Okay... this is a story requested by my best friend, shinrin13... (she's kinda obsessed with this pairing MinatoXSakura) so I wrote one for her. This is the first fic I write in chapters and also the first fic I will post here. XD anyways, the first chapter has no hints of romance. Treat it as a prologue... Don't worry, shinrin, there WILL be a romance... Enjoy!

Italics for thoughts.


"Eh?" He blinked his eyes a few times. He was in a pitch black room. He could not see anything. He looked around and groped blindly. He was not familiar with the surroundings. It was not the library which he was in seconds ago. This place was narrow and humid, unlike the spacious library.

He continued to grope around in the darkness. He was unusually calm for someone who had just suddenly ended up in another place within a few seconds. Not surprising for a person who managed to be a Hokage at such a young age.

The surrounding was uncomfortably quiet. His footsteps echoed loudly and he can hear a weak, soft heartbeat of his own. After a while in the darkness, his eyes soon got used to it. Something is really wrong here…I'm sure this is still the same library… He thought to himself as he paused and touch the wall around him the felt like hard wood, similar to the wood used to make bookshelves. He knocked lightly on it and it sounded like something hollow. I'm quite certain this is a bookshelf or some furniture. But why is it so narrow and dark now?

Suddenly, he heard some distant footsteps far ahead of him. The sound of the footsteps gradually got louder as he moved to the front slowly. He reached his right hand into the pouch on his thigh to get a hold on a kunai, to be ready just in case of any sudden attacks. He stopped walking, trying to erase the sound of his own footsteps as he listened carefully at the other footsteps.

Traces of light flowed into the dark surrounding as the person slowly approaches him. The person must be carrying torchlight or a lamp. The flicker of the light proved to him that the person is carrying a lamp. Just when he expected to see a human figure, the sound of the footsteps disappeared abruptly.

The next thing he noticed was a person holding down his wrist, stopping him from using his only weapon while the person held a kunai on his neck.


At the same time, Naruto wandered blankly around a large library with torchlight in his hands. "Eh?"

A short one. To be continued really soon...XD