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No, no, no, don't think like that. It's just that he left Luffy alone for five minutes and remembered that there was a gecko outside, and Luffy was complaining that he was hungry. He came to my place to grab something for him, but then had to run back out to stop him from eating the gecko.

Robin: Quite a funny scene I might add. (grabs another) From Kira-chan…

Zoro and Luffy: Sho-a/Hi Cupid!

Hey guys, what's up?

Zoro: Your viewers are at it again.

The hugging?

Luffy: (giggles) Yep!

Well, help yourself to the fridge, there's a lot of stuff that is going to go bad soon.

Luffy: Yosh! (runs out)

Zoro: Oi! (follows)

Robin: (giggles and grabs another) From Sakura-chan…

I know… I had a lot of fun with this too…

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(sighs) Zoro! Can you come in here for a minute!?

Zoro: (walk in) What is it?

I left something in the basement, it's a box of old books that I use for inspiration, would you mind getting it for me?

Zoro: …Sure… (walks away)

There's a ton of books, so you're going to have to look!

Zoro: Got it! (goes to the basement)

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A few years went by and the group was all living out their normal lives.

Ben and Shanks opened up their home as a tourism attraction, and currently enjoying the warmer parts in their region.

Mihawk has opened up his own dojo and taught advanced swordsmanship.

Franky and Robin got married and live Shanks's old palace home doing tours and fixing up the town.

Brook and Chopper also reside in the palace and travel around Halloween to spook anyone they see.

Sanji is currently in a college overseas, but still contacts everyone including Zoro.

Smoker and Ace have been living together for a year before the former cop proposed and married a year later.

Nami and her sister, Nojiko, have opened up an orchard that their mother owned before, but now they bought it back.

Usopp and Kaya are in college and kept in contact with everyone, as well as Usopp being the children's favorite in the hospital that Kaya is currently studying at.

As for Zoro and Luffy, both are in college as well as work in the same dojo as Mihawk.

Zoro works with the beginners and intermediates and Luffy takes the beginning karate fighters in the same level.

One clear late summer night, the two were walking down the street.

"That was a good restaurant." Luffy said. "But Sanji's cooking is better, except when it comes to the breakfast sandwich."

"Still like my brand huh?"

"Love it!" Luffy said with a wide smile. "So, where are we going?"

"You'll see." Zoro said as he held the other's hand, which he felt a light squeeze.

After some time they came to a corner and Luffy looked like he found what he was looking for.

"This is where you saved me and Boshi from being road kill!" He said.

"That's right." The swordsman said as they crossed the street to the subway station.

"This is where I lost Boshi again and you found it."

He nodded as they entered the subway and, after some stops, they passed by the school. "And this is where we properly met." He said as the other giggled.

"Not like you have a choice!"

Both laughed as they went to the spot where they always have lunch in.

"I missed those days." Luffy said. "But I'm glad we had that time."

Zoro smiled as they continued down to a park, where the leaves were turning color early.

"Wow!" The young man said as he thought it was a great scene with the full moon. "Zoro, I don't remember being here."

"You have, it was snowing then when you made that snow angel."

"Really!? This is the same place?!"

He nodded as they walked to a fountain, which was lit making the water look gold.

They sat down and just enjoyed each other's company and the night scene before them.

"The night is just right, you know?" Luffy said.

"Yeah… Although… This night could be special."

"How?" The young man looked slightly lost as the other handed him a brown box. "It's the box I gave you with the map inside!"

"Yeah, it is. But now there's something a lot more special inside."

He blinked as he looked at the box and opened it, only to see a gold band ring with a diamond that looked like a rose. "Zoro…" he didn't know what to say as the other lightly grabbed his hand and went down on one knee.

"Monkey D. Luffy, will you marry me?"

He smiled as he hugged the man he loved dearly. "Yes!" he said as he let the other place the ring on his finger.

"Your brother is going to murder me for sure."

Luffy giggled and shook his head. "No, I won't let him. But I think Sanji might."

Both laughed at the thought as the clear night sky seemed to come alive, as if it was also happy with the union of the two.

Some Months Later

Everyone waited anxiously as the music played for Luffy as he walked down the aisle. He wore red, traditional wedding kimono with a sakura hair clip, which was held in place on his left side. He walked along side with Ace, who was acting like the father giving away his child.

Zoro, also wearing the traditional wedding attire, smiled as Luffy came up and thus started the sayings and vows.

Once the rings were on, the priest said the words everyone wanted to hear.

"You may now kiss."

The two immediately did so, causing everyone to cheer, mostly Shanks, Brook, Franky, and Chopper, before walking down the aisle together to the car that waited for them before driving off to the reception.

"You sure it was okay for Marimo to drive?" Sanji pointed out.

"That's why we made the reception last until they do come around!" Shanks said, already in a party mood.

"We're lost, aren't we?" Luffy asked. "Even with the GPS in this thing."

"Damn piece of shit…"

Luffy giggled as he looked out the window. "Its okay, gives us more time to be together."

Zoro smiled. "Yeah, but I don't' know if the cake can hold up. Especially if Shanks gets near it."

"You're right!" Luffy said, horrified.

"Take it easy. Look we're here."

Luffy did look and was amazed. "You jerk! You knew where we were going!"

"I've been here a thousand times before I met you. To pay those damn bills. So how could I forget?"

Luffy just laughed as they got out and headed to the reception.

"To be honest I wanted to go straight to the honeymoon." The man said.

Luffy cheered the other up by grabbing his ass. "We'll get there soon!"


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