Only disclaimer, JKR owns practically everything, I own nothing, just having fun with her characters and my ideas

Only disclaimer, JKR owns everything, I own nothing, just having fun with her characters and my ideas. This is post OOTP and will have parts of HBP and DH with some of my changes, don't expect chapters of those books just spells and ideas. This will be dark HP/GW RW/HG NT/RL SB/Undecided, lots of OOC stuff and it's to be M for lots of mature stuff

For reference

"" is talking

"" is demonic tongue

'' is thinking

"" is mind speaking some styles will be combined

Chapter 1 The Dumb Relatives and the Book of Demons

Harry sighed, the best part of this summer despite the death of Sirius was that as an apology the ministry removed the under age trace and allowed him to use magic before he became 17. The Dursleys tried to make him fearful by trying to beat Harry up but he petrified Vernon with a spell then smirked as no owl appeared. "You see uncle, the idiot of a minister removed the ban off my magic and I can use it without problems for the rest of my life, so stay out of my way otherwise" Harry makes a slashing gesture on his throat. "I had a horrible year and am very pissed off, I am going to kill Voldemort and his death munchers so make sure that your insults to me, my world, my friends and family are not spoken. Keep your mouths shut about the "freakishness" and we will get along. Now I am going to my room, then I am going out for the day as long as you cooperate you will be fine, I'll end the spell when I return Vernon and then we'll see how this summer is going to progress." Leaving #4 Privet drive Harry walked to the road and signaled for the Knight Bus. "Welcome to the..."

"I know I know, how much to go straight to Diagon Alley?

"2 galleons and 20 minutes Mr. Potter" Harry looks up suddenly and sees Fudge

"What are you doing here Fudge?"

"I resigned, the wizarding world wanted me to leave office immediately" the ex-minister says

"Who's in?"

"The head of the Auror office Rufus Scrigmour it looks like with Arthur as deputy minister"

"That's good, maybe now we can beat Voldemort" Harry enjoyed watching Fudge flinch then sits on a chair, Harry did not need money and maybe there would be something for him to use in Knockturn Alley to use against the Death Eaters.

Flipping the hood over his head Harry steps into the dark alley and the first store (AN I have no idea what stores are in Knockturn alley beside Burgin (SP?)) called The Power of Books catches his eye, so he enters after making sure he had 1500 Galleons for any purchases, Harry walks in and begins browsing. Books of all sort catch Harry's eye stuff like Though the eyes of the dark, Burn the Land and Boil the Sea, Flames of the soul, Into the Storm, Fear of the Dark, Flames of Revenge, Trial by Fire, Blood on my Hands, Dragonslayer, Under the Ice, Another Holy War, Damned for all Time... and a strange black book with blood red writing. a seedy looking person walks up to Harryand says "Don't bother with that one, it's in a tongue no one speaks or understands." Harry grabs the book and he reads the title The Hellfire Within, Harry realizes that somehow he can read it, so he takes the book to the counter "This one" Harry says

"You sure? Bloody waste of 10 Galleons, but hey, I'll give it free, it's useless to me" Harry nods his thanks and leaves, he passes by a dark pets store and walks in.

"Eh whatdda ya want?" snarls the shopkeeper

"I'm looking for magical snakes and dragons" Harry answers after disguising his voice to that of Snape

"I gotta few"

"A young or egg Basilisk, and Hungarian Horntail egg"

"600 galleons for the dragon egg 2 or 400 for the snake"

"Any special discounts?"

"Depends on who ya are"

"And if I say I was Lord Voldemort?"

"I wouldn't believe you"

"Harry Potter then?" the owner raises an eyebrow

"Eh, then it will be 1/4 of it"

"I'm Potter" Harry says quietly in his own voice

"Ok, that'll be 1000 galleons"


"The snake is enchanted to hatch in 3 months"

"Good, and the other egg?"

"In 2 weeks under proper conditions"

"Good" Harry pays the full cost and heads off to Gringotts.

"Ah Mr. Potter I have a letter for you involving the will of Sirius Orion Black" says a goblin as Harry passes by, Harry narrows his eyes, he wanted not to have to deal with this right now "The letter is for you after the reading today"

"I understand" and the Weasleys walk in followed by Albus Dumbledore, then Remus Lupin, Narcissia and Draco Malfoy and the Tonks family including a well known pink haired woman.

"Ah Harry how are you?" asks Dumbledore

"Fine as I can be" Harry says with mild anger in his voice, Dumbledore's eyes twinkle and Harry feels a slight brush in his mind and immediately forces it out and glares at the headmaster whose eyes widen in surprise. "Ah Mrs. Weasley how are you?" she pulls Harry into one of her famous bone crushing hugs

"I'm fine dear, you?"

"My ribs should heal in a month" Harry says in a joking voice he walks over to Arthur and shakes his hand "And you Mr. Weasley?"

"I'm fine Harry thanks" he walks over to Ron, Ginny and the twins

"How are you doing guys?"

"Harry" says Fred"

"How are" continues George

"You doing?" finishes Fred

"Hey mate" says Ron

"Hi Harry" says Ginny

"Ginny, can I have a word with you before the reading?" asks Harry watching the Malfoys and the goblin who nods

"Sure Harry" they walk over to a corner

"Ginny, I was wondering are you dating anyone?"

