Even though people have made comment after comment about how Loonatics Unleashed is NOT meant to be the original Looney Tunes (which I think we can all agree it isn't), there are a few aspects that I think could still be alluded to in LU. While re-watching the classic Coyote/Roadrunner cartoons (Chuck Jones was a genius by the way), I though of this idea that kept making me think about how deeply the Looney Tunes are imbedded into our pop culture. Hopefully fans of both sides of the LU debate will enjoy this episode, which takes place soon after the series finale events of "In search of Tweetums". And if not, well at least it'll give me an exercise in accepting criticism as a writer.

Loonatics Unleashed is owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. The characters in this story are fictional, no matter what some people may think. Any similarities to any real animals or people living, once living, dead, or undead for that matter is purely coincidental, unintentional, and probably a sign that the world has gone crazy.


Chapter 1: A Restless Roadrunner

"…And so with a few modifications of my own personal design, I managed to repair the wormhole generator and have it up and running again. As you can see, the overall design has been updated to include easy access for both vehicles and pedestrians, as well as to reduce the amount of energy needed for functioning by…"

"Yeah, yeah, that's all well and boring, but I've got other things to do Mr. Techno Geek", interrupted Duck rudely, causing Tech to sneer back at him and for Rev to cross his arms sternly. The three were standing on the platform to Planet Blanc's wormhole generator, which apparently left no ounce of interest in the egotistical duck.

"You-said-you-wanted-a-tour-of-the-planet-didn't-you-so-unless-you-can-travel-the-whole-length-of-Blanc-in-a-matter-of-seconds-like-some-unmentioned-and-slightly-upset-roadrunner-I-suggest-you-find-other-ways-to-make-yourself-useful-like-say-maybe-helping-to repair-the-royal-Tweetum's-palace-which-you failed-to defend-the-last time-or-even…" Rev rambled on before Tech managed to grab his beak shut, apparently gaining a headache from trying to keep pace with Rev's speech, which seemed even quicker than normal today.

But he did agree that Rev had a point. "Like Rev said, if you don't like the generator, then you can just head back to the royal palace and help finish with the repairs". As noted by the tone of Tech's voice to Duck, he wasn't very fond of wasting any more of his time with someone who was less than interested in his work. He was especially proud of the repairs he had made to the generator (having only recently studied about the subject of wormhole technology), and felt that it was worth at least some form of credit.

"Are you kidding? Go back and just waste all this talent by building some silly bird cage? The only thing that could be worse is having to spend another night singing silly lullabies to that insomniac yellow fluff ball". It had only been a week since relocating to the new planet, and yet Duck had seemed to have had it with being a knight to Planet Blanc's Royal Tweetums. "Next time I get offered the chance to be a knight of any kind, just talk me out of it".

But Tech had stopped listening, and went back to work on the generator. "Look, if you're not going to be of any help, why not check on the new Headquarters to see how the rest of the universe is doing", Tech said as he made small adjustments to the large structure, which he was careful not to mess up. The last thing they needed was for the whole planet to blow up like some of his inventions did.

Ignoring Tech's advice, Duck just turned to his reflection in the gleaming generator, observing his dramatic pose in his usual black and orange uniform and humming what sounded like his own theme music to himself.

While Tech continued to adjust the generator, Rev zipped back and forth around the platform, looking at the surrounding sphere of octagon shaped wormhole passages. He jumped impatiently from one spot to the next in a seemingly restless fashion, causing an irritating gust of wind to trail behind him and blow around the entire platform. Taking notice, Tech tried to get his attention while still making a few mental calculations for the generator.

"Hey Rev, are you doing alright?" he called with a concerned tone. The coyote had noticed that the roadrunner had been slightly more restless than normal all day, and was a bit shocked at how he had just snapped at Duck a minute ago. Though it wasn't as if the mallard didn't deserve an occasional lecture, it didn't seem normal for Rev to be the one to talk to anyone that way.

