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Chapter 01: The Wheels Are Turning

Hoshiko smiled at the giggling baby in her arms. Her brown eyes meeting the babies magnificent glowing blue. Her eyes lifted to the mark on her forehead as it glowed briefly, two crescent moons back to back with a star in the middle of each.

Her soft voice filled the room as she started to sing.

"Kagome, Kagome, Kagono Nakano toriwa,

Itsu, Itsu, Deyaru?

Yoakeno banni, Tsuru to kame ga subetta.

Ushirono shoumen daare?"

"Love, stop singing that creepy song to my child."

Hoshiko laughed as she handed her child over to her husband and gave him a chaste kiss. "But she loves the song honey."

He snorted. "That's only because she doesn't know what it means."

She huffed. "I bet she'll still like it even when she knows what it means."

He raised an eyebrow at her. "What kind of child would like a song that has them locked up in a cage?"


"Yeah... I seriously doubt that."

Hoshiko rolled her eyes as she looked down at her child who rested peacefully in her husband's arms. She leaned down and kissed Kagome's forehead exactly where her mark rested. "She'll make a fine Tsukikage."


"Run Kagome! Leave! Find your mother!" Fire roared around her as screams filled the air. Kagome turned to fast and stumbled to the ground. She landed hard and looked up in fear as a man in black raised a sword towards her.

She closed her eyes as she heard the 'swoosh' of the sword. Blood splattered across her face as something toppled into her lap. Her eyes widened as she met the void brown eyes of her father.

The three year old touched the blood covered face in shock. "Papa?" She whispered. Her lower lip trembled. Though young, she knew more clearly than anything else that her father would never speak to her again. Never play with her. Never watch her grow up.

She did the only thing her three year old mind could think of as she watched her uncle's throat split open.

She screamed.

And the land screamed with her. The ground shook and cracked, the men in front of her and her uncle's bloody body falling into the dark abyss before they rose back up as water bubbled out.

Red and orange danced across her face as the fires glow hit the blood that covered her.

Hands grabbed her harshly and pulled her up, her father's head falling out of her lap to land with a squelch on the ground. She continued to scream and struggle. Water plunged around them, as more cracks began to split the land.

"No! Papa!"

"He's dead Kagome! We have to leave here now!" Kagome stopped her struggle as her mother moved swiftly towards the shore.

"Tsubaki, take Kagome." She barely took notice as she was switched over to her aunt, and the rock of a boat shook her body.

Kagome watched from the ship, tears spilling down her face, as the Land of Moon cracked once more before it sunk into the sea. All the while the moonless night covered the lands in shadows.


A small six year old girl entered the hospital at a run, ignoring the nurse yelling at her to stop. She tore through the corridors as fast as she could. Her black Gekkou shuushuuka (they look exactly like Soul Collectors), Kiyoshi, slithered calmly through the air beside her. She skidded to a stop in front of two large nameless white doors. She swung them open with a bang, startling the occupants.

Her silver flecked Melt water blue eyes twinkled in excitement, as her Gekkou Shuushuuka wrapped around her body, his insect like feet coming to rest lightly on her shoulder, his molten colored eyes swirling with red and orange as he stared at the people in front of them. "Are they here yet?"

Her mother stood up, her curly black hair framing her shoulders as a disapproving look filtered into her chocolate eyes. "Kagome, what have I told you about making commotion's in the hospital?"

Kagome winced. "Not too. I'm sorry Mother."

Her grandmother Kaede laughed and leaned further on her cane, her dark purple eyes twinkling. "Hoshiko let the girl be. She's still a child, and even YOU are excited."

Her mother blushed and sat back down.

Kaguya, her cousin, was the one to answer her question. "There almost here."

Kagome grinned and sat between her other cousin Kikyou and her aunt Tsubaki. Her two year old brother, Souta, wondered over to her, and she picked him up and placed him in her lap. She bounced him on her knees as Kiyoshi wound around him and he laughed.

She jumped slightly when he uncle burst through the doors on the other side of the room. "There here! There here! Twin girls!"

Noise filled the room as what was left of the Higurashi clan congratulated him. Kagome grinned into her brother hair as her grandma hit her uncle over the head with her cane. "Then what are you doing out here fool. Go keep my daughter company!"

He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and ran back through the doors. Her grandmother shook her head. "I swear that man."

"Now, now mother," Tsubaki spoke up. "You know how depressed they were when they found out sister Aimi couldn't get pregnant. And how ecstatic they both became when they found out she was pregnant, truly a gift from the gods. He just wanted to share his happiness."

Her grandmother grumbled. "Well he can share it when my daughter can share it."

Tsubaki rolled her eyes and lifted Souta up off of Kagome's lap so she could stretch her jittery muscles. Just as she was stretching a nurse came through the doors and spoke, "You may go in now. QUIETLY." She sent them a glare and exited back through the doors. Everyone made for the doors at the same time and the nurse step back through. "And SLOWLY." She sent them another glare and left again. They all looked at each other sheepishly before following her.

Kagome crept behind Kaguya as they made their way towards the room her Aunt Aimi and Uncle Ryo would be residing in. She heard a gurgle and stepped out from behind Kaguya. Her aunt Aimi half sat half laid on her bed, her brown eyes glowing as she stared down at two pink bundles. Kagome hesitantly walked towards her, the rest of the family coming behind her. Her aunt pulled their top of the blankets down and she was rewarded with two heads lightly covered in white hair. She heard her mother gasp behind her as she caught sight of the white hair too. People that were born into the family with unnatural eye colors(most of the family had either Purple or Brown), like Kagome's, or unnatural hair colors, like the two babies in front of her, signified some sort of specialty.

