Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did, I'd take advantage of Jiraiya and then organise for more of the show to be centred around him and Tsunade. (Long live Super Pervert Mentor!)

Title: Taking This Chance Together

Summary/Notes: I wrote this while I was procrastinating Maths homework on the bus that was due the same day. It just...came to me. Initially, it didn't have any particular focus on any characters or stories, but then, as I read the lovely lovesrainscent's story In Your Wildest Dreams (correct me if the title's wrong; I know which one I'm thinking of but I'm horrid at remembering titles!) on my phone after I wrote the poem, I realised that it definitely had a distinct Jiraiya/Tsunade flavour to it. Thus, I've decided to have it themed around them. Basically, it's a really crappy take on how I percieve them in the space of half an hour on a rickety bus. I would LOVE to have comments on it.


I know you're afraid, we're both no stranger to heartache,

And we're both well aware,

That the world is cruel and unfair.

But take this chance, hold my gaze, look into my face,

Tell me what you see,

For I know,

I see my whole life, my soul as it is,

In your shining eyes.

Take this leap with me, take chance, take hold,

Before we grow too old,

And fade into the endless darkness,

Of our memories.

Take hold of my hand, this one last time,Give us this chance, we'll still walk in the darkness,

But we'll walk it,


- 18.08.08