Another Janto one shot - although I am in the process of re-writing 1x13 and 2x01!!

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"Believe me when I tell you that that is your fiancé, your memory's just playing tricks on you that's all."

Gwen finished watching the end of the tape. Optimistic that something Rhys had said might trigger her memory; she pressed the 'rewind' button on the keyboard.

"You ok now?" asked Adam.

"Yeah, I mean no, I mean…oh it's just…maybe if I just watch it again it might trigger something you know, oh God." She rested her elbows on the desk placing her head in her hands, sobbing gently.

"I mean how can I forget my best friend, my lover, my fucking fiancé," Gwen screamed, now crying hysterically.

Adam took her in his arms, hugging her tightly rubbing soothing circles on her lower back. They half stood, half sat like this for a few minutes before Adam heard the 'click' telling him that it had reached the beginning.

"You wanna watch it again," asked Adam gently, not knowing whether Gwen would be able to take it emotionally.

"Yep," she said, pulling away from Adam to pres 'play' on the keyboard, wiping the tears frantically from her cheeks.

"Shit," she yelped, pushing her chair slightly back, away from the desk and more importantly the computer upon seeing the footage know playing on the screen.

"Didn't know he had it in him," chuckled Adam, also looking at the screen, Gwen laughing with him.

"Didn't know who had it, whoa…Jesus," cried Owen, peering at the screen, pushing his glasses further up his nose.

"Tosh," Adam questioned, looking round to find his girlfriend, "where did you find this tape?"

"It's being played straight off the video camera. He didn't want to come back and get the Torchwood one so he used the one he had on him," she replied, coming back from the boardroom holding the bow that she and Owen were trying to figure out. "Why? What's wrong with…shit, is that?"

"Yep," replied Gwen.

"Well that's interesting," giggled Tosh, leaning over to get a better look at the screen.

"You could say that," chuckled Adam.

The four torchwood team members gazed at the computer watching the topless lovers kiss frantically on the screen, one pair of legs wrapped around another's waist, one standing, the other perching on the desk which looked very similar to the one in the room above them.

So intrigued by the video still playing on the screen that t made all four of them jump back to their "work" at the sound of the cog door opening followed by the laughing coming from their boss and tea-boy as they entered the hub. Jack came over to the group whilst Ianto disappeared in the general direction of his coffee machine.

"You guys ok? Gwen how are you feeling? You two managed to figure out what that thing is yet? Adam…" he broke off, interrupted by the reappearance of Ianto with the team's coffee.

"Anyway," continued Jack, rather hurriedly, eyes not leaving Ianto "get it done yeah. Ianto, my office, now."

"Yes sir," replied Ianto, delivering the last coffee to Gwen before following Jack up the metal staircase. Ianto paused half way up the stairs and turned around. "Tosh," she looked up, "have you finished with my video camera yet?"

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