Kagome carefully touched the blanket of the one closest to her. "What are their names?"

Her aunt smiled at her. "Kanna and Shiori."


Kagome laughed as she tried to out run her Gekkou Shuushuuka. People moved out of there way as they came towards them. They were afraid of her family, she knew. But there great respect for them cancelled out any bad effects that might have taken place. Her family was a mystery to them. A family that came from a village no one could find with almost as much power as the Uchiha clan or the Hyuuga clan. One that was rumored to be able to talk to the dead, and take the souls of humans. It didn't bother her. She still had those important to her, and that was all that mattered. She laughed some more and twirled as Kiyoshi caught up to her, wrapping his dark grey body around hers.

She rammed into something and almost fell, her cat like reflexes the only thing that save her. She looked up at what she ran into.

A young boy (she guessed he might be 12-14) in Anbu clothes stared down at her. His black hair tied back in a low ponytail as blank black eyes stared down at her. Eyes, she noted, that reminded her of her father's dead orbs.

He raised an eyebrow as he stared down at her. "Are you not going to apologize?"

She frowned at him. "I don't see why I should. It takes two people to run into each other, which means that you weren't paying attention either or you purposefully ran into me. So as far as I 'm concerned, you owe me an apology as much as I owe you one."

She glared at him slightly and thought she saw a small flash of shock run through his orbs before blankness filled them again.

She rolled her eyes and started to walk away.

"I apologize."

She turned around with a grin. "I'm sorry I ran into you too..."

She thought she saw amusement cross his eyes. "Itachi."

She nodded and smiled up at him. "Itachi. My name's Kagome."


Kagome started and sat up in her bed with a mournful cry, a wail following soon after. She gasped as she tried to calm herself down. She threw her blankets off her and struggled out of bed. She made her way to the crib in the corner of her room, her heart beating wildly. Her aunt and uncle had to go on an important mission, so they'd left the twins in her mother's care. They loved to be around Kagome so her mother had set up the portable crib they kept in the closet for such times in her room. Kagome looked down into Kanna's crying face, as Shiori hugged her tightly.

Kagome looked at them one last time before she tore out of the room.

"Mother! Mother!" She yelled as she ran down the stairs in a blind panic. She turned down the corridor towards the kitchen and slammed into her mother.

"Kagome what's wrong!?" Hoshiko asked as she steadied Kagome and bent down to her level.

Kagome voice filled the room in a panicked stream. "Something's wrong! Kanna knows something's wrong! Something's happened! We have to-" She never got to finish as someone started pounding on the front door.

Her mother tensed and stood up. "Kagome, stay here." She watched as her mother grabbed a sword off the wall and headed towards the door. Ignoring her mother's order she followed her silently, she knew her mother could sense her.

Hoshiko opened the door cautiously and was greeted with the sight of two Anbu on her doorstep. Dread filled her heart, Kagome's earlier warning filling her head. "Yes, may I help you?"

Kagome bent down by a hallway stand and grabbed its leg as she tried to catch the words being traded. 'Mission failed', 'Couldn't get there in time', 'Sorry'.

She heard her mother thank the guards curtly before she shut the door in their faces. Hoshiko walked quickly towards her and picked her up. She felt her mother sit on the couch and bury her head in Kagome's hair. Kagome noticed her shoulders where shaking. "Mother... what happened?"

Her mother sniffed and raised her head out of her now damp hair. Her mother reached down and pulled a lock of hair away from her face. Her voice wavered as she answered, "Your aunt and uncle... sweetie...there dead." Kagome's eyes widened. "They...were retrieving a scroll that was stolen, and they where betrayed and ambushed. They tried to fend them off but..." More tears leaked out of her mother's eyes as she rasped. "They couldn't."

Kagome closed her eyes and counted to ten. She wouldn't cry. She wouldn't. Her mother needed her now. She hugged her mother. "It's alright mother." She started to whisper. "There with the rest of our clan. Things aren't as bad as they seem. Dad'll take care of them for sure."

Hoshiko gave a half sob half laugh in response. "You're to wise for a six year old Kagome."

Kagome looked at her solemnly. "This is the life we chose. As ninja, we must expect this."

Her mother looked back at her forlornly before kissing her marked forehead. "You would have made a great Tsukikage, my darling. You're father would be proud of you."

Kagome smiled sadly at her mother. "Mother, what's going to happen to Shiori and Kanna?"

"I will take them in and raise them as my own. Protect your new sisters well, Kagome."

"...I will mother."


Naruto sighed as he looked at the children in front of him as he sat on his swing. He stared down at the ground and frowned. Why did they hate him so much? What did he ever do to them?

A shadow blocked the sunlight and he looked up in surprise. A girl about his age stared at him with the most fascinating colored eyes he'd ever seen. Icy blue (almost white) silver flecked eyes looked at him inquisitively, as the girls slightly wavy shiny black waist length hair moved in the breeze. Upon her forehead rested a black tattoo of two crescent moons back to back with a star in the middle of each. A snakelike light gray, almost silver creature wove around her body eerily as it looked at him with swirling eyes.

