A/N: Don't ask. Dedicated to Rainbowblack since she wanted a Glamarella story.

Beth sighed as she drove herself and Santino to the next venue. It wasn't a sigh of relief, but a sigh of annoyance. She had just changed the radio station, and Fergie was playing. It was her song "Glamorous." She didn't think that Santino knew the words.

But it was worse than him singing along. He was making up his own words.

Santino was dancing and singing in the passenger's seat of the car. If she wasn't involved with him, she would have tossed him out the window for being so annoying.

Beth tried to change the channel, but Santino slapped her hand away. "Beth! Do not a-change my jam!" he yelled, and then continued to sing along.

"We're driving first class out on the road. Drinking soda pop to live our lives. We're Beth and Santino and that won't change. We're Glamarella. Champions, champions," Santino sang as the chorus played.

Beth rolled her eyes in annoyance. It was one thing that she put up with him all the time, but now he was singing about their relationship?

"G-L-A-M-A-R-E-LL-A!" Santino spelled out loud, putting both L's on the same beat so it would match the music.

"Santino, if you keep singing, I'm going to pull this car over!" Beth said angrily.

"Maybe I should a-stop so we can a-make sexy time!" Santino danced, still rocking out to Fergie.

"Keep singing, Santino," Beth grumbled. "Just keep on singing."