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Post Journeys spoilers

The reaction of Jack's return...Jack/Ianto fluff


Gwen and Ianto were sitting on the sofa under the "Torchwood" sign drinking a cup of Ianto's world's best coffee, wondering how long it was going to take to clean everything up (Ianto) and when she could get back to Rhys who was probably worried sick (Gwen). Neither of them had heard a word from Jack since he left with for the Doctor yet again leaving the two of them to fight the dalek. Luckily they were both still here after Tosh saved the day, they would never forget her.

Not bothering to wait for Jack anymore, Gwen started to gather up her belongings and putting on her coat, Ianto picking up a bin bag and starting to clear up the mess when the alarm went off and the cog door rolled open.

In all his glory, Captain Jack Harkness grinned he stepped into the hub, shortly followed by, unless Ianto was very much mistaken, Miss Martha Jones and a man that he didn't recognise.

Gwen dropped everything that she was currently holding and ran forwards nearly knocking Jack over as she hugged him tightly. Jack kissed the top of her head before passing her onto Martha as the two of them hugged, reunited.

Jack ignored Mickey's protests and Martha's questions as he headed for Ianto. Ianto dropped the bag he was holding and started to walk towards Jack, the two of them picking up speed until they were together in each others arm. Jack broke off from the embrace only to put his hands either side of Ianto's face, pulling him into the softest kiss the couple had ever shared.

Ianto was the one who pulled away this time, wiping the silent tears from both Jack and his own cheeks', so happy that they were now back together in each others arms. Leaning into hug Jack again he whispered into his ear, "You came back."

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