He jumped slightly as the girl spoke to him. "Why are you sitting over here all by yourself?"

He looked down at the ground and kicked the dirt, sending him swinging slightly. "Their parents don't want them near me."

The girl took the swing beside him and frowned, her gaze on the kids playing in front of them. "That's because your special and they don't like that."

He looked at her in confusion. "Special? What do you mean special?"

She shrugged as she kicked off the ground lightly. "You have an enormous power under your command. They do not like that."

He was still confused. "What power?"

The girl stopped swinging and looked at him, her eyes glowing softly. "One that makes them fear you. One that thirsts for blood. One that wants death and creates destruction."

He stared at her in horror.

She turned back to watching the other children and resumed her soft swinging. "Do not worry. That power is not you, and it never will be if you don't let it. Never forget that you control it, not the other way around. Never treat it as a burden, because it is a gift that most others cannot understand. When a friend's life is in danger and your current strength cannot help you, you will see what I mean."

He stared angrily at the children in front of him. "But I don't HAVE any friends. So what use would it be to me?"

The girl smiled softly at him. "I'll be your first friend if you let me."

He looked at her in shock. "Really?"

She nodded and a huge grin made its way across his face. "My names Naruto Uzumaki by the way."

"My name is Kagome... Kagome Higurashi."

They continued to swing in silence for awhile, staring at the children in front of them.


He turned to look at her. "Hmm?"

Her ice blue eyes met his cobalt colored ones. "I promise your life will get better and you'll make more friends in the future."

A sunshine like smile stole across his face.

He believed her.


7 year old Kagome blinked as she looked at the boy standing in the middle of the forest. His eyes where closed and he seemed to be concentrating. She stood still and waited for him to do something. Just as she was getting tired of standing there his eyes flew open and he whispered something, right after the words came out he threw something at the tree, and six birds flew out.

Kagome blinked again and slowly walked towards him. "What are you doing?"

He turned to her, his startled light lavender eyes meeting her light blue. "I didn't sense you."

She shrugged. "When the moon is full no one can."

She saw his eyebrows furrow as he processed what she said. "Tonight will be the night of the full moon."

She smiled, mirth filling her eyes. "It would seem so."

He leveled a semi-glare at her. "What are you doing here?"

She waved her finger. "Ah-ah. I asked first."

He turned back towards the sky. "Counting birds."

Kagome followed his vision and noticed the birds still circling the trees. "Where you right?"

He looked at her startled. "Yes... I was."

She smiled. "Your eyes are an amazing gift."

"Or a burden."

She frowned. "What?"

His eyes looked off into the distance. "A burden of expectation."

Kagome sat down in the grass, sick of standing. "I don't think you should see it like that. It is a gift that you should be proud of."

He hesitated a minute before he sat down too. "I do not see why. Many others in my family have the ability."

Kagome titled her head to the side, a smile forming on her lips. "Yours is different. Special. It is far better than the average Hyuuga."

He turned and stared at her. His light eyes had a look of suspicion in them. "How do you know that?"

She turned to him, a playful smile on her face as her eyes twinkled. "Because silly. I know everything."


"Kagome. The Hokage would like to see you. An anbu is waiting downstairs to take you to him."

Kagome frowned at her mother. "Wants me to visit him? What does that old gee-err...man want?"

Her mother's eye twitched before she shrugged. "I do not know. You will have to go and see."

Her mother exited her room as Kagome got up from her bedroom desk. She sighed as she checked to make sure Kanna and Shiori were still sleeping before she followed her mother's exit, closing her door softly behind her. Kagome hummed softly to herself as she made her way to the stairs. Once she made it halfway down she flipped over the railing and landed in the hallway with hardly any sound.

"Good. You're ready now. We're going."

She jumped slightly and swiftly turned around. She placed a hand on her heart. "Don't do that Itachi. NORMAL people have hearts you know."

He gave her an amused looked before he left through the front door. She rolled her eyes before she jogged to catch up to him, making sure to shut the door behind her. She spotted her aunt making her way to her house and waved. Tsubaki smiled and wave back. "Have a nice time Kagome." She nodded towards Itachi. "It's nice to see you again Itachi. You should drop by more often."

Itachi glanced at her and gave a slight nod before turning back and looking forward. Whether he was responding to the 'nice to see you', 'drop by more often', or both, she didn't know. They stopped to open the compounds gates before leaving. Kagome took a deep breath and sighed.

"Why do you always do that?"

She looked at his back and blinked. "Hmm?"

He slowed down so he walked beside her. "Breath in heavily once you leave the compound. The air inside and out is exactly the same."

She furrowed her eyebrows. "I don't know. It's something I've done ever since my family moved here." She shrugged. "I suppose I do it just for the sake of doing it. That's not so odd."

She grinned playfully. "What IS odd is..." She waved her hand slowly over her face, once her hand finished a blank look covered her it. "...This."

A small smile quirked his lips. "Everyone has their own individual personality."

She scoffed. "Yes, there own PERSONALITY. That usually means they have EMOTIONS, and FEELINGS that SHOW UP ON THERE FACES."

He gave a soft laugh, the only kind of laugh he ever made. They walked in a comfortable silence, taking in the sounds around them.

Once they started walking through the training grounds a voice met her ears. "Hey Kagome! Where are you going?"

She slowed down considerably (she'd already been going slowly, so now she was going at the speed of turtle), and turned to the side. A brilliant smile broke out across her face as she spotted Naruto and Sasuke in one of the smaller training areas.

