"Welcome to Haven Bay...Its a great place to live...If your already dead..."

Galen sees the sign and its new ending, no doubt added by the local high school kids with nothing better to do, Great...Not even home yet and already I have a bad feeling about this..."

He leans back in the seat as the limo continues into the city and pulls out a cell phone selecting a number from speed dial, "Hi...Its me...I'm back in the city...Its taken care of I'm on my way home"

Step into a world where Vampyres, Gypsies and Magick are very real, yet still very hidden. A world run by the powerful and mysterious Prince Galen, known to the Mortal world as enigmatic business figure Aryn Raynes, owner of the most successful shipping company in the city, and recent buyer of a Gentleman's club that has been fittingly renamed "Sanctuary". Running the club has been taken care of by Galen's Niece Aislinn, and she has made some changes to the club in her Guardian's absence three months prior...And one of these changes could threaten to change Galen for the rest of his eternal life...