"No, I was about to with Dean Thomas"

"I was wondering... if you'd like to go out for something later?"

'oh god, maybe I'll finally get him as a boyfriend' thinks Ginny "Yea Harry, I'd be happy to go with you"

"Great" Harry sits down next to Ginny on the empty chairs and waits

"Are we ready?" asks the Goblin, everyone nods "I am director Ragnok and this is the will of Sirius Orion Black. I Sirius Orion Black being of sound mind and body split my property as such: For my dear cousins Narcissia and Bellatrix I leave a knut that has been split in half. For my dear friend Remus Lupin I leave 10 million galleons and #12 Grimmauld place also I beg him to use this money to buy some new clothes and life happily. To Molly and Arthur Weasley I leave 10 million galleons to thank them for taking care of Harry while I was unable, use it to fix up that lovely home of yours get nice things. To Ron Weasley I leave 5 million galleons and a request that he take a page out of his sister's book about following your desires. To Ginny Weasley I leave 6 million galleons and the hope that she gets what her heart desires. To Hermione Granger I leave 5.5 million galleons and whatever books she wants from my old house's library. To Andromeda, Ted and can't hex me this time, Nymphadora Tonks I leave 7.5 million galleons and I welcome you back into the Black family. Now about my afore mentioned cousins Bellatrix and Narcissia I terminate their marriages and use my power as head to kick them out of the Black family and activate an ancient spell on them to forbid them from marrying again. Now for my godson Harry James Potter I leave the rest of my fortune of 2.2 billion galleons and make him head of house Black. I also declare him emancipated upon my death if he is not of legal age already and I say to you pup don't mourn this old dog."

"Well" says Ragnok "that is the will, Mr. Potter if you wish to hear your parents will afterwards we can do that"

"Maybe another day director, I have lots of things that need to be done. Is there a home of my parents that I can use?" Asks Harry

"Yes, Potter Manor can be used, there is a key that acts as a portkey to the home

"Excellent, I'll pick it up now if possible"

"At the front desk it'll be ready"

"Ok." Harry goes and picks up the key his mind on the book in his bag it might have useful spells that could help him bring Voldemort down "Ginny do you want to go for some Ice cream?"

"Hmm I don't know" teases Ginny

"Please?" Harry says making puppy dog eyes

"All right"

"Oi Harry that's my little sister" protests Ron

"I know but she is capable of making her own choices" Ron looks at Ginny then Harry then Ginny and says

"I guess you're right, you'll be good for her"

"Thanks Ron, let's go Ginny." Harry and Ginny walk to the Ice Cream place Fortenscue's (Sp?) Harry pulls out the book and sets it on the table to look at it for a second

"Harry what is that book? The title looks dangerous"

"Can you read it?"

"Yes I can, why?"

"Because apparently no one could read it but me or us rather"

"Wow want to check it out?"

"Sure" Harry pulls out his wand and puts up a privacy dome around them then sits beside Ginny and pulls the book in front of them then they begin to read the book. (A/N The book will take part of this chapter) To the reader, if you are a Necromancer stop now! This book is not for the likes of you, you have your own tome of power and spells. Now to set another warning, your soul must be whole otherwise you will not survive the burning. If you follow through with this book and become one of us your powers will be like yourself, damned for all time yet immortal. Do not concern yourself about being soulless, you will not be like a person suffering the kiss of a Dementor, rather the area of your soul will be filled by Hellfire, instead of losing the soul and have nothing to replace it you will have our powers. This book describes our powers, the abilities of each of the hundred circles of Hell, each of the most powerful demons and demoniacs: The kings and queens of the first circle, their chosen weapons and the way the powers of our damned race are measured. The current members of the first circle are

Xaphras and BlackRose Drathras

Weapon: Longswords

Power: 65 Hellfire wells

Castle: Dark Spire

Ravanasta Sharnoras

Weapon: Longsword

Power: 70 Hellfire wells

Castle: Burning Spire/Jastar

Shakiras Bloodburn

Weapon: Six long knives

Power 21 Hellfire wells.

Castle: Bloodspill Spire

At the end of this book there is the soul burn spell, this spell will make you one of us and make you a king or queen depending on the Hellfire well contents of the book and you may find unclaimed Hellfire wells on any circle and absorbing them will add to your powers, so on behalf of the Burning Circles let me welcome you to the hordes of Hell.

"Well this could be the power the Dark Lord knows not" comments Harry

"What?" asks Ginny

" A prophesy was made about me and Voldemort it says: "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies" so basically I am the only one who can kill Voldemort."

"Well how could it be? The only way that Tom would be able to not know this power would be he ...split...his...soul"

"I don't know how, or why Voldemort split his soul, but according to this section, if we held hands and used the book we both would be married by Demonic right and both have equal power and training to take on Voldemort, I never told you this Ginny but I wanted you from the end of my second year so let's go to Privet Drive to pick up my things and do this there, that's if you want to" Ginny thinks for a minute then an evil smile spreads on her face as if she was a demon already

"You read my mind, let's do it" (A/N I realize that this getting together thing is a little short but just watch how it works). Removing the silencing charm around them Harry and Ginny walk outside the Leaky Cauldron and call the Knight Bus

"#4 Privet Drive" says Harry to the conductor and with a bang the bus shoots off

"So it begins" says Ginny looking extremely evil.