My first fan-fiction, a Twilight and Maximum Ride crossover (although the Flock fans will be disappointed...). I'll start off slowly- mostly because I can't be bothered adding the next chapter to this now. 871 words is good enough for now, right? Please R&R :3

Changing schools always dragged back hazy memories of my human life- of moving to Forks and meeting Edward for the very first time. Decades had passed since that meeting, but still some things remain exactly the same.

High schools, for one. Their drab and dreary existence formed the sole pinnacle of my boredom. The very height of tedious monotony.

And this was only my fourth time through.

The cafeteria was packed- despite it being only a few weeks out of August, the temperature was near freezing. Regardless, the four of us- Alice, Jasper, Edward and I still found a separate, empty table to sit at, tucked as far away as possible from the general human population.

A soft sigh sounded next to me, and I broke into a smile. Edward looked about as bored as I felt, trying to tune out from the great mess of voices in his mind. Certainly, during these idle hours at least, his ability was more of an annoyance rather then a help. He caught my eye, and his face relaxed into a lazy grin, golden eyes gleaming.

"The usual?" I asked. He nodded slightly, the tiny movement invisible to nearby onlookers.

"Of course. Plenty of speculation about us, by the way."

He wasn't kidding. Although we were several feet away from any human, I could see nearly half the school glancing in our direction, some standing on tip-toes to get a better look, whispering rumours in neighbours' ears. Our presence was a brand new novelty in this small, snowy town.

Alice laughed lightly. "Anything good?"

"Fairly good ideas floating around, actually. Some of these people are quite imaginative, but of course, there's nothing bordering on the supernatural just quite yet," he permitted himself a brief grin. "Lucky Emmett and Rose decided to go with Renesmee and Jacob to college in Anchorage- I'm not sure that their minds would be able to comprehend all ten of us together."


My thoughts drifted, wandering to focus on Jacob and Renesmee, attending college for the first time in Anchorage, one hundred and seventy-five miles away. They weren't alone- Rosalie, still not trusting Jacob's intentions, had enrolled for the year, and of course, Emmett had followed her.

It was the first time in forty years all ten of us had been separated, and it made me somewhat miserable, depressed. Being in high school at the time certainly didn't ease my mood.

The cafeteria doors opened, letting in a blast of wind and a small bunch of latecomers. Shivering, they grabbed their plastic trays and lined up at the counter, desperate for something hot to eat. The heaters blew their scent in our direction, and despite my hunting trip a few days ago, I felt the dull ache in my throat, the venom flowing in my mouth. I sighed and glowered at my tray and the sandwich that lay there, uneaten, untouched.

A slight snicker brought me out of my reverie. Edward, seated next to me, was reading through was I realized was my timetable, comparing it to his own.

"We have one class together," he said, his smile twitching slightly. "Sixth period Biology, as it happens."

I couldn't help it. I burst into quiet laughter, drawing sharp glances from surrounding tables. Some things, it seems, just never change.

The rest of the lunch period passed with little event. Edward stared out the window, absent-mindedly fiddling with my hair, while Jasper played with his food, tearing his uneaten bagel into tiny pieces. Alice retrieved a student brochure from her bag and began to re-read it.

Pretences, all of them. Formed out of habit in an attempt to fit in, to assimilate a human façade.

A strange sense of déjà vu filled me as I casually glanced at the humans' faces, filled from every expression from wonder to jealousy. A boy three tables over was gawking in our direction, his shepherds' pie, speared on a plastic fork, halfway to his mouth. Six tables in the other direction, a large group of giggling girls kept pointing or stealing sly glances us, Edward and Jasper in particular. On the other side of the room, a dark-haired girl dressed entirely in black glared at me, her piercing eyes boring into mine.

We would never be able to fit in amongst this human crowd, as the Cullen family had never fitted in Forks, or had never fitted in the previous two high schools I had attended with them. Our very presence made them feel edgy, tense- a product of their wary instincts. Even with all the curiosity raging in this tiny hall, all the whispers and pointing fingers, the ten-foot radius around our table was an official no-human zone.

Seeing this all first hand from a vampire's point of view made me wonder where my sense for self-preservation had disappeared to those forty years ago.

A few minutes later the bell rang, a deafening buzzing tone that cascaded through the hall.

"Shall we?" murmured Edward, proffering his hand.

Aborting my intense scrutiny of the students, I smiled and followed him into the herd of humans rushing to their next classes.