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"blah" is talking (duh)
'blah' is thinking (duh, once again)
blah is a memory or a dream. You'll find out in the next chapters what I mean with that. In this chapter though, it also means that someone is telling something.

By the way: I have changed the chapter a little bit because the lines between the paragraphs were gone... And I really, really hate it when that happens. I hope now that people will understand this chapter a little bit more.. Although I know it's odd... and weird. Sorry.


Broken, Bleeding Heart


"Yugi", Atemu whispered in Yugi's ear when the smaller male hugged him. His clothes were wrinkled in Yugi's hands, for Yugi was determined not to let him go. Crystalline tears fell down Yugi's cheeks. They looked silvery, because the full moon shone upon them. In this light, Atemu was gorgeous.

"You can't leave. I don't want you to leave me", Yugi said. He laid his ear against Atemu's chest and he could hear the soft drumming of Atemu's heart. And he could hear the sigh that escaped Atemu's lips. Yugi looked up at the male. Crimson eyes were looking back at him and Yugi knew he would love his immortal forever.

"I have to leave, Yugi. You're in danger and I don't want that", Atemu whispered. Softly, but sad, Yugi hit his shoulder with one fist. Atemu looked at the once shy teen and he admired the sight he saw. He admired the boy in his arms, his mortal, his Aibou, his Engel. Yugi cried his eyes out, this was not what he wanted. Yugi wanted to be happy with Atemu, he wanted to be in love with Atemu forever, but he knew he couldn't. He knew it was dangerous, but one side of him, didn't care. For Yugi, nothing mattered, as long as he could be with Atemu.

"Take me with you", he said softly. Atemu looked at Yugi and stared at the request. He bit his lip and a tear trinkled down.

"You can't breath were I go… I would kill you", Atemu whispered and he nuzzled Yugi's hair.

"I will not let you go! I don't want to lose you!! You have to stay!", Yugi called out to his soulmate. He had to call it. He had to scream it. He didn't want to lose him. Never ever. He was part of him.

But because of his call he didn't hear his name being called. He didn't hear the drumming feet on the earthy ground. He didn't hear calling and shouting, because he only heard Atemu's beating heart.

"It'll be too dangerous…", Atemu said with his mouth close to Yugi's ear. He wished he could take Yugi with him. He wished he could stay, but if he would then people would find out. Bad people. They would experiment on his Engel. He shuddered of fear. Still, Yugi spoke up:

"But I want to be happy with you… If you leave me, Atemu… That'll be dangerous for me", the smaller one said.

"I won't leave forever. This whole island is surrounded by my water. You can always come to visit me, always", Atemu said with his beautiful voice. But Yugi knew the other was dying. Yugi knew that if Atemu left, he would never be seen again.

Then suddenly his soulmate, his mortal, was ripped out of his embrace. Was taken out of his tanned arms. Was taken away from him.

"NO!!", Yugi called out, desperately trying to get back to the immortal, but one pair of born, tanned arms and one pair of un-born, sunkissed arms were pulling him back.

"He's dangerous Yugi!!", a Brooklin accent said. Crimson eyes were looking sad at Yugi. Yugi was struggling against the holds of those strong arms.

"Let go of me!! Let go, damn it!!", Yugi called out. Pairs of eyes widened. Honeybrown eyes looked down at the struggling male of nineteen. The other just stood there, at the end of the cliff that hung so high above the ocean.

"Don't swear, Aibou, my love… Live for me", Atemu said softly. His voice was carried by the wind and Yugi stopped struggling for a moment. The sunkissed arms let go of him and Yugi took the oppertunity to turn in the arms of the born-tanned ones. He looked into redbrown eyes that were a little bit hidden behind white spikes of hair.

"I'm very sorry, Bakura", Yugi whispered. Silvery tears were still running down his soft cheeks and Bakura raised one confused eyebrow. His arms had loosened up around Yugi's form and with one swift motion Yugi lifted his knee upwards.

'Very sorry', Yugi thought the moment Bakura roared in pain and let go of him.

"Bakura!", Ryou's voice called out, but Yugi didn't mind anymore. He ran off towards Atemu. He had to, Atemu was his soulmate, his everything. They couldn't take him away from him. He was no child.

"Yugi!", Atemu shouted. Yugi frightened, but before he could turn around or hug Atemu and cuddle with him; Atemu pushed him out of the way.


Most ocean's are blue, but not mine. Mine is red, as red as the blood that is seeping from a wound that can not be cured. Yes, only when my Aibou returns. Then my water is still red, but my wound is closed. I won't die anymore and then I can smile at my Aibou. For I've missed him so much.


Most people think the ocean is blue, but not the ocean that is connected to the Island Avalon. I live there and I think I'm the only one who knows why the ocean is bloodred and the beach forbidden.

He did this, because he suffered so much from my death's. Yes, I can die, but he can't. My creature of the Red Ocean. My reincarnations and I? We love him, for he's ours.


Flowing water. It was so calm, peaceful.

"Stop that!! It tickles!!". Giggles, lovely sounds. Baritone chuckles while soft fingers were dancing over pale skin.

"Do you want to marry me?". Tears were falling down from the happiness and love within. He had grown, physically and mentally. And still they loved each other so much.

"Yes! Yes!!". An answer. So soft, but so full of love.

"By the next full moon, on your birthday?".

"I don't care, as soon as possible". Nineteen. Married through a silver ring. Yes.


"Why is your tail black and red?". A sigh and a soft answer.


He was singing a lullaby. One only for him. A soft sigh escaped his mouth while he watched out of the window. Tomorrow. Then he would buy an aquarium.

"Hurry Engel. I want to be with you soon". That's what his love had said. Weird. He had met the guy only two weeks ago.


"I've missed you, Engel. My heart has been aching for you". A soft, but gentle smile was thrown towards him. He swam in the love that was given.

"What are you doing??" Scared. He was really scared someone would see. A soft and sweet smile. He could only smile back.

"I want to be with you, Engel". A simple answer. Light was given to the tail. It had been so dry, but now he scared more. What was about to happen?? A tail was replaced by two slender, tanned legs. Just as tanned as his torso and arms. Just as perfect. A gasp filled the air and then a hug.

"You never told me!" Accuse, but taken with a chuckle.

"I wanted to suprise you".


"Why do you love me?" It was only a soft question.

"Because you're the only one who cares for me, Engel. Because you can stop me bleeding to death. Because it's you I've been waiting for. You and your reïncarnations". It should be a simple answer. Soft smiles.



"Do I hurt you?"

"N- no. Go on, p- please". A soft cry to the Heaven's blue sky.


"I'll visit less. I'm sorry. My friends are coming over, but I'll visit you every morning, I promise!" A sad look.

"Don't forget me?" Shaking one's head.

"No. I'll visit you sometimes. When I have time".

"Maybe you can rest better without visiting me. I'll visit you".

"That can be dangerous". A soft sigh.

"I love you Aibou. I don't care. I need to see you".

-- -- -- --

Told you so!! It's sometimes waaaaaay too sappy, but I love sappyness (is it even a word?) sometimes!! I'm not really sure what I had to do with the spaces between the memories.. I like it this way, I guess. I'm very sorry about the grammar problems!! I'm just not really good at it...

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-'Engel' is a word out of the Dutch-language. It means 'Angel'.