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Chapter Ten

Before Scott answered her. Elizabeth's earpiece hummed into life and the technician's voice from Atlantis blurred in her ear. "Dr. Weir, I've just been informed that Grace didn't attend her session with Dr Zelenka. We believe she may have stowed away onboard your ship."

Elizabeth shot John a concern look, fearing she may have attempted to follow them here, which would lead her across the desert. Before she responded to the news echoes of an explosion erupted in the air and their signal was automatically cut off, she knew instantly that the puddle jumper had been destroyed. "Grace!"

Elizabeth burst out the door to the front of the house before John could stop her. She could already see the smoke rising over the hills in the distance. Knowing without a doubt someone had just destroyed their only means of leaving this place till a rescue party was dispatched and that Grace might have been onboard. "No!"

Carson and the others couldn't determine what had Dr. Weir so worked up when she rushed of outside towards the smoking puddle jumper, he looked at John and he mouthed the word Grace to them. "Bloody hell, she wasn't was she?"

John nodded and Carson and the others were out the door in seconds to try and stop Elizabeth falling into the same trap as before.

Ronon caught up with her and held her back before she crossed into the danger zone, Elizabeth fought against him, she wanted desperately to go to Grace to make sure she wasn't onboard. "Dr. Weir, it's to dangerous, you know what happened last time you crossed the desert."

Elizabeth couldn't stop the tears from falling at the sight of the smoke filled landscape. "Let me go. Grace!"

A noise behind them caught their attention. Turning around they saw the house they once knew turn into tiny fragments of silver, which slowly separated and fell to the ground, before reforming into a tall metal tower, much like one on Atlantis.

Watching, Rodney stood both amazed and horrified at the same time. "Replicators. Not good!"

Out of pure instinct everyone stepped back slightly from John. Thinking he was a replicator too, despite the fact the tests proved positive he was their John.

Nigel made an appearance and morphed to form a silver outline. "This place must remain secret from the Wraith, till our task is completed. No one else will be allowed to enter and no one else is to leave this building. Any deviation from that rule will result in punishment."

John clenched his fist together, he might not remember his past, but he had a good idea now where his loyalties lied. "You had no right to target that ship. A little girl may have died to protect your little secret. My little girl!"

"An unfortunate loss. Our main concern is the destruction of the Wraith, now that we are so close to achieving that we can't let anything get in the way."

Rodney was beginning to realize what was happening and it was all starting to make sense why these people were so determined to strike at the Wraith. "You're all part of the renegade faction of replicators. All this time you've been hiding out here trying to come up with a plan to finish the Wraith once and for all."

The replicator form in front of them nodded and turned to face Elizabeth. "We took imagines from you mind that time you came under our control for a short time and used them to suit us, hence the image of your dad. The minute we read John's mind when we first met him, we saw your face and immediately made changes to make the environment more comfortable for him…"

"… We hadn't anticipated our generator to fail, it is because of that you detected us, and we had to step up our pace, and make the weapon operational sooner then expected."

Rodney clicked his fingers as he caught on to their plan. "The generator, the weapon and now the tower. You've created yourselves an ancient outpost and you plan to use it to destroy the Wraith."

It was at this stage the rest of the replicators showed up. "You have already felt the destructive capability of the weapon. Within a few days this facility will be completed."

A young voice caught their attention and they spun back round to face the young girl running across the open desert towards them. "Mom, Dad!"

Elizabeth slipped free from Ronon and ran to meet her. "Grace, stop right there!"

Grace immediately did as she was told; no sooner had she done so, a black tentacle shot up from the sand, effectively cutting Elizabeth of from her. Grace screamed as it loomed towards her.

The tentacle swooped down and brushed against Elizabeth's body, before it had a chance to seize her wrist, Ronon opened fired on it and cut the tentacle in two with one shot. It screeched in pain and retreated what was left back into the sand before the whole form of the octopus type creature made an appearance and thrashed it's eight legs wildly. Grace scrambled back in fear.

John tried to reach her and Elizabeth but was immediately flung back by the beast. He spun round to face the replicators. "Why don't you use you're weapon to destroy it?"

The liquid form replicator spoke. "Our generator hasn't enough power for both tasks."

Ronon was shooting the creature with everything he had, till his gun was knocked from his hands and he was thrown as far back as the tower.

Bates, Teyla, Rodney and Carson immediately returned fire with their own guns, being careful not to hit Elizabeth or Grace.

John looked back at the generator and then back at the creature. He had one plan, which might work, but the replicators weren't going to like it. He whistled at the creature and it followed the noise.

If he were right the replicators would do anything to protect their plan and he was. The minute the creature started to follow him towards the generator, the replicators acted on impulse. Using all their willpower they summoned a number of drones from a hidden compartment in the ground and targeted the creature just as it was bearing down on John.

They hit the creature at full speed, causing several massive explosions, and completely engulfing the surrounding area John was in. The minute the smoke had cleared, they could see the generator had been destroyed, as too was the creature, only John was nowhere to be seen.

Grace took her chance to run to her mom, who lifted her up into her arms. "Where's Daddy?"

"I don't know sweetie." She brushed Grace's long dark-brown hair back from her eyes as watched the others search the wreckage for John. It was then she noticed the replicators hadn't moved and slowly inched her way forwards to them. The minute she was in reaching distance they disintegrated into tiny fragments, as too did the building.

She jumped back a little surprised. "Rodney?"

Rodney heard the noise and turned to see what was happening. "Hah. Endgame. By destroying the generator they destroyed themselves. No wonder they weren't so keen on using the drones at close range."

Teyla's voice interrupted them. "Over here."

She was lifting one of the dead tentacles but was struggling with it. As Bates got nearer he could see John was caught underneath it. "He's alive but in bad shape."

Carson came rushing over to them and as soon as he was free of the tentacle he assessed the damaged. "He'll live."

Elizabeth put Grace down and she ran over to John. She knelt down to him and took his hand. White light immediately spread over them.

Feeling the touch John squeezed back and slowly opened his eyes as the light disappeared. "Grace?"

A smile grew on her face as John looked at everyone in turn before Elizabeth came into view. "I remember." Was the last thing he said before exhaustion took its toll and he slipped into a deep sleep.

The End??