She didn't really yell as the wind tended to carry her voice, even if it was soft. "The Hokage wants to see me."

Sasuke frowned at her. "You didn't get in trouble did you?"

Naruto's eyes lit up. "What'd you do Kagome? Was it something awesome? Did you make a lot of people angry?"

Itachi spoke up from in front of her (he hadn't caught on to the speed of turtle as quick as she had). "No Sasuke and Naruto. The Hokage just wishes to speak with her."

Sasuke smiled at his brother, but Naruto gave a dejected sigh. Kagome rolled her eyes, him and his mischief. "Why don't YOU go do something wicked Naruto. Then we can meet up."

Naruto's eyes lit up again, but before he could speak Sasuke beat him to it. "Don't put stupid ideas in his head. By the time he finished his prank and got in trouble you'd already be gone."

She shrugged with a grin. "It was worth a shot."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at her before he grinned. "Come back and practice with us when you're done."

She nodded her eyes sparkling. "Alright, but don't get mad at me when I beat you."

Sasuke scoffed at her, though laughter lit his eyes, as he folded his arms. "Please. You've yet to beat either of us."

Kagome pouted. "Hey! That's only when we're doing close range combat! I can totally kick BOTH you butts in long range combat!"

Sasuke waved a hand at her dismissively. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

Kagome's eye ticked as she stormed off. Itachi's eyes glittered with amusement as he stepped in beside her. "Oh shut-up."

"I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it."

She heard Naruto loud voice call after her. "Hurry up ok!"

Kagome nodded, knowing Naruto's advanced eyesight would see it, even if she WAS facing away from him.


"Stop fidgeting."

Kagome frowned at Itachi. "I can't help it. I don't know why I'm here, and YOU won't tell me..." She glared at him. "Even though I KNOW you know. You evil-"

She was cut off as the door in front of them banged open. She looked at them slowly with a blink. Two anbu guards nodded to them respectively (Itachi for his 'child prodigy' and anbu captain titles, and she for her family and unique abilities). "Uchiha-san, Higura-."

Kagome interrupted him, "It's just Kagome."

They nodded again before motioning her forward. She walked forward and into the room, knowing Itachi had already left.

Evil Bastard.

She looked around the room she'd been led to in interest as the guards closed the doors behind her. Oddly eerie. It the middle of the room sat a chair, with a man tied to it.

Kagome sighed. She knew why she was here. Interrogation. It wasn't for the Hokage. She heard a sound to her left and spoke softly. "Hello Ibiki. What is it you would like for me to do?"

Ibiki stepped out of the shadows and smiled at her, his scarred skin pulling taught. "The same thing as always Kagome."

She nodded and walked in front of the chair, inspecting the man sitting in it as she went. He was normal looking, as where most men who came into this room; brown hair and eyes with a slightly pointy nose. Despite the fact that he was covered in whip lacerations she didn't feel sorry for him. Ibiki wouldn't torture someone for no reason. She focused on his forehead. He didn't have a Hitai-ate. She nodded. So that's what he needed her for. Torture didn't always get you the RIGHT answers.

She grabbed his face in her hands, the only part of his body not covered in cloth and blood. Despite the fact that she looked at the man in front of her she spoke to the other person in the room. "Alright. Ask your questions."

She knew Ibiki had moved behind her as the man's eyes traveled above her head. "What village are you from?"

The man spoke, his voice shaky, "The village hidden in the Sand."

The man jumped slightly as the silver specks in her eyes swirled larger, in a matter of seconds her eyes were completely silver. She spoke quietly. "He lies."

Ibiki's voice floated over her shoulder, meant for the man. "Why don't you try again."

She blinked slowly. Something was coming, an image in her mind. She inspected in thoroughly, trying to figure out what it was, comparing it to places she'd seen. She stood up abruptly, letting her hands fall away from his face as her eyes swirled back to melt water blue. She turned towards Ibiki. "I don't know its name. It's not listed in any of the books I've read."

Ibiki was silent for a minute before he spoke. "Where's this place located?"

She frowned before she spoke. "North of Fire, East of Waterfall, and West of Lightening. It's closer to Waterfall than lightening."

Ibiki grimaced. "It wouldn't be listed because it's not that old. It's The Village of Sound."

Kagome looked up at him in interest, before turning back to the captive man with a thoughtful look. His eyes met hers in shock. "How... How can you...?"

She heard his unasked question, and apparently so did Ibiki. "This child's family has various abilities. One of them, you'd be surprised to hear, is the ability to see into the past with the touch of skin."

The Ninja's eyes widened in horror as he figured out where Ibiki was going.

Ibiki grinned, making his face look even scarier. "Now Kagome here is too young to be able to see the past all the time, or control it. It comes and goes. But, as long as she's touching someone she CAN tell if they're telling the truth or not, as it would be about the past."

Ibiki turned to her. "You can go now Kagome. Thank-you. I know it must be tiring coming up here to do things like this."

Kagome smiled. "It's no problem." Mischievousness filled her face. "After all, I always learn something new."


Gaara swung slowly, one hand on the swing chain as the other clutched his bear. It was night out, the full moon hung eerily in the sky. A soft breeze stirred the sand on the ground, small pieces twisting and turning, before they were pulled towards him and landed on the ground.

