Author's Noteā€”So I just recently received a review, and I'm not gonna say any names, and they were truly upset about my one story that I'm working on right now, Love In Disguise. They said my other stories were better, and even though I personally truly love, Love In Disguise, I'm willing to write another story that is just mainly focusing on Troyella again. In a way, I kind of missed it, but yet I still love experimenting with all the other characters. So in my free time, I'm gonna work on this new story as I work on Love In Disguise, and the sequel to that.

I'm not just writing this story either because of that one review. In truth, I had this story floating around my head for a while now. In ways it almost sounds like One Tree Hill, but the characters are reversed, there's no going off into different story plots, and even though it does revolve around basketball and brothers fighting, I'm doing everything to make it unique.

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They were half brothers; connected by one man.

"Is it weird?" Gabriella asked.

"Is what weird?"

"Seeing your brother walking around school?"

Jason snapped up from his position on the couch. "My half-brother. Half-brother!"


"You know Cross is just looking for trouble." Chad stated.

Troy shot the ball. "Yeah? Well...he invited us, and I'm not backing down."

"And to think that you two are actually brothers." Chad chided.

Troy glared before shooting his rebound violently. "We're half-brothers. Nothing more, and unfortunately nothing less."

Senior year just wouldn't be the same without your best friend at your side.

"Did you print my English paper for me?"

The brunette rolled her eyes. "Try this for a greeting. 'Hey Gabi, my best friend in the whole wide world, how are you today?' And I would say, 'I'm fine. Here you go Jase.' Then you would say, 'Thank you so much!' See?"

Jason rolled his eyes with a small smile. "Hey buddy, how are you today? Thank you."

"You're lucky we grew up together." She grumbled as he took the paper.

What if things start to change?

"You had an awesome game!" She cheered while throwing her arms around him.

He set her down after spinning around. "I guess."

A few cheerleaders walked by, and Jason's eyes were automatically drawn.

"I'll uh...see you later Gabi."

Gabriella rolled her eyes while searching around the gym, and froze at seeing two icy orbs staring at her.

One brother started to take more than a liking to the only Off-Limit Girl.

"Dude, are you crazy!? You just got on the team, and you're already going against your brother!"

Troy glared at the ground, "Half-brother."

Chad rolled his eyes. "It doesn't matter because if Cross finds out that you are flirting with his BEST FRIEND then even more hell will break loose!"

Feelings are being revealed.

"She's my best friend." Jason explained. "I guess I'm just not used to her hanging out with someone else."

Chad looked over to where Jason was staring. "Troy's a good guy. He wouldn't hurt her."


"I knew that you could do it." Gabriella said enthusiastically.

Troy flashed her an earth shattering smile. "Not without your help."

"I'm so proud of you."

"Proud enough to give me a kiss?"

"I think that can be arranged." She murmured.


"Just stay the fuck away from her!"

"Who are you?! Her body guard?!"

The dark sets of eyes glared at each other.

"Her best friend, and I'm only gonna give you one warning."

Will the brothers be able to share her?

"He's been my best friend I can remember." Gabriella explained softly.

"Is he that important?" He scoffed.



"I can't help it Jase. I really, REALLY like him." She sounded desperate.

"I can't believe this is happening. You do realize that he has been our enemy since like, the first grade?"

Gabriella glared. "No. He's been YOUR enemy since the first grade. I've only known him for a couple of weeks."

Will temptation win?

"I think this was a bad idea. I should've listened to Jase."

Troy hid his hurt, and pulled her by the belt loops; closer to himself to feel her heat.

"Don't say that."

Or will Brotherly hate get in the way.

"What the hell are you doing on my court?" He demanded.

Troy finished lacing up his shoes before standing up. "This isn't your court anymore."

"We'll see about that."

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