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Eriol's burial day,

Tomoyo, Nakuru and Suppi decided to bury his remains at his own backyard. Many of the students and the lecturers from the university (most of them are the girls) came. Even Ben was there. John, Calvin and Joey were not seen around. But James did. He sat beside Tomoyo after the burial ceremony was done.

"I'm sorry about Eriol, Tomoyo."

Tomoyo shook her head.

"Don't. It will make me feel worse."

She looks around.

"So, where John and his friends?"

James shrugs.

"I don't know. But one thing for sure is that I think he's quite pleased that Eriol's gone."

"I bet he is."

A figure shadowed their view of the crowd.

"Can I sit here?"

Said the man.

"Sure Ben."

Said Tomoyo.


Called a ruby-eyed woman.

"What is it Nakuru-chan?"

Asks Tomoyo.

"Come here. Your okasan is here."

"Okay, I'm coming."

She turns to the two blokes.

"Got to go guys. Make yourself comfortable."

She said as she leave the two young man.


Said Ben. James stares at him awkwardly.

"Why aren't you with John?"

Ben takes a sip of his drink.

"I decided to turn a new leaf. I don't want to mingle with them anymore."

"Hmm? Why the sudden change?"

Ben sighs. He stares at Tomoyo who was hugging her mother sadly. Her mother rubs her back and mutter some like 'You still have me'. He smiles sadly and regretfully.

"Lets just say that an angel from heaven has opened my eyes and helped me."

He takes another sip of his drink and put the glass down. He got onto his feet and leaves the compound.


Called a very familiar voice, the voice of his angel. He turns around and saw Tomoyo looking at him.

"Tomoyo…I still don't understand. Why did you forgive me? After all I've done to you. And I killed the person you love."

Tomoyo bit her lip. She sighs.

"Even though you were created to be perfect and knows all. But there is something missing in your life. You're not a complete human. Human is not supposed to be perfect. Now that I've change you into a real human, don't waste my effort and don't feel sorry for what you did. People make mistakes…Let bygones be bygones."

Ben clenches his fist.


Tomoyo touches her tummy.

"…I'm going to be a mother…the old people said that the new born baby will have slack face if the mother killed any living creature during pregnancy."

He stares at her with a sad smile.

"I'm giving you a chance because of them…and I don't want to be a killer…"

Tomoyo smiles sweetly at him.

"…Not supposed to be perfect…I think I know what you meant…from now on…I will try to be more human…"

He smiles at her and leave compound. A gentle breeze swept through (okay…this sentence I feel something is really wrong…to those who review please help me correct it with a better word) her as he leaves. Tomoyo went back to Eriol's grave. She put a handful of Sakura's bud (What? …He likes Sakura flower…you guys must be wondering…where did that Sakura buds came from…well I don't think England have Sakura trees…but they still sell the buds that they import from China or Japan…) on his grave. Tomoyo look at her Sun Saturn pendant (okay I know I called it locket before but I think pendant sounds more formal).

"This is what you want, right, Eriol? I've fulfilled it, so rest in peace…and please bless our child and look after them…Aishiteru…"


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28th April 2003