Rescue From The Darkest Night

Rescue From The Darkest Night

Summary: It's a harsh climate— the climate of emotion. It's dark and full of despair. But it can also be filled with light. For Jasper Whitlock, it's the former... but can Alice put an end to this and save him from the life he never wanted?

This story is Jasper and Alice's story, set before the events of Twilight. Will include other Twilight characters. Inspiration came from the song, 'My Immortal' by Evanescence, and by the chapter in Eclipse when Bella learns Jasper's story. This fan fiction is based around that story, written in Jasper's point of view, (apart from the prologue, which is in Alice's), and gaps will be filled by me using a bit of artistic license! That means what Stephenie Meyer didn't mention, I will invent. Don't worry though, it wont be ludicrous. Hopefully. Haha.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.



In a tiny spot free diner,

Where the floor was black and white,

Small tiles up the walls,

And a table to the right.

A handy pump for beer and gin,

A bar stool in the way,

Curtained windows block the sun,

And a cashier to pay.

A wooden door, a faded plinth

Where a trophy lay on a cloth,

A creaky hatch, a loaded tray,

And right by the light: a moth.

A dainty girl was waiting there,

You might have guessed: that's me,

I swung my legs and twisted my frock,

Waiting for my husband-to-be.

He came in through the back-door,

Hair tousled from the run,

I took one look and knew it was love

At first sight, (excuse the pun).

I'd seen him coming in a vision. I knew his name. I knew what he looked like— yet when he finally came through the door, he took my breath away. He was everything new and everything that has been. He was past, and present, and he was my future.

Please tell me your thoughts. It is only the prologue that will be in Alice's POV. The rest in Jasper's. The next chapter will start off from when he was still hangin' around Maria :P I will post it soon, --cheekily adds--... All the quicker if you guys tell me you like it... And if you don't, then I'd like to know too!