Rev turned away from looking at the surrounding octagonal passages to respond to Tech. "Oh-sure-never-felt-better-I-mean-have-you-seen-the-whole-planet-yet-it's-really-quite-different-than-Acmetropolis-which-is-expected-since-Acmetropolis-is-a-city-planet-wheras-Blanc-is-definitely-more-pastoral-and-about-half-the-size-of-our-old-home-planet-which-isn't-to-say-that-I-mind-the-smaller-area-or-anything-I-just-thought-I'd-mention-it-in-case-you-haven't-gotten-to-see-more-of-the-planet-besides-the-generator-since-you've-spent-most-of-the past-w…"

"REV! For the last time, not using your entire vocabulary in every sentence is perfectly acceptable", Tech stated sternly. He had a hard enough time working on the wormhole technology, which was giving even him a challenge to understand, but it was almost impossible to do while Rev ranted on. "Maybe you could both check back with HQ, I think I'd work better if I had less distractions around", he said politely, indicating mostly to Duck as he continued to hum his little tune even louder than before.

Taking the hint, the two comrades decided it would be best to be somewhere else for now. "Duly noted, Danger Duck departs for dangerous da… um, dangerous destinations of de… dangerous destinations of du… oh what the heck. I'm out of here", the mallard said as he disappeared in a flash of light. The last thing he saw before quacking out was Tech, laughing to himself, apparently very amused with Duck's failed attempt at heroic alliteration.

"Well-see-ya-Tech-sorry-for-being-a-distraction-I-guess-this-is-pretty-hard-science-even-for-a-genius-like-yourself-so-it's-probably-best-to-find-something-else-to-do-which-only-seems-appropriate-since-I-wasn't-really-doing-anything-anyways-and…-OK-then-bye!" Rev ranted quickly as Tech gave him another irritated glance that sent him rushing back through the bridge that lead to the outer layer of Wormhole Central. Lifting off of the yellow space rings that surrounded the blue sphere as his eyes glowed a bright crimson red, he gave off a flaming stream of fire as he flew as fast as he could back to the outer layer of Blanc.

Though his speed allowed him to cover the distance from Wormhole Central to HQ in about a second, he still got a great view of the planet below him. Flying from the middle of the planet through the large gaps that gave the planet it's unique shape, Rev saw the miles of natural landscape that made up their new home. Through the canyons and rocky cliffs shone the natural afternoon light from the planet, which reminded him a bit of his family's home in the desert of Acmetropolis. From his overhead view, Rev couldn't help but sigh at the much smaller size of the planet and how much less space made up it's surface.

It's just not the same, he thought to himself silently.

In no time at all, he approached the Loonatic's new HQ building, located at the northern point of the new planet. Instead of the large tower that housed their last HQ, the group had decided to build a larger yet more ground-based design that was also much more extravagant. From above, Rev could see the different sections that had been divided by designated function, such as luxury, training, and communication for example.

Eyeing the highest point at the top of the structure, Rev reduced his speed as he sailed down a vertical tunnel into the new HQ, slowing to a stop just before he reached the ground that lead to their main station of communication.

"… with da monitors readjusted to allow for full access, we should be able ta be reached by anyone in need of assistance" came the sound of a familiar accent as Rev landed safely in their new Headquarters. Sure enough, Ace was standing in front of the newly installed screens that took up a large side of the room that they were standing in. Next to him was Lexi, who was apparently very interested in seeing how their new HQ operated. Although Rev couldn't help but wonder if she was actually more interested in Ace instead.

The two turned at once though when they heard Rev land nearby, apparently glad to see that the roadrunner was able to use the sky entrance that he had just entered through. Instantly after he landed, there came a flash of bright light from a few feet away, followed by the familiar sight of Danger Duck.

"Awww c'mon! How is it that you could possibly get here faster than I did?! I even quacked out before you managed to get your stupid legs moving!" Duck ranted on while the other three just laughed at how Duck had been outshone in something, again.

"Ah, never mind dat Duck. Rev can't help it if he's the fastest boid in the universe", Ace cut in as he walked away from the monitors, "he'd probably give light itself a run for it's money, literally". Duck just walked away to find something else to do, muttering something crossly under his breath.

"That's some fast flying you must have done Rev", Lexi commented as the three walked through the new communication station. Even though Rev had been the second in command to help build it (behind Tech of course), he still liked to look it over to see how well he and Tech had built it. "Thanks-Lexi-but-I'm-just-your-averge-super-powered-roadrunner", he responded humbly, apparently not too interested in his quickness for the moment.