He heard shuffling and jerked his head up. Startled blue orbs met his lime green. He couldn't help but wonder what she was. She couldn't possibly be human. Pale skin glowed softly like moonlight, the unusual black mark on her forehead standing out along with her ebony hair. Her iridescent eyes swirled light blue to silver, before swirling back, much like water being stirred. He watched as something akin to recognition filled those orbs and flinched, turning his head and looking at her through the corner of his eye. Not another one. Any minute now she'd run away screaming.

He was thoroughly shocked into staring straight at her when a sad smile crossed her face and tears welled up in her eyes though they didn't fall. He was even more shocked at the crunch of sand and gravel as she started walking towards him. He couldn't get his body to move as she sat down in the swing beside him. He could swear she mumbled 'da javu' as she started rocking back and forth, the swing creaking slightly with the movement. Instead of saying something right away she closed her eyes, a somewhat happier smiled lifted her lips. He could swear the moonlight went INTO her, the glowing skin becoming slightly brighter.

His voice came out in a whisper. "I've never met you before."

She smiled slightly. "I'm not from this village. My mother brought me here on one of her missions."

Gaara heard a hiss and looked towards the sky. Something snake like floated through the air towards them, shining gray in color. Its movements making it look like it was dancing. He watched in amazement as it circled above them before swooping down towards the girl, wrapping its body around her and landing its delicate legs on her shoulder its head turned towards him and iridescent red and orange eyes stared at him curiously.

He couldn't help but ask, "What is that?"

She smiled at him, lifting her hand and ghosting it along the creature."His name is Kiyoshi. He's my Gekkou Shuushuuka. Every blood born Higurashi is bonded with one at birth, and it stays with them all there life. It dies with them too."

He frowned. "Does it do something special? Or is it just... there?"

She stretched her hand out in front of her palm down. The creature un-wove from her and set its feet on the back of her hand, its long body floating in the air. He saw it pulse, before turning a lighter color grey. "My family is of the moon. At least that's usually how it's worded. We lose almost all of our strength when the moon is gone. He collects moonlight for me, so that I have it on the new moon. That way I'm not completely powerless. The more moonlight he collects the lighter in color he gets. When he's collected enough he'll be completely silver, and when he has none he's black. Usually around the time of the full moon he's half 'full', so he's a normal, though shiny, grey color. One of their special abilities is to help the souls of humans pass on. The people in my village fear that. They think they can take the souls of living humans too."

He noticed the way she said that. "Can they?"

She smiled mysteriously at him. "No one's tried." She looked up at the moon a thoughtful look gracing her features. "Or at least no one KNOWS if anyone's tried. If they have, and succeeding, they've kept it from the rest of the family."

They sat in silence for awhile longer. He jumped slightly when Kiyoshi turned and wove around him, his feet coming to rest on his shoulders, and he thought that must be its favorite position. He hugged his bear slightly tighter and spoke, "Why aren't you afraid of me?"

She answered simply, as she watched the sand dance and settle around his feet. "Why would I be?"

He frowned. "Because people believe I'm a monster."

She raised a small eyebrow. "What makes you think I'm 'people'?"

He became silent and she spoke up again, "You remind me of a friend I have."

He swung slightly. "Do you have a lot of friends?"

She looked up and off into the distance. "No. Not really." A smile flitted across her face. "My village finds me slightly creepy. But the ones I do have are interesting."

He didn't have any friends, so he was curious. "What are they like?"

She leaned back as she pushed herself off the ground. "Well one of them is the captain of an Anbu squad, despite being only 14. Because of that he's viewed as a child prodigy. He doesn't really care about people he doesn't know, but is surprisingly nice to some of the people he does know. He doesn't really like his family, except for his little brother. I could never figure out why. There really strict though, always thinking about their families image. It very hard to get him mad, but when he does it's a calm, cold anger. Not a bursting one. He hardly ever smiles, and almost NEVER laughs. He doesn't have a lot of friends either, mainly because he doesn't WANT any friends. Not to mention he's hard to approach.

My second friends is the first ones little brother. They look kind of alike, but there are some differences, and their personalities are TOTALLY different. He's a really happy guy, and is really in to practicing how to be a ninja. He and my fourth friend have a rivalry going on, though they can never decide who wins any of their competitions. He's slightly jealous of all the attention his parents give his brother, but he loves him very much and looks up to him. If he ever gets depressed it's a MAJOR depressed, he never just gets slightly depressed. He doesn't have a lot of friends either, mostly because of his family's fame.

My third friend is all about fate. He's worried about it all the time. No matter what you say, he still thinks you can't change whats going to happen. His families... stiff, when it comes to traditions and the way you should act, more so than my other friends family. Because of who is parents are he lives a 'cursed' life. Like he could really help who he was born to. He's very curious, though he usually keeps it to himself. Because he doesn't really talk much and the way he stands he comes off as full of himself. I won't say he isn't SLIGHTLY full of himself, but he isn't as much as some people think he is.

My fourth friend is the one that reminds me of you, and the one that's my second friend's rival. He's an orphan and everyone in the village fears him, though unlike with you, they take their fear out on him. I don't know how many times he's come over to play with bruises, cuts, or broken bones covering him. Despite all that happens to him though he's a very happy child. You almost never see him without a crazy grin on his face, and he's very loud. His dream is to become the Hokage, and no matter how many people scoff at him for it, he never gives it up. I admire him for that."

