Puzzle of My Heart



I've been alone for a while now. Four years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and my husband left me to raise her by myself.


"I just can't do it, Bella" said my husband, Kyle. "I can't be responsible for a baby." That day he walked out on me and left me with an infant. My baby girl was now going to grow up without a father.

Ch. 1- Visits and Moving


"Mommy, wake up!"

Oh, yes, my personal alarm clock. I wake up every morning to my baby, Lily, jumping on my bed. I opened my eyes to see a very bubbly four-year-old.

"Good morning, baby." "Morning, Mommy!" She was so cute in the mornings.

She has my brown, curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. Now that Lily was four, she would start pre-school this fall. It pains me that my little angel will be to school- even if it was only for 5 hours.

The rest of the summer Lily and I will spend together in our comfy, little apartment in Pennsylvania. Then I heard the cutest noise- Lily's tummy was grumbling. "Are you hungry, Lily?" I asked her. She simply nodded. "How about Mommy makes some pancakes!" Pancakes were her favorite thing for breakfast. "Yay!!" Lily seemed to be in a good mood today.

So Lily and I ate our chocolate chip pancakes then I took her to get dressed. She was so adorable when she wanted to pick out her own clothes. She was like a woman when she's shopping- never able to decide. After 20 minutes, Lily finally picked out her outfit. She had decided to go with little pink, denim shorts and a white shirt with flowers on it. Lily loved flowers; one day we will garden together.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. "Wait here Lily, I'll be right back." "Okay, Mommy." I left Lily's room and went to answer the door. I opened it to find my teddy-bear of a brother, Emmett, and his wife, Rosalie. "Emmett!!" I screamed as I hugged my beloved older brother. "What are you guys doing in Pennsylvania?" I asked. "We came from Washington to share our good news" said Rose. "Oh my God! What!" I screamed. I was excited. "We are moving to Pennsylvania!" Emmett said with a grin on his face. I screamed even louder. "Congratulations, guys! Lily will be so excited."

As we walked into the living room, as if on cue, Lily walked into the room with a huge smile on her face. "Uncle Em! Aunty Rose!" shouted Lily. Now you know who she gets the hyperness from.

"Guess what, Lily!" Rose said. "What?" Lily was beaming. She loved when Rose and Emmett visited- they were like a second set of parents, and not to mention, her godparents "We are moving her so we can be closer to you and Mommy" Emmett said while he crushed Lily in one of his famous hugs. This made her day. "Yay! Now you can play dollies with me and Mommy!" Lily loved when we played barbies. Dolls, coloring and flowers are favorite things. "Sure, sweetie" Rose answered.

We all sat on the couch and talked about Lily going to school and when they would be moving. I'm so glad that my brother is moving here. He has always been a father figure to Lily and she absolutely adored him.


I am a single father to my little angel, Amanda. I'm heartbroken. My wife, Tanya, just died of breast cancer, leaving my beautiful daughter in my care. Now at four years old, Amanda doesn't have a mother.

My sister, Alice, Amanda and I made our move to Pennsylvania where Amanda could start pre-K in the fall. Today was the day that we moved from Texas to a small town in Pennsylvania. Alice decided to come with us to be sort of a mother figure for Amanda.

My baby is beautiful. She has my bronze hair that goes to her waist in ringlets, and my green eyes. I love her with everything in me. I just wish she had a Mommy to do things with her.

I feel so alone. Amanda is what keeps me together. I chose her name- Amanda means "fit to be loved" or "worthy or love"- and I will always love her.

Then I noticed my little angel, sitting in the corner, was crying. My heart shattered- I hate seeing her in pain. "Amanda, sweetheart, come here." Amanda got up and walked over to where I was packing boxes into the moving van. I motioned for her to sit in my lap. "Baby, why are you crying" I asked. Obviously I knew why my daughter was crying, but maybe talking about it would make her feel better.

"I miss Mommy" she said as she grabbed me tight and wouldn't let go. "I know, baby. I miss her too. But now she isn't in pain anymore." I hoped she understands. "I don't wanna move, Daddy" she cried into my chest. "I know but you can start school and make new friends and we will always have each other." "I love you, Daddy" Amanda said as she kissed my cheek. She is so compassionate. "I love you, too, baby."

With that Alice, Amanda and I started the drive to Pennsylvania. we eventually got there and moved into a cute little house. It had three bedrooms so each of us could have our own.

School starts next week. I hope I won't have a meltdown when I have to let Amanda go.