they don't know what water is, but they know what a cannonball is... Makes perfect sense to me!

The Decepticons all stood around this strange new substance. It appeared to be a liquid of some sort, but it was nothing like the fluids on Cybertron. It was clear and runny instead of colored and viscous like most of the fluids on their planet. Scans showed that things were even living in it.

"What is it?" Blackout asked.

"I don't know," Starscream shook his head.

"Is it safe?" Bonecrusher inquired.

"Only one way to find out." Starscream picked Barricade up off the ground and threw him into the liquid.

"Barry-cade!" Frenzy panicked. He jumped up on top of a rock and stared into the liquid, frantically trying to locate his partner.

"Hey Barricade, is it safe?!" Brawl called out.

Barricade resurfaced in the center. He shook the excess fluid off his head and quickly checked his limbs for any sign of damage. He sighed in relief when he found none and glared at Starscream. "You bastard! You could have killed me!"

"So? I didn't, and that's all that matters," Starscream replied coldly.

"Barricade, are you okay?" Brawl called to him. "You aren't hurt or anything, right?"

"No...I'm not hurt. I'm just wet and angry!" he called back.

Starscream stepped away from the liquid's edge and ran a scan on it to find out what it was. The rest of the Decepticons focused on Barricade.

"Mmph...I'm stuck!" he complained. "Something's snagged my leg! Can one of you come out here and help me?"

"No," Bonecrusher shook his head.

"Why?" Starscream asked indifferently.

Frenzy and Scorponok were both too small to be of any assistance, and Brawl was too coward to go into the liquid himself.

"Guys! You can't just leave me here!" Barricade said, a little scared and panicky when the others opted to instead watch him suffer rather than help.

Blackout looked around angrily at their unhelpful comrades. "Oh for the love of Primus! Don't everybody jump in at once! Hang on, Barricade! I'm coming!" He looked over at Starscream. "What's this stuff made out of?"

"Two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen," Starscream replied, not looking up from his scan.

"Alright, that sounds safe enough..." Blackout began to back up.

"Blackout, what are you doing?" Barricade called to him.

"He isn't seriously going to do what I think he's going to he?" Bonecrusher asked Brawl.

"Primus, I think he is..." Brawl replied.

Blackout took a running start. "Cannonball!" His splash created a tidal wave that drenched the other Decepticons and emptied most of the pond. Frenzy caught a fish that flopped past the 70ft tree he was now clinging to the top of.

"I hate this wet stuff!" Bonecrusher growled, shaking himself off.

"Yes...I do too..." Starscream agreed, swatting a frog off his head.

Scorponok ran in circles, chirping excitedly. Through their connection, Blackout could hear something along the lines of a gleeful, "Do it again! Do it again!"

"Barricade? Barricade, where are you?" Blackout called out. He started to grow nervous when he wouldn't respond. "Barricade!"

"Blackout, try checking under your fat ass!" Bonecrusher yelled.

"Hrmm?" Blackout looked down. "Oh!" He quickly stood up and pulled Barricade out from under what was left of the waves, tugging his leg free and holding him in his arms much like he would hold Scorponok when he was lulling him to sleep. He pulled the pond weeds out of Barricade's face while he coughed to expell the fluid from his systems. "I'm sorry Cade... Are you alright?"

"I was tossed into a strange liquid that could have killed me... I got my leg stuck... No one would help me... And then I got sat on by a fragging mountain-sized mech!! How the hell do you think I am?!" Barricade snapped.

"I'm sorry..." Blackout repeated, carrying him to the shore. He set him down on the now-muddy ground 10 feet away from the bank.

"I know you're sorry, Blackout. You're sorry every time you sit on me- which is a lot!"

"Should of just left you there, you ungrateful, self-centered bitch," Blackout growled.

Barricade stood up and shook the fluid off himself. "I'm really starting to hate this planet..."

"Oh, you're only starting?" Bonecrusher replied.

I'm thinking of writing another story or two about something stupid the Decepticons discover, but I don't know what I want to write about. Any suggestions? (although I can't guarantee your suggestion will be used)