one year later

"This place doesn't look half bad," Kisame commented, looking at the two story house.

"Yeah," Hidan agreed. He turned around to look at his lover. "Kakuzu, hurry the hell up or we're leaving you!"

"I'm here, I'm here," Kakuzu grumbled. Itachi was walking beside him, eyes as disinterested as always. The four of them stared at the house. "You know, it doesn't seem like this is the new Akatsuki base," Kakuzu muttered thoughtfully.


The group watched as a window was blown out of the house, followed by Konan's shouting and Deidara crying out in pain. "Forget what I just said." Hidan smirked and grabbed the banker's hand, pulling him toward the house with Kisame and Itachi behind them.

Sasori and Pein were outside the house, handing a delivery boy enough money to make Kakuzu sick. "What was that for?" he asked as the teen ran off.

"Pizza. Don't give me that look!" Pein ordered, seeing the expression on Kakuzu's face. "It was either this or let Konan cook." The banker's argument died on his lips; even he wasn't cheap enough to risk saving money by eating Konan's food.

As they walked into the house, they saw Zetsu on Tanya on the living room couch, holding hands. Tanya's belly was much bigger than the last time Kakuzu had seen her; she was full term now. In short, the baby could come any day now.

Tobi was sitting on the floor, trying to watch cartoons. Hidan looked around. "Where the hell is blondie?"

"And if you ever-WHACK-set off any explosives inside my house-WHACK-so help me-WHACK-you'll regret it!" WHACK WHACK WHACK

"Oww!" Deidara rubbed his head where Konan had hit him. "Danna, un," he whimpered. Instantly the red head was holding him, rubbing Deidara's head. "Konan, did you have to be so mean?"

"YES! It took me forever to get Rei to sleep, and now-" a baby's scream interrupted the blue haired woman. "Hold on one sec." She dashed up the stairs, and a moment later the crying stopped. When she came back down the stairs, she was holding a baby girl. The child had Pein's hair, and although you couldn't see them at the moment, Konan's eyes. "If any of you dare to wake Rei up again, I will personally strangle you with my bare hands," she whispered. Deidara gulped and ran out of the room, followed closely by the others, save for Zetsu, Tanya, and Tobi.

"Come on everyone, it's time, un!" Deidara called out happily. The Akatsuki scrambled to get up on the roof before Deidara started the show. Once they were all in place, Deidara began lighting his homemade fireworks.




The Akatsuki gazed at the fireworks in complete bliss. Even little Rei seemed to be enjoying the show. For once everything was calm and peaceful.

For about three minutes.

Tanya suddenly cried out, her eyes widening. She turned to Zetsu, a slightly fearful look on her face. "Zetsu, we have to go to the hospital. NOW!"

"Can't it wait?"

"My water just broke, you asshole!"

"Damn, that's gonna stain the roof," Pein muttered. "Alright, everybody move! Tobi, you go with Zetsu and Tanya. Kisame, you and Itachi go with Deidara and Sasori. AND QUIT MAKING OUT ON MY ROOF! Um, Kakuzu, you and Hidan double up with Sasori, and Konan and I- I SAID QUITE MAKING OUT! Konan, stay here with Rei-TOBI, DON'T JUMP OFF THE ROOF!"




Kakuzu shook his head as the group scrambled about, clearly unprepared for this. This was single-handedly the most chaotic, psychotic, morally deprived, disaster-prone organization in existence.

Then again, what can expect from the Akatsuki?

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