She started to tell him stories about the things they did together and he listened, fascinated. A familiar longing settled over him. He wanted a friend too. He didn't have anyone.

She stopped abruptly, and stood up. "I have to go now. It was nice to meet you..."

He looked up at her startled. She wanted to know his name? "My name is Gaara."

She smiled down at him. "My names Kagome." She held out her hand, and he stared at it blankly for a minute before he remembered what other people did in this situation. The sand at his feet churned, reacted to his nervousness. He looked up at her, the smile still on her face. He nervously raised his hand and slowly slid it into hers. She shook it, her smile turning into a grin. "I'm glad I met you Gaara. It was nice talking to you." Her grin turned playful, "Though I was the one who did most the talking. And I think, because I shared my past with you, we can be considered friends."

He froze. Friends? "Friends... with me?"

She blinked and her smile turned soft. "Yes. Friends with you. You seem like an interesting individual, despite the fact that you hardly talked." She lifted her head slightly and Kiyoshi crooned. "I have to go now." She looked back at him. "I don't know when I can visit you again, but just remember that you have a friend now."

He watched as she turned and jogged away. He was slightly sad, but an emotion he hadn't felt in a long time settled around him. He was happy. He had a friend.

He wasn't alone.


Kakashi twitched. He couldn't believe he'd forgotten it. Of all the places... He flipped and landed on one of the many houses in the village, making a beeline for the location. He leaped off the last building he came to and landed outside the park, looking at it with an 'I-am-doomed' face.

He entered the biggest child playground in Konoha, his heart beating wildly. Where had he left it again? The bench on the east? Yes... no... maybe it was the west...the middle? Oh, the Hokage would KILL him if he found out he'd left it HERE of all places.

He jettisoned himself off the ground and landed by one of the benches in the middle as softly as he could and looked around. Well it certainly wasn't-

"Looking for this?"

He jumped slightly (though he'd never admit it) and turned around to see who'd spoken.

A girl no older than seven or eight stood behind him, one hand on her hip as the other one held up his precious. A twinkle he did NOT like lit her eyes.

Before he could say anything the girl flipped through the pages, a blank look on her face. "This book has been VERY insightful."

Kakashi looked down at her in horror.

She looked up at him, the twinkle back in her eyes. "I'm sure the Hokage would find it VERY interesting to know you leave reading materials of this...persuasion on the bench of a PLAYGROUND." She looked back down at the book as she continued to flip through it. "In fact... I think he'd ALSO find it highly amusing to know you keep... OTHER books buried in the un-used sand box in the far west corner."

His visible eye widened. "You wouldn't dare..."

She stopped flipping through the book and lifted her hand to her chin, a thoughtful look crossing her face. "Well, that depends."

He stared down at her in suspicion. "On...?"

Her hand fell as a wicked grin lifted her lips. "What you're offering."


Neji hit the doll harder than intended and its head ripped off with the force. "You cannot change fate."

Kagome looked at him from where she was throwing kunai. She excelled better in long range attacks then close range. They'd been discussing his fate and the curse mark again. She turned back and threw another Kunai. "How do you know that THIS is your fate?"

He sighed in frustration. Why didn't she understand? "Because it was already handed to me." He ripped the bandage off his head and turned towards her. "I cannot remove this. There for it IS my fate."

She stopped throwing and slouched with a sigh much like the one he'd given seconds before. She turned and gave him a blank stare, before walking towards him, her look turning determined. He eyed her suspiciously, but before he could react she shot forward and slammed into him. He fell back with a gasp of pain as she landed on his chest. Before he could ask what the hell she was doing she rammed her palm against his forehead.

His eyes widened before closing tightly as pain erupted in his head. Not a second later it vanished and he was left blinking as she got off him and started walking away. He lifted himself up on his elbows and felt his forehead in shock, an imaginary weight that had settled there when he'd been given the curse, gone.

She spoke and he looked towards her as she continued to walk away. "You know Neji. The future isn't set in stone." her head turned slightly giving him a side view of her face and the grin forming on it. "I can help you change it. If you want."


Kagome fisted her hands together, as her mother fumed before the council. "You cannot do this! He used to be part of an ORPHANAGE for god's sake! If we choose to adopt him we should be allowed, we have the funds AND the living space! He cannot go on living like he is! There is almost NO food in his house, and anything he has left in the refrigerator is SPOILED! He gets beat up daily! He even has to run from his landlord! He is a CHILD; he should not have to live like he is!"

One of the council members spoke up. "I'm sorry, but-"

Her mother snarled, making even the depressed looking Hokage start. "FINE." Kagome looked at her mother in shock. "But know now that Higurashi family REFUSES to help ANY of you again. You will have NONE of our powers and NONE of our gifts to aid you in this village's future, no matter HOW much you may need it." Shocked looks covered the council as her mother turned, her hair flying. "Come Kagome. We are leaving."

Kagome kept her face straight. "Yes mother."


Kagome grinned, her face turned towards the ground. She heard a snicker and knew it was her mother.

They'd won.


Naruto took in the information Kagome was spewing at him in shock. He listened as she finished.

"-so pack what little you have, so we can go. I hate this depressing place." She finished with a grimace.

He shot to the defensive. Even though half of him hated it to, it was still his apartment. "Hey! I live here you know!"

She corrected him almost immediately. "Lived Naruto. LIVED. As of this moment you're going to live somewhere much nicer." She turned and walked to the door, going to wait for him outside. Before she exited she turned slightly towards him. "Oh, Naruto?"

