Sweet Angel

Sweet Angel

Chapter 2

"Do you want me to go lower?" L asked seductively. Light nodded.

L sat down on the hard floor of the shower, placing the teen between his legs. His pale hands crossed down Light's abdomen and swirled circles around boy's hips. Light moaned at the touch. "Are you feeling frisky?" L chuckled. Light didn't respond.

Talking while being teased at the same time was a hard thing to do. But to L it amused him to sickly high levels, seeing his Light lost for words at his touch. Only at his touch.

He ran his hand down, closer to the now forming erection. "Ryuzaki…hurry." He begged.

Now who could resist that? "As you wish Light-kun." He mumbled before placing an entire hand on the boy's throbbing member. He slid his fingers around the head, creating a wonton moan from Light. He smirked.

He wrapped his hand around the other's member and pumped slowly, making sure to torture the boy endlessly. Light thrusted into the hand with raw need and overpowering lust.

L pumped him with a new found rhythm. Slow, slower, normal, extremely quick and then slow once again. A precum oozed from the head of Light's shaft. He gasped and almost screamed as the drizzles from the shower head created a slight vibration to the already pumping hand.

"Ryuzaki! Please!" L looked down the neck of his lover and looked at the face whose eyes were closed in ecstasy.

"Please what, Light-kun?" He asked knowingly. He pumped faster. Light growled. "M…Me." He stuttered. L would have raised a brow at the fractured sentence, that is if he had one.

"What do you wish for me to do?" He leaned to Light's ear and bit the lobe roughly. "Light-kun." He added.

"Fuck me!" He shrieked as he came with L's hands pumping faster than before. His sperm instantly washed away as the droplet's cleansed his soiled length.

Luckily for L he had seemed to block some of the water away from his hand and brought it up to his face. He examined the cum covered hand, and his long tongue lapped at the white substance. "Light." He called. Light looked up into the crook of L's neck and panted as he stared into the strange face. "Y-Yes?"

"Every part of you taste sweet. I want to indulge in every part of you tonight. But only tonight." He stated.

"As much as I would like to fuck you right now, Watari has out breakfast on our bed already and is waiting." Light pouted and began washing himself with as much tempo as he could manage.

Yes, tonight he would show Light the true meaning of pleasure.

Outside of the bathroom, L and Light were now eating breakfast on top of the queen-sized bed. L dropped a series of sugar cube into his tea, always adding the same amount as he did every other day. As for Light, he drank his coffee plain and enjoyed the dark taste that brightened him up for the day.

He looked over to see L licking the donut's crème off slowly with his skilled tongue. L noticed the staring and looked over to his love. "Jealous?" He teased. Light snorted as he blushed madly.

"As if." He took an angry bite out of his muffin. L stared at the flustered teen and scooted next to him. He rubbed his cheek against Light's tan skin. "Believe me," He said.

"You taste a lot better than any sweet I've had"

Light's lips were threatening to curve and break out into a happy smile. But he stopped it short and looked the other way. "Hmm?" L hummed.

He investigated the teen thoroughly. "What's the matter?"

He received no response. Stubborn boy.

L wrapped his arms around Light and hugged him tightly. Pressing his face into Light's back. "Are you jealous of my precious donut?" He asked.

"It was a one night thing I swear. He means nothing to me." L chuckled. Light's backside began shaking a little. Was he crying? Coughing? No, the boy was laughing.

L found this as a opportunity and looked over Light's shoulder to find the boy's face glowing with life as he laughed happily. He had only seen Light laugh once, and that was when he was laughing at Matsuda falling down the stairs, and even then all he did was chuckle.

"What's so funny?" L asked curiously. Light tried to muffle his laugh by placing a hand over his mouth but failed miserably. His laugh grew wilder, and grew louder.

"It's just that," He kept laughing in between words. "That I'd actually believe you if you cheated on me with a donut." L looked at the teen incredulously.

"I may like sweets, and I would probably have an affair," He confessed. "But how would I have sex? The donut does have a hole, but I don't want to get frosting on my dick." He stated.

Light glared at him. "So your just saying you're going out with me because you can have sex?"

L shook his head disapprovingly. "Even if I could have sex with the donut, I'd still date you." Light gave him a look.


"Why what?" L asked. "Why would you date me?" Light questioned.

"Well, for one thing. You're hot, you can actually understand what I'm saying and you're ass is so rape-able." L grinned. Light smiled as he rolled his eyes. "Even in an argument, everything with you ends up with sex."

L laughed. "You know me so well." He looked over to the donut still waiting to be eaten on the plate beside him. "That donut sure looks sexy right about now."

Light smacked him over the head. "No sex tonight."

L grumbled. "I do believe that's not fair." Light rolled his eyes.