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That Laugh

Fabian and Gideon Prewett. Twins. Brothers. Best Friends.

George Weasley remembers them vaguely. He remembers them walking through the door almost every evening when he was young. He remembers them hoisting him and Fred onto their laps, and tickled his little toes. George remembers his mother laughing until her eyes twinkle when they kiss her loudly on the cheek.

His mother has never laughed that way since.

Fabian and Gideon Prewett. Twins. Brothers. Best Friends.

George Weasley remembers their identical laughter and their freckled faces. He remembers how they always brought him Chocolate Frogs and how they liked to bounce him and Fred on their knees. George remembers the way they smiled, the way the corners of their eyes crinkled up. He remembers the way they laughed,... oh how beautiful their laughter was!

George never heard it again since.

Fabian and Gideon Prewett. Twins. Brothers. Best Friends.

George can only see them now in a picture; hanging below his mother's grandfather clock. He could never hear them laugh again, or smile, or tease his mother about her cooking. They are there, now, in the frame; arms around each other, looking as identical as ever.

George could never find the courage to look at them much nowadays.

It was unfair, he thought. Fabian and Gideon were born together. They lived together and they died together. It was just so fucking unfair.

Fred and George Weasley. Twins. Brothers. Best Friends.

They were born only four minutes apart. They shared their first laugh together. They took their first steps together.

And now one is gone and the other is left behind.

Sometimes George hates his uncles. They could go where ever they were going together. One hadn't had to live without the other. But here he is, left without Fred; half, forever just George.

Fabian never had to be just Fabian. Gideon never had to be just Gideon.

And why was he the only one chosen to be just only George?

Fucking life.

Fucking uncles.

Fucking Fred. Damn him for dying!

George lifts his eyes up to the picture, seeing their faces and remembering all those years ago when both of them caught Fred and him stealing brooms out of their barn.

George looks at them waving in the frame, eyes blazing.

And there is that laugh.