AN: My first game story, so be nice. This is inspired by the second Mercenaries game, so give it a chance. With that statement, let's begin.

James Holt was a new member with ExOps. He was fresh out of the army at 25 years of age, and was looking for fresh employment. Of course, his experience and actions in the Army has made him a perfect candidate for being a Mercenary at ExOps. Of course, they set him up with a partner. He had absolutely no idea what he was in for. Maybe things were going to be alright.

Oh, to be naive.

James heard his field op on his earpiece. He listened as Fiona Taylor talked to him

"Yes, Fiona?" James said.

"You should be coming up on the A.N. building." Fiona said.

"I hope this partner of mine is as good as you say." James said.

"She is." Fiona said. "She captured Song, remember?"

"Yeah." James said. "I remember."

"Look, I'll be helping both of you, so keep your cool." Fiona said. "And give her a chance."

"Yes, mom." James joked. He arrived at the A.N. headquarters soon after his little chat with Fiona. He walked in and sat at the table in the conference room.

"Well, Sergeant Holt, glad to see you made it in one piece." The commander said. "I'm Major Howard."

"Greetings" James said. "I suppose my partner isn't here yet."

"She's here. Bring her in." An A.N. soldier opened the door, and a woman came in the room. At first, James couldn't take his eyes off of her. He thought she looked beautiful. Of course, he kept that to himself.

"Sergeant Holt, this is Jennifer Mui." Major Howard said.

"Greetings, Jennifer." James said. He hoped that she would return the greeting.

She didn't.

"This is my partner?" Jennifer said in a less than impressed voice.

"What's wrong with me?" James said getting angry.

"You gave me a boy to work with?" Jennifer asked. "After all I did, all the work I have done, you give me a boy to work with?"

James got out of his seat, and stepped right into Jennifer's face.

"Maybe you just have a problem with men, Ms. Mui." James shot back. "I 'm sure I have a lot more skills than you."

"Watch who you are talking to, boy." Jennifer said.

"If you don't like me, maybe you just-"

He was interrupted by an explosion that rocked the entire A.N. building. James was knocked to the floor, and Jennifer fell right on top of him. Their eyes locked.

"Hey, lovebirds!" Major Howard yelled. Jennifer quickly rolled off of James, and he climbed back to his feet.

"Now that you to are acquainted, go find out what the hell that was!" Major Howard barked at them.

"Yes, sir." Jennifer said, leaving. James followed, still blushing from the earlier incident.

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