He looked at her, his head tilted to the side.

She grinned at him. "I always keep my promises." She started to close the door. "Sorry this one took so long."


Kagome watched the shy girl fidget in front of her. It was an endearing habit at first. Now it was somewhat annoying. The girl picked up another kunai and threw it at the target. It landed left of the center.

Kagome grinned. "That was better." She smiled. "It's going to take awhile, but you'll get better Hinata."

Hinata sighed. "I still won't be a-able to beat h-him." Hinata's stutter had calmed down a lot after she got comfortable in Kagome's presence.

Kagome smiled at her softly. She'd had experience with Hinata's problem from Sasuke. They were the same that way. Trying to catch up to someone else. She told Hinata the same thing she'd told Sasuke. "Hinata. You don't have to be THE strongest to BE strong. Even the weakest man can pull his own wait if he tries."

Hinata looked at her in shock for a minute (Sasuke had done the same thing), before a smile broke out on her face (He'd done that too). "Thank-you Kagome. You're a really nice person to have around." (He hadn't said that)

Kagome laughed nervously. "Yes well. We all have are good points."

Hinata looked down for a minute. "No-one w-will ever t-think I can get s-strong. E-Even my own f-f-father thinks' I'm w-weak."

Hinata's stutter always got worse when she spoke about her father. Kagome put her hands on her hips. She was really starting to hate Hinata's father. First Neji, now his own daughter. "You know what I say about that?"

Hinata looked at her curiously. "What?"

Kagome winked and threw another kunai her way. "Prove them wrong."


Kagome laughed as she watched her three year old brother poke a one year old Shiori, who in turn cried, which made her twin Kanna slap Souta. Souta sat in shock for a minute before his lip wobbled. Oh-oh better get in there before something started. She walked over to them and picked Souta up. She tossed him up in the air before grabbing him.

He giggled like a maniac. "Again! Again!"

She smiled as Kanna fisted her hands on her left leg and Shiori on her right. She looked down at them. "I can't toss you two yet, you're still too young."

They continued to pull on her leg and she sighed as she sat down between them. They started to crawl over her and she fell backwards, letting her head hit the floor. She gave an 'oof' as Souta started bouncing on her stomach.

"Evil Souta! You're pure evil!" She laughed as Kanna and Shiori tried to join him, but ended up toppling all three of them off onto the floor.

She twitched as her doorbell rang. She sat up quickly before she stood. She looked at the children suspiciously. "Stare here. No getting lost in the house."

She sighed softly as they continued to do their own thing. She walked out of the living room and towards the hallway that lead to the door. Once she entered the entrance hall she slid across the room in her socks to get to the door faster. If it wasn't for her ninja flexibility she would have hit the door. As it was, she spun to a stop not one foot away with a grin.

Kagome opened the door and was rewarded with a nervous Neji standing on her door step, a duffle bag at his feet. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Neji...nervous? Tell me it isn't so."

Neji hesitated before he pulled the bandages off his head, showing a new, recently placed curse mark. "I want to change it." 'My future.'

Kagome's eyes curved, knowing what he hadn't said out loud. She stepped to the side and let her arm sweep out towards the inside of her house, her mouth set in a wicked grin as her eyes sparkled. "What took you so long?"


8 year old Kagome explored the forest like she did every morning. It was one of her favorite pastimes. Sometimes she could get one of her friends to come with her, but today she explored alone. She froze slightly as she heard a sound. Kiyoshi's silver form glittered beside her before it slithered forward. She slowly walked behind it as he led her to the noise.

Kagome stopped and inspected a tree that was covered in bloody handprints. She heard Kiyoshi's ghostly hiss in front of her and followed the sound. The semi tree filled clearing she walked into was not the most pleasant of sites. Blood splattered the area, and gore covered the ground. Whatever had done this had not left any recognizable body parts. She started to walk towards one of the trees in the middle, the sound coming from up in its branches.

Kagome jerked around as she heard vicious growls behind her. Her hand rose and liquid silver light filtered off of Kiyoshi and into her palm. She threw it at the enemy the minute it touched her. The animals screamed, a purely pain filled sound, as the light hit them and they burned. The area grew quiet as all that remained of them where crisp ashes floating through the air. She turned towards Kiyoshi whose body dimmed and turned a light grey. Not good, she'd used too much. She wouldn't be able to train fully tonight.

She turned back towards the tree and hopped onto its roots, before she shimmied up the trunk and swung herself onto the closest branch. Once she stabilized herself she climbed further up the tree with the practiced ease of a monkey. She stopped right below a branch that forked out, a bloody bundle caught precariously in between.

Kagome slowly reached up and grabbed it, making sure to stay balanced so she wouldn't topple over and take the bundle with her. She jumped and hit the branch below, and continued down in a zigzagged pattern, she hit the ground in a crouch with a thump. She rose and looked at the thing in her arms.

Curious aqua green eyes blinked up at her from underneath a head of rusty orange hair. The baby gurgled slightly and reached towards her, she smiled softly and let his mini hand grab her child one.

"Why don't you... come home with me?"


Hoshiko winced as a 2 year old Kanna yanked her hair, and Shiori giggled. "Kagome..."

Kagome shifted the baby, and sat on the floor beside Souta, who'd been yanking at her Capri's. "His parents are dead mother, there blood covers his blanket."

