Alanna circled the palace corridors dagger in hand, she didn't intend to hurt Raoul just scare the living daylights out of him. She laughed ruefully to herself, "silly fool should never have left a spider on my pillow" she thought.


Alanna woke up to the sight of a rather large and fairly hairy spider resting on her pillow, staring at her with its many eyes. Alanna screamed, loud and long. When she finally stopped to breathe and scream again, the sounds of Raoul's laughter could be heard emitting from the next room. Within the blink of an eye Alanna's knight training kicked in and she slapped the spider off of her pillow to meet its untimely end with a stone wall. Alanna rose from her position on her bed and stalked towards the door that led to Jonathan's room.

She ripped the door open to find all of her friends, with the exception of Raoul, seated around a table shocked expressions plastered on their faces. Raoul was on the floor laughing uncontrollably. Alanna's threats were lost in the sounds of Raoul's laughter, eventually she gave up and stormed back to her adjoining room, none of her other friends having moved from their current positions.

End Flashback

After hours of searching the palace Alanna finally spotted her target lurking in a dark corner of the palace courtyard, almost as if her were hiding from her. Alanna inwardly chuckled at the idea of her huge friend being afraid of her, but today she would give him a good reason to fear.

Silently Alanna crept upon the giant as she unsheathed her blunt dagger. Just inches away from Raoul's towering frame she stopped contemplating how she would launch her attack. Eventually though Alanna thought that it would just be best if she got a leg up from the pillar behind her and jumped on his back.

Stealthily Alanna found a foothold about a foot and a half up on the pillar and pounced on Raoul's back, quickly pressing the dagger to his neck. "Got-" was all Alanna had managed to get out before she felt herself being grabbed by the elbow and flung over Raoul's shoulder onto the cobbled ground.

The throw had come unexpectedly and caught Alanna off guard. She landed heavily on her backside and glared up at a now laughing Raoul. "How did you-" Alanna found herself being cut off again as Raoul laughed harder and pointed at a figure deep in the shadows of the palace eaves.

"George" Alanna breathed as she mentally smacked herself for being so stupid. Raoul hadn't been standing in the dark because he was hiding from Alanna's rath, he was trying to talk to George without having to leave the palace grounds. As head of the Rouge George wasn't supposed to be within the confines of the palace walls, but when you're friends with the future Tortallian king you find your way to be marked with less obstacles than your average thief.

"George sow you when you first entered the courtyard before I was even spotted." Raoul chuckled. Alanna opened her mouth to say something unintelligible about George, but was cut off yet again as George waved a hand at her silencing whatever retort she had in mind. Alanna fumed silently to herself, their interruptions had started to become a bad habit. "Aye we know. You hate the both of us with a fiery passion. I believe I've heard this song somewhere before." he smiled wickedly at her.

Grumbling incoherently, Alanna stood up and brushed herself off. She glared at her two friends, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but that hatred evolved into full blown loathing about a week ago when I awoke to my hairy friend." Alanna knew that George had helped Raoul get into her room, as Raoul couldn't pick a lock to save his life. The two males merely laughed and rolled their eyes at her. "Laugh all you want but next time you won't be so lucky."

Her threat seemed to fall on deaf ears and they both ignored her. Now it was Alanna's turn to roll her eyes as she quickly walked away already plotting her revenge. She was going to need more lock picks…

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