Continuing to walk along the large hall that was clicking and beeping with constantly active computer monitors, Lexi stared curiously at Rev. He didn't seem as energetic as she thought he would be, especially after they had just finished work on their new HQ. Watching the roadrunner walk next to her and Ace, he seemed almost restless instead.

She wanted to say something, out of concern for her teammate. After all, weren't they there to look out for one another? But she couldn't figure out if something was actually wrong with Rev, or if she was just misinterpreting his attitude and didn't need to say anything at all. Then again, it shouldn't hurt just to ask, right?

But before Lexi could say anything, her highly sensitive ears heard the familiar sound of an argument erupting from the kitchen, which was several rooms away. Sure enough, a moment later the door to the communications station opened as Slam entered, followed by an irritated looking Duck.

"Honestly Slam. We go out of our way to build the best kitchen on this side of the galaxy, and you've already managed to eat every scrap of food that could fit inside! All I wanted was a measly little peanut butter sandwich. Just one sandwich! Is that too much to ask for?" Duck ranted to the Tasmanian Devil. Judging by the muttering of Slam's jargon, he was finding the situation rather funny, irritating the duck even more.

"I can see dat you two have been gettin' along just fine", commented Ace jokingly. All Duck could do was stare crossly at his team leader, remaining completely silent so as not to say anything else that would make him look more humiliated. Staying silent, he simply walked away to find something else to do.

Soon afterwards, there came a ringing sound from a nearby elevator, followed by a greenish glow coming from the inside of the elevator doors. Once the glow had opened the doors, the gang saw Tech inside, using his magnetic powers to move the elevator, which apparently hadn't been fully finished yet.

"I knew there was something I forgot to do", the coyote responded as he stepped out of the elevator and his glowing eyes returned back to normal. "I've just finished the last calibrations on the wormhole generator, and after finishing the damages from Ace's battle with Deuce, it's all set to offer a passage to anywhere in the universe at any time".

"Great woik Tech", Ace complemented, glad to see the level of progress the team had made in just one week, "looks like the Loonatics are fully operational". It pleased everyone to hear this, and even Rev couldn't help but smile with the rest of the team at knowing just how important their position was to the universe.

"Hey-how-about-we-throw-a-little-party-since-we're-finally-finished-with-the-headquarters-except-of-course-for-that-elevator-leading-to-wormhole-central-which-I'm-sure-Tech-can-fix-in-no-time-at-all-so-I-guess-we-could-say-we're-99.99-finished-which-is-pretty-good-progress-in-such-a-short-time…"continued Rev until he saw the look of annoyance on everyone's faces and decided to drop the sentence at that point.

Tech just replied with a yawn. "Sounds like fun Rev, but I think I'm going to retire for the night. You know, been busy all week". With the lights in the sky growing darker outside, the others nodded in agreement and decided to call it good for the day. "Maybe tomorrow Rev", Ace responded as he headed toward the leisure section of the HQ, most likely for some peaceful meditation before bed.

But before anyone could get out the door, there came a distinct beeping sound from one of the monitors. Unsure of what was going on, the group headed over to the beeping monitor to see what the commotion was about. Stepping up to the keyboard, Tech typed through a series of commands, which caused the beeping to stop as the monitor brightly lit up.

INCOMING TRANSMISSION flashed the words on the screen, accompanied by a womanized computer voice coming from the monitor.

"State origin", Tech commanded to the screen. The gang was a bit anxious about who was trying to get a hold of them so soon after relocating to Blanc, and waited as the command went through the monitor.

While waiting, Duck quacked into the room, landing between Ace and Lexi rather rudely. "What's the big deal around here? I was just getting ready for my beauty sleep", Duck stated, looking around at the annoyed look of his teammates.

"If you really want to know", Lexi answered, "we're getting a transmission from someone whose trying to contact us, maybe even someone who needs our help". The rabbit gave a sneer to Duck as she said this, and Duck decided to just be quiet as he stared at the screen with the others.

"The response is coming through", stated Tech. Sure enough, the words flashed across the screen again, accompanied by the computerized voice.



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