Shiori copied her twins move and yanked on Hoshiko's hair. Her mother gave her a frazzled look and Kagome new she'd won. "You know where more like a zoo than a family."

Kagome laughed as she bounced the baby. "That just makes us more interesting."

Her mother was quiet for a minute before she spoke, "His name?"

Kagome smiled up at her. "It's Shippo."


Kagome gave a start and sat up in bed, a strange sense of da-javu falling over her. How many times had THIS happened? Being awoken with just a feeling?

The current feeling was that of dread, a frequent visitor. But following closely on its heels were sadness, the sense of betrayal, and anger. If she wasn't so sure this was coming from OUTSIDE the house, she'd swear it was Kanna transmitting the emotions to her again.

Kagome got out of bed quickly, disturbing Kiyoshi from where he slept. He blinked at her sleepily before lifting himself off the bed and flew towards her. He wrapped around her as she reached the window. She didn't bother changing. She lifted it and popped the screen out silently. She jumped onto the windowsill and looked down. Second floor, wouldn't even faze her. She fell, flipping in the air, and took off the moment her feet touched the ground. She turned a corner and jumped, clearing the compounds gates in one leap, once her feet hit the ground she sprung back up into the air and landed on the nearest house and set off at a run, trying to figure out where she was supposed to be going. Her sense of dread was well founded with a new sense of dawning horror as she realized it was coming from the Uchiha compound. Her legs took her to new speeds as she tried to get there faster.

Kagome hit the ground in front of the compound softly, barely disturbing the dirt. She stood up slowly, feeling the compound for souls. Kiyoshi crooned sadly in her ear. She closed her eyes. They were gone, most of the family. Except for two-

The emotions she'd felt earlier came back as someone landed in front of her.

Kagome opened her eyes slowly; her misty blue met emotionless red as she looked at him solemnly. "Why'd you do it Itachi?"

Something filtered through his eyes before he looked towards the entrance of the village. "Because I could."

Then he was gone.


Kagome closed her eyes as she walked through the dark corridor and breathed in the stench of blood and death. She opened them back up. Glowing silver eyes took in the hallway around her. She couldn't find him. There was to much. To much blood. To much DEATH. To many souls restless. Voiceless cries of sorrow, pain, and anger.

Her hand ghosted across her pet. "Kiyoshi. Find me his soul."

Kiyoshi gave an eerie croon, and whispered through the air, his glowing silver body casting shadows across the blood slicked walls. Kagome followed and winced as her bare foot stepped on something that exploded. She didn't have to look down to know it was someone's organs. She turned a corner and saw a dark doorway in front of her, the black abyss of a room lying just beyond it. The emotion's she'd felt earlier pulsed through her body. It was coming from there. He was in there.

She stepped over the body of a Ninja that had probably tried to help the main family. His head was barely connected to his body, a ragged layer of flesh the only thing that kept it from rolling across the floor. She closed her eyes tightly as images of her father's head falling into her lap filled her mind.

She entered the area and looked around. Bloody shadows danced across the walls as Kiyoshi's glowing body entered the room.

The boy rocking in the middle of the room didn't even flinch.

Kagome slowly walked towards him, noting the bloody bodies piled in front of him and she closed her eyes as her heart constricted.

Never be the same. He was NEVER going to be the same. Not after something like THIS. Few people could.

She opened her eyes as a gentle look took over her face. She didn't know how he would react to seeing someone. She slowly sat down beside him, facing him. He was curled up. His arms around his legs as his head rested on his knees. She lifted her hand slowly and hesitantly touched his hair. "Sasuke..."

She jumped as he sprung backwards, he crawled backwards on his hands and feet until his back met the wall as he stared at her with frightened unseeing eyes.

She got up slightly and slowly walked towards him, she raised her hand in front of her like people did when calling a wary animal. She made sure her voice was soft and gentle. "Sasuke. It's me, Kagome."

Sasuke continued to stare at her before he blinked slowly and slumped against the wall. "...Kagome?"

Kagome slowly took a seat beside him, the drying blood on the wall sticking to the back of her shirt.

They sat side by side, both in the same position. Their knees drawn up to their chests, their arms encircled their legs, as their chins rested between their knees. He didn't ask why she was there, and she didn't tell him.

Neither sad anything for a long time. They knew no one else would disturb them. No one would notice anything was wrong until the morning unless they went and got someone.

Sasuke was the first to speak as he bent his head and clenched his hands into his hair. "If I could just-"

Kagome sighed and looked in front of her at the bloody bodies of his parents. She knew what he wanted to say. She closed her eyes, her arms tightening around her legs. A whisper of wind left her lips, "Sasuke. There are many, MANY futures. But there is only ONE past and you cannot change it." A look of pain settled on her face. "No matter how much we want too."

He didn't miss the 'we' instead of 'you'.


Don't ask why, I just felt like doing that.

Gekkou Shuushuuka: Moonlight Collector

Characters from Inuyasha:

Kaketsu: The grandpa (which I haven't put in there yet).

Hoshiko: They never said her name in the anime, so I just gave her one.

Shiori: The bat hanyou they saved.

Kanna: Naraku's creation.

Tsubaki: The EVIL miko.

Kaguya: The (fake) princess of the Moon from the movie.

Anyway, how was it by the way? I'm not really good with any serious situation, so I wasn't sure how this would turn out.