Exit Staged Right
by Thomas Mc

New Beginning

Catherine had been cleaned up and sat beside Vincent, holding her new baby son. Father and the remainder of the rescue team stood around admiring the newborn. For the last half hour she had been thinking about two things. Her beautiful new son, and how much time had been lost or wasted in hers and Vincent's relationship because of the abduction and because of Vincent's stubbornness.

"Well," Father cleared his throat. "I guess we will have to find a chamber for you and your baby."

Catherine looked up. If ever there was a time to take the bull by the horns, it was now. "That's no problem. I can just stay with Vincent."

"What?" Father and Vincent exclaimed simultaneously.

Catherine caressed the infant then gazed at Vincent her eyes full of mischief. "You may not remember it, but you are a hell of a damn good lover." Father sputtered, Joes jaw dropped, Diana and Jamie giggled. Catherine smiled seductively at Vincent. "And I plan to refresh your memory as often as I possibly can." For the first time since she had known him, Catherine learned that Vincent could blush. "Besides, this little darling needs a few brothers and sisters and I expect you to help me supply them." She place her hand on his arm. "If that's not clear enough, I love you and I'm asking you to marry me and make us a real family."

Vincent could feel the love and desire radiating from her like a beacon and was stunned by it's intensity.

Catherine looked up at Father with a twinkle in her eyes. "Father, don't you think Vincent should make an honest woman of me?"

Jacob harrumphed, unable to frame a response.

Vincent finally found his voice. "Catherine, I can not resist the emotions I feel coming from you nor deny the desires of my own heart. I would be honored to be your husband." And he placed his arms around Catherine and his new son as Jamie cheered and Jacob, Joe and Diana all found their eyes unusually moist.

Later that evening Vincent sat at his desk to record a few lines in his current journal about the day's events. After much discussion it was decided that the wedding would be held below in one week. Father would officiate, Peter Alcott would give the bride away, Dianna would be maid of honor, Joe would be best man, and the whole community was invited as witnesses. As he reached for his journal he noticed a new unfamiliar book mixed in with his journals. He pulled it out and opened it. In the front was a note to him from Ron.

Dear Vincent,

I am writing this log so that when
you return you will know what we
did and what I thought about your

Ron Perlman.

He flipped through it, reading occasional passages. Finally he came to the last entry.

They're waiting for me. I only hope I'm up to this challenge
and I pray that I don't let you down. In one hour we begin
our raid on Gabriel's building to rescue Catherine.

He was interrupted by the lovely sound of Catherine's voice. "Vincent, my love, are you coming to bed soon?"

Vincent gazed over at the vision of his beautiful bride and the tiny crib next to the bed. He closed the book and, smiling, stood up. "I'm coming to bed now, love."

~ x x x x x ~

One week later, Joe, Diana, Catherine and two uniformed police officers showed up in Moreno's office together and arrested him for the kidnapping of Catherine Chandler. That evening they participated in a very special wedding.

The End

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