Title: Wet

Title: Wet

Author: BLank

Rating: PG

Pairing: there isn't really a "pairing" to this one, but Stephen/Nat

Genre: humor

Spoilers: None

Prompt: 002 Water from table 003

Disclaimer: There not mine. It sucks. Life goes on.

It was seven o'clock on the dot when Stephen finally couldn't concentrate anymore and decided that if he wanted to get anywhere near the recommended eight hours of sleep he should probably pack up now and head home. After making sure he had shut everything down he grabbed his bag and flipped the light switch down, locking the door behind him. He got halfway to the elevator when he remembered that the storm they had received earlier that day had rendered it unusable, so he made a u-turn and headed for the stairs, making note of the how hard the still falling rain was hitting the windows. When he finally made it downstairs he saw a familiar figure sitting outside on the bench, bag resting next to her, cell phone in hand. Opening the door he quietly stepped outside, pulling it shut behind him.

"Natalie, is there a reason why you're still here?" Stephen asked gently as he made his way over to her. "You were supposed to go home an hour ago."

"Do you see the way it's raining Stephen?" She asked him not so gently, turning around to look at him. "I don't have an umbrella and there is no way in hell I'm going out there in that weather."

"You're going to be here until tomorrow afternoon if you wait for it to stop raining Nat." He pulled an umbrella out of his bag and stepped out into the rain, pushing it open. "Are you coming or not?"

She jumped up off the bench and ran over to him, grabbing onto his arm to ensure that he didn't walk anywhere without her. They continued walking in silence until they reached her car. "Thanks for the help."

"No problem." He said as she reached for her keys. "And Natalie?"

"Yeah Stephen?"

"It's only water." He said just before he yanked the umbrella from above her head, watching as the rain pelted her, soaking her hair first, then her clothes, and finally her shoes. "I'll see you tomorrow." And with that, he ran.

"I'm gonna get you for this Connor!" She yelled as she watched him jump in his truck and lock the doors. "And these were new pants too." She mumbled to herself before climbing in her car.