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By Wormhole

Credits: Big thanks to Cody MacArthur Fett for the Beta.

Notes: This story takes place three years after An Eye for an Eye

Summary: On the eve of John and Elizabeth's wedding, disaster strikes


Chapter One


A trail of smoke could be seen coming from the ship's engines as the puddle jumper appeared in the night sky of an alien world. It descended quickly and hit the sand dunes with such a force that sand was hurled into the air before finally coming back down to rest.

The hatch at the rear of the ship opened up shortly afterwards - it was all that could be seen since the rest of the ship had been buried on impact - and a disoriented John Sheppard stumbled out. The minute his feet touched the sand he collapsed into unconsciousness under the hot sun.


John was sitting on one of the benches inside the puddle jumper McKay was working on. Who was removing the wires connected to the circuitry at the time, taking them out of one socket and placing them into another.

"What are you doing?" John asked.

Without taking his eyes of the work he answered John's question. "I'm trying to improve the functions of these ships, and I would work a lot quicker if I wasn't constantly interrupted."


As well as hearing outside voices from the present . . .

"Quickly, destroy the alien craft. We need to erase any evidence of his arrival,"

. . . His own memories of the past were becoming mixed in too as he drifted in an out of unconsciousness for the next hour.


John looked at his watch. It was only 0900 hours. Less then twenty-four to go before the biggest event of his life, an event he didn't want to muck up. It was all he could think about - 'the event' - he needed something to do to take his mind off of it, make the time go quicker. "Will you need someone to test the ship when you're done?"

This made Rodney stop and look at him. "Who did you have in mind?"

John gave Rodney his flyboy smile. That immediately got him back to work. John's smile dropped.

"Forget it. Elizabeth would kill me if anything were to happen to you between now and your wedding day."

John noted the hint of jealously in his voice. "You're not still mad at me are you? About the bet we had?"

"Why would I be mad, I only lost a dayshift and a round of power bars to you." McKay reassured, not concentrating on what he was doing. The connection he made after that sent sparks everywhere, and he quickly pulled his hand away.

John jumped out of his seat to make sure the scientist was okay, only to get a glare of frustration from him. "Okay. I get the message. I'll leave. You know where to find me if you want this ship tested."

Rodney's eyes followed John as he walked out the ship and away from the hanger-bay. He wanted to make sure he actually left before getting back to work.

Rather then going back to work however he took the opportunity of a moments piece to consume a power bar. Taking one out of his pockets, and grumpily sitting down where John had sat before eating it.


Waking up in a strange place John saw an attractive young girl with long dark brown hair and blue eyes walking into his room, holding a cup with a steaming hot liquid inside. "Try some of this. Mom said it would make you feel better."

John could see her clothes wore a striking resemblance to what the Athosians - Teyla's people - would wear. He propped himself up using his right arm, pushing the bed cover back as he did, and retrieving the cup from her outstretched hand. "What happened? How did I get here?"

The girl released the cup when John took it from her and eyed it suspiciously before taking a little sip to test its taste. "We found you unconscious in the dead zone, we saw your strange craft as it came down out of the sky."

As John drank the liquid, he could feel himself getting rather light-headed. "I need to contact my people. Let them no I'm here," he said minutes before he passed out again.

The girl quickly moved forward to retrieve the cup before he dropped its contents everywhere, as a sinister smile appeared on her face. "There is no return from here."


Later in the afternoon, after lunch, John decided to pick what to wear for the boy's night out. He had invited all the male population of the expedition who could make it. He was just starting that when he got a call on his radio from McKay.

"It's ready to test if you have an hour to spare," the scientist said over the line.

Being on the other side of his bed, he jumped on top and over to get to the door and practically ran out, elated at finally finding something to do.

When he reached the bay McKay was just finishing fitting a few wire's into place. "Should anything happen don't say I didn't warn you."

John tapped him on the shoulder as he made his way to the pilot seat. "But nothing's going to, right?"

There was a slight pause in the answer that made John turn round to face him. "McKay?"

"That's what you're here for. To find out," he replied a little sarcastically.

"Are you coming?"

"I need to remain here and keep an eye on your progress from the operations tower," answered McKay as he walked out of the ship. He took one more look at Sheppard before closing the hatch from the outside. "We'll keep the lights on for you."


The moon was shinning through the window of his small room when John woke again. This time he was alone, he seemed even more confused then he had previously.

He sat himself up, rather too quickly for his head's liking. John then felt the right side of his forehead where there was a bandage in place.

Getting out of bed, John walked towards the wooden door in front of him - perhaps a little too haphazardly because of his slightly blurred vision. Feeling for the door handle, he opened the door and walked out into a small corridor, which seemed to lead to the main room of the wooden built house he was in. "Hello? Anyone home?"

As John got nearer he could hear people talking in the room ahead of him and caught a portion of the discussion. He noted it was a male with a deep voice talking.

"… Destroyed, was because our enemies could trace any signal it was emitting and lead them straight…"

Having got closer, a little to close it would seem for his movements had attracted their attention.

The young girl was the first to her feet, when she could see he was using the wall for support. "Sir. You should be in bed."

John looked at her as though she was a complete stranger to him. "Do I know you?" He paused to rethink that question. "On second thoughts. Do you know me?"