave out a content burp.

"Eww. That's nasty, Naruto!" Whined Sora as he covered his nose and mouth to keep himself from breathing the horrible stenching gas.

"Deal with it." Naruto amusedly said as she contently rubbed her stomach in satisfaction.

"Dobe." Sighed Sasuke as he scooted away from the blonde-haired girl and shifted closer to Kyuubi-sama.

"What? I don't get what your guys problem is! I haven't had ramen in almost a week so I wanted to indulge myself a little!!! Is that so wrong?" Questioned Naruto as she wiped the remaining noodles off her mouth with a napkin.

"A little? Look at the table it's a mess!!!" Exclaimed Kyuubi, and indeed it was. There was miso soup drenched all over the tabled cloth. Ramen noodles decorated the flower arrangement that was in the center of the table. Not to mention that poor Raiju had noodles sticking all over his clothes and skin. (1)

"Yeah, thanks." Commented Raiju as he tried to remove all of the now dried up noodles on him.

"Sorry." Giggled Naruto as she noticed Raiju's condition.

"Maybe you need to retake those ediquette lessons Naru." Kyuubi-sama stated as a matter of factly. Naruto made the weirdest face after hearing that little bit of information, which made everyone laugh. There was no way that she was taking those lessons...............AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She somehow scheemed her way through it when her mom was visiting another kingdom to make peaceful negotiations with the Subaku kingdom. She put a genjutsu on a girl with somewhat similar features so that no one would know the difference, well, except her okaa-san but she already solved that problem. How the hell was she supposed to make it through this one.

"Hehe..................okay.......er............No problem." Stuttered the blonde-haired hanyou with a forced grin decorating her face.

"Good. If you don't finish the sessions with Ms. Mitarashi Anko, I'll have no choice but to ban ramen in this castle for the remainder of your stay Naru-chan." Kyuubi-sama sweetly said behind her smirk adorning her face. Naruto looked like a fish.


"Gaara! Naruto came back!!" Exclaimed Temari as she ran towards her youngest brother whom was in the garden, with the excitment of the news. Gaara raised a non-existent eyebrow before a beautiful smile graced his usual harsh features. (2)

"Temari, get Kankuro. We're leaving at the crack of dawn." Commanded the red-haired demon. Temari nodded her head before heading back inside the castle. His emerald eyes sparkled in delight; his tail wagging slowly. It has been four years since he last saw his only friend, ad this time he plans to make her his mate.


Sora: Wow. That was short.

Anima: I know but I am sick and I am getting sleepy.

Raiju: Do you always get sick?

Anima: yea, but that is because I have a weak immune system.

Sora: Oh.

Raiju: Hate to be you then.

Anima: I knowz...........................


Well, I hope that you enjoyed this short chapter. It was more like a filler but the next chapter will